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How much has your TrailBlazer towed?

I have a 2005 and am looking at travel trailers. I am wondering how much weight other trailblazers owners have towed their TBs. Let's see who has the record.



  • Mark, you didn't say if your TB was 4wd or an EXT, or which engine you have, or what size travel trailer you were planning on getting. These variables should all factor into your decision. Your GAWR (gross axle weight rating) is posted on your drivers door interior post, and I believe it is also in your owners manual. Also, your trailer hitch receiver will have a max gross weight and a max tongue weight rating posted on it. These figures are posted for a reason, and should not be exceeded, not only from a safety standpoint, but from a liability standpoint. I promise you, if something were to happen, like an accident, the first thing the insurance company is going to investigate is if you were towing improperly. Warranty issues also, if they can prove you were towing improperly, there goes your warranty. Also, you did not mention how much experience you have had with towing. I have done some towing with my 02 TB 4wd LT shortie, and have had good experiences. The TB has more than enough horsepower and braking ability when loads are kept within specification. Remember, when suspension and tire components are maxed out, they cannot react to the road. And you might be able to pull an oversized load, but can you stop it? Just some things to keep in mind.

    James ;)
  • jwoodiejwoodie Posts: 16
    I have a 2004 EXT V8 4WD with 3.73 gears and tow a 6,000 boat up to 6,000 feet altitude (Lake Tahoe) with no problems!
  • My '02 SWB 4WD has towed alot of things. The most it has towed is my '67 GTO convertible, which weighs 3,900 pounds with me in it. Add to that the 1,800 pound trailer, various tools and passengers, and it's right around the 6,200 pound max weight. Mine has 4.10 gears, and the weight is not a problem. Of course I also have trailer brakes, etc.
  • i have an 2006 envoy moved from michigan to az in summer of 2007 towed my 23 foot towing trailer with my 2 door jimmy and it and about 1000 pounds of my stuff . 2200 miles . i was getting 225 mile on the tank . its a 4.2 liter . for the size i love it the best suv i have ever owned just wish it was an EXT and V8 other then that i love it :) :) :shades: :) :D
  • orgirlorgirl Posts: 2
    I have a '06 V6 LT2x4 trailblazer that we need to be towing a 5x8 u-haul trailer my trailblazer going to work ok for this? And, my husband thinks that he should tow in 4 wheel drive "so we don't blow up the engine."!!! It think that it sounds like a bad idea but i don't know much about it....can anyone help me out???? Thanks
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    I can't think of any advantage to towing in 4wd, only drawbacks. Your TB should tow that small trailer without any problem in 2wd. Remember to load it a little heavier in the front (tongue weight) so it tracks nice and straight.
  • orgirlorgirl Posts: 2
    thanks you for your feedback!!!! Could you tell me exactly what some of those drawbacks are to driving in 4wd??? I thought it sounded kinda strange but i need to be able to explain why we shouldn't!!!! thanks
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    If you mean full time 4wd (not part time awd), it's a bad idea to use 4wd on pavement. The inner wheels travel less distance during turns than the outer wheels. Unless they can slip a little (like on dirt, mud, gravel, etc) they will wear bad and cause driveline wear, plus under some conditions you could loose control during turns, if the inner wheel gets better traction than the outer, it can actually "pull" the front end into a tighter turn than you planned. It's more of a concern in low range than high range, but still not a good idea.
  • One of my Cigarette Lighters has come loose and hangs out by the wire. How can I remove the panel so I can repair this problem.


  • What is requried or is it suggested to tow a 2002 Trail Blazer behind an RV.

  • I saw this in previous post, but no answers. Has anyone found a good solution for the lighted buttons on the steering wheel wearing out?
  • Not bad with my trailblazer i hauld 4000 lbs of garbage plus 1500 lbs trailer went up hills and dwn hills with eas no problem. i love that trailblazer :-)
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