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Toyota Tacoma Clutch Issues

I have a 2006 Tacoma 4X4 with 4,500 miles and a 6 speed manual transmission. I started the truck today and I could not shift it into gear, the engine was running very rough. If I use the clutch start cancel button to start the truck the engine runs smooth, but I still can't shift into gear. Does anyone know of clutch problems on 2006 Tacoma's?


  • Hi, I'm just curious how this worked out for you. I have a brand new 07 4x4 with the 6 speed (less than 200 miles on it) and I have had some suspicions about the clutch. Sometimes shifting into first at a standstill produces a clunk, and often the first-to-second shift crunches a bit. I'm sure I've got the clutch pedal to the floor, but it feels like it may not be fully disengaging. Did you ever notice a crunch shifting into second? Did you resolve your problem?

  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    I pushed the clutch to the floor. Worked like a champ.
  • My clutch is slipping. Can this be adjusted? If so how?
    If the clutch needs replacement how difficult is this?
    Also my clutch does not grab until the pedal is at the top or end of its stroke. Is this part od the problem?
  • Hi this is my first time here.
    My daughter just bought a new 08 X-Runner. At 5,128 miles the clutch went out. It was covered under warranty. My question is, the service writer said they had problems with some of these clutches TSB out. But would not tell me in detail what the exact problem was. I picked the truck up last night and drove it home, I could feel the difference in the pedal imideatly. Telling me it was bad from the get go. Any body out there know what this TSB is about?
  • I also have a tacoma 4cyl 5spd 2005.
    I have noticed heavy shuddering in 1st gear since new, but have learned many others have the same issue.
    A bigger problem occured on friday night coming down an off-ramp, my shifts felt very sticky.
    Once stopped at the light, I was unable to put the truck back into gear. The clutch felt normall, but I was locked out of all 5 gears, I had the truck towed home as the dealership was closed.
    Next day I ruled out the hydraulics by having a buddy pump the clutch while I inspected....I could see the slave piston moving fine ( albeit with the famous pedal squeak ) luck getting it into gear though, so I had it towed to the dealer (truck has 31k miles and is under warranty)
    They off loaded my truck, put it into gear and drove around!
    I have driven manual cars all my life, and still own a 5 speed FJ60, which I have power-shifted 100 miles back home without a clutch at all!
    What bothers me the most is that this is now an intermittent problem which may come and go, worse still, can be cured by a bumpy tow-truck ride!
    Have you or anyone else you have talked to had a simillar problem?
    This is not the legendary toyota quality that I am accustomed to!
    Please help!
  • 2006 Tacoma 6 speed 4x4 TRD Off Road 2 clutches 28000 mi. First clutch went 18000 mi. Dealer said they would be generous & cover under warranty. The spring broke in the clutch disk. Now at 28000 mi the insied of clutch disk seperated from the out sied of the cluch disk. The delar said it is not under warranty & in plied it is the way i drive. I also drive a 2002 Jeep 5 speed 65000 mi no problems at all. I believe there is a problem with newer Toyota clutch system
  • This is the one and only [non-permissible content removed] Krap that will be in our driveway. 2008 X-Runner. See my post above.
  • sculver.....

    It certainly seems that the tacoma clutch has more than it's fair share of problems.
    Q: Do you know which of the two clutch mfgrs brands were originally installed / replaced?.....I have read on some blogs there was a LUK brand and an AISIN brand installed depending on supply and factory location....mine was built in CA but I don't know which clutch they used. Apparently the AISIN brand is preferable due to fewer, thus stronger clutch fingers.
    If I can't get to the bottom of this I will be forced to sell the truck.
    I have driven 2 different FJ-60's to almost 200k with no such phantom clutch problems.
    I can't believe toyota's quality has dropped this much so quickly.
    Q: What is the in-sled vs the out-sled?
    Q: Did you ever get shut out of all gears with this problem?
    Power in numbers may be the only way to make toyota do something about this!
    Keep me posted as to what happens with your clutch issue.
  • sculversculver Posts: 3
    i do not know which clutch was installed either time i do have the second clutch on the driverside floor right now though. is there a way to determine which one it is by looking at it? :sick:
  • tug_slugtug_slug Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 2002 Tacoma 4x4 w/75K and have had problems with the clutch since I bought it (shuddering). I was fortunate in that the dealership fixed the clutch not once but twice. The second time I took the truck in they replaced the clutch, flywheel, pressure plate, throw out bearing, and pilot bearing. Unfortunately the truck still shudders when I start out and when I shift from 1st to 2nd, its not as bad but it's still there.

    I took the truck back to the dealership today and and they offered to buy it back as long as I purchased a new truck. They really made it sound like they were doing me a favor, come to find out they were trying to charge me $1700.00 over invoice.

