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Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo OK to buy?

keithy02keithy02 Posts: 9
edited March 2014 in Jeep
would like to get some feed back from other owners
love mine 20,000 miles bought from rental company
with 18 would like to know what luck you may have had with your jeep half scared into buying extended warranty with some other forums i have read no 7/70 powertrain warranty here problems would cost big money first jeep love it so far
thanks ahead of time for any feedback
keith tac wa.


  • mmjeepmmjeep Posts: 1
    We just did the same. Bought a 2006 with about 16000 miles. Love the car but not happy with the gas mileage. The avg on dash display settles in around 12 (almost entirely city driving so far) first tank got 13 second tank got ~11. What kind of mileage are you getting? We bought the extended warranty on our "certified" used car. Couldn't pass it up for ~$750 to give a 8 year 80,000 warranty. I have been finding stuff about transmission problems on the hemi, hope the V6 fairs better!
  • Well, the 3.7 engine is the smallest one they offer in that very heavy vehicle, and honestly it sounds like its in pain over 3700 RPM. I have a 99 grand cherokee V8, and it really gets the job done in passing and highway cruising. Pushing the 3.7 in your 06 is going to get you 14 mpg. Great overall vehicle...I love mine, but I beg of you to please buy an extended warranty, but ONLY THROUGH CHRYSLER. No off brand warranties. My chrysler extended warranty saved me $7000.00 in repairs.

    4x4 trucks need lots of maintenance, and it is more expensive. I just drove a 2008 grand cherokee provided by enterprise car rentals while my truck was in the shop (the extended wartranty gives me 5 days rental for FREE!), The 3.7 engine sounded like it belonged in a lawn tractor. Do yourself a favor, and get the 4.7 liter V8. It packs 305 HP and can run on E85 corn fuel and ethanol. Your gas mileage will go to 16 around town, and it will last longer since you dont need to work the engine nearly as hard to reach highway speeds, for passing, emergency lane changes, and there is NOTHING like the sound of a V8 when it accelerates. So, skip the rental and get the V8 Laredo. ;)
  • loosenutloosenut Posts: 165
    agree about th V8,even heard that complaint about th -98's.where th straight 6 was a option,and how you had to work it harder,-needed more power to poll the boat outta the water,and still didn't get that mutch better mileage! -98 laredo 5.2 V8 -th trip comp says i average around 15/17,but i don't run cheap gas,at least regular burns up faster,so MPG goes right down th crapper!
  • gp024megp024me Posts: 7
    I bought mine from a rental also 2008 with 20k miles after 2 months of in and out of serviceing(lucky that I had 36k mile manufactors warranty) there was a $7k worth of drive train repair which the warraty covered IM happy to say I love my GC too.So if youre getting close to 36k do not get your warraty with Chrysler ,there are a couple of warranty advertisements on TV or do research on the net and choose wiselly Im checking out the one advertised on TV. Good Luck...
  • gp024megp024me Posts: 7
    The v6 fans better if youre Tranny or drive train is working properly my whole drive train was replaced and the manufactors warranty footed the bill. as far as fuel economy you have to remember its a six and it has to put out a heavier work load than an eight hence poor gas mileage i had that problem when i had my 04 altima v4 engine worse milage,the v8 faired better.I truely believe that there was a bad batch of trannys and or driveshafts on certain jeeps...
  • f1bashf1bash Posts: 1
    I am new to jeeps and have just bought a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd edition Quadra Trak 4.0 Litre Petrol Auto
    Problem No1 when i jack up either front or rear axle to work on brakes wheels will not turn without great effort . tried putting Auto in neutral and transfer box but just the same . Brakes are not stuck any ideas
    Problem No2 the Interior lights plus the red lights in the front doors are on all the time ,nothing puts them out unless i take the fuseout which puts out the interior lights and take the bulbs out the door warning lights . I gather when you open the jeep by the remote locking this puts the interior lights on for a few seconds but then they should go off . Mine don't . Any ideas please f1bash
  • I purchased one of my many 02-03 Grand Cherokee Larado's 4x2's Straigt 6 Cyl. 4.0. You cannot kill these engines. I believe thats why Jeep stop making them because they are not making money to fix them. They are perfect and strong and keep running and running.

    I have only had one problem and that was with 02 sensor's and I replaced them with Bosch o2 Sensors. No, NO, NO, Use only OEM JEEP o2 sensors. The car burned so much gas with Bosch and I went back to the brand new OEM o2 sensor's again and after a few hours and the computer reseted the jeeps ran perfect.. These jeeps do not burn gas at all compared to v6 or v8's. major difference....

    I will say the my main 2003 is perfect along with the my other 20 plus Grand's. I use them for my business and have had no problems but changing transmissions after 130,000 to 140,000 but I am sure the midwest snow had alot to do with the problem trans. And thats our fault and neglect trying to get out of the snow by getting stuck within snow.

    Every last one of them are strong and has much room, but a lil short on leg room for a 6 foot tall person after a long drive. Your knee will start hurting. Oh, if your a big person the seats will become angled, it happens.

    But is great ride and strong and worth all the money. paid....well, I guess so, after all of them that i have purchased for work and Personal use.

    I have one 2003 that has the lowest mileage of (156,890) and still strong and the highest 2003 is with (347,289) miles and is still strong. The 2002's are in between those miles and are perfect. Now, we wash them once or more a week and more, underneith, under the hood and inside and during the summer, winter etc and including under the hood and inside also. All of them look brand new inside and out.

    I do not like the new ones because leg room has been cut back even more and hip room is smaller, not comfortable within 2005 and newer. Also, the rear of them are ungly and looks like a mini van...Yuck, thats all I can say, yuck. 2005 and higher.

    Hope this helps.....
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