    Im going to go back and offer invoice and see what they say, if they say no deal than I'll keep taking the truck back till they get it fixed correctly. They hosed me once Im not going to let it happen again!!
  • crypixcrypix Posts: 1
    CA 2005 Tacoma 4cyl 2wd 5-speed, about 80,000 miles.

    I encountered a problem where I couldn't shift into any gear while at an intersection. A few attempts later, I managed to cram the thing into gear. Subsequent shifts felt reluctant. Cleared up after a few miles. Later, while at a parking lot, I heard what sounded like bits of metal rattling around when clutch was partially engaged, and for a moment or two after disengagement of the clutch from a partially or fully engaged position.

    The dealer's service writer said it was probably a broken clutch spring, and that he'd seen a few other Tacomas with this problem. I have a 100,000 mile extended warranty, but the policy doesn't cover clutch issues.

    I drove the vehicle to my preferred non-dealer repair shop so I'd not have to pay an arm and a leg for labor and a bunch of shabby Toyota parts.

    Problem: A spring broke, throwing bits of metal around, interfering with clutch operation.

    Cost to fix: $780
  • Crypix,

    That's the first time I've heard from anyone with the same, intermittent problem shifting into gear.
    Do you have the new body style tacoma or the old style?
    Did you take note of the new parts vs the old ones?
    - Toyota has 2 suppliers for clutches in the new tacoma, each offering very different products. There are also after-market clutches out there.
    I have not seen my clutch problem return yet, but I think it's just a matter of time....
    Thanks for your post & please forward any further info.
  • Vodamaster, Crypix
    I have the same problem you guys have - no clutch release (intermitent) on an 05 tacoma 4cyl. I never know when it's going to happen. Anything new on this ?
  • sculversculver Posts: 3
    Well I figure it may be my fault the second clutch went do to the manor in which I drive. I doped the pedal at hi rpm from first to second. it separated from tourk. But the first was not my fault & still do not understand how it went. I will not use a factory clutch agan. I got a centerforce II clutch from summit & will install this week. I will tell you if i break it. Im good at that but that is the reason I bought a tacoma I thought if any small truck had a chance that wold be it IT FAILED. :(
  • Took it to Toyota -they replaced the clutch plate; broken spring. Same problem as another poster, no clutch disengagement sometimes. I see Toyota also has a new clutch pedal which is more comfortable to use for 05-06 Tacoma. Looks easy to install. Anyone have this done ? It was covered under warrenty - 3yr, 36000 mi.
  • dlightseydlightsey Posts: 1
    Carry truck to the shop 2 times for stranges squeaking noise. Clutch dies at 20,000 miles. Shop (Local Toyota) say "you've benna racing this here truck" - "We aint a covering no clutch work" - And this before it was even looked at. Truck has been pampered. Clutch plate broke a 3" piece off. Paid 1300 to get it back together. Never in my life have I been screwed so hard by a automobile dealership. I will keep you posted. I am letting the laywer work on now. The story is even better, but I have to keep it to the clutch work for now. I never give up.

    Is this the future of Toyota? I have owned Toyotas for 30 years, that's right 30. I have 2 trucks now. X runner and a Tundra new. Stay tuned. I will post more. Yes, I have pictures
  • elwayfan7elwayfan7 Posts: 1
    I have an '02 Toy Tac 4x4 5 speed. When I push the clutch in about 1/4 of the way, there is a popping sound. I have no problems with going into gears, but it sounds bad. Any ideas, costs, etc?????
  • jmgclimbjmgclimb Posts: 1
    I have the exact same truck and problem. Mine gets worse the farther I drive. Did you get yours diagnosed/fixed? If so, what was the determination?
  • i have an 05 extracab 4,0 sixspeed stick which i believe was built in california. after 58000 miles clutch and gears work just fine once u get use to the drive by wire accelerator. But then i have driven stick all my life (over 1million miles). Shift to @nd is a lot easier if u dont change too early on revs and dont try to make it too fast. Also its easy with a V6 to skip gears as needed. Never had a tire wobble with 265/65/17 bridgestones. Mileage is anywhere between 16.5 to 21 MPG depending. Overall a good truck which does a lot of hauling of all kinds, sometimes overloaded too, infact it rides a lot smoother with ten bags of cement at back. Regards
  • The clutch on my 2006 Tacoma 4x4 Access Cab SR5 just failed on the way to work this AM. It only has 36,000 miles on it. The dealer said it's "wear and tear". I told him that on my 1991 Xcab 4x4, I got 223,000 miles on the original clutch, so it's not the way I drive. I'll let you all know how it works out......
  • They dropped the trans and found that one of the fingers which hold the pressure plate had broken. For this same problem, see: and

    My mileage is 36,120. Warranty expired at 36,000. I'm out $1100 now. And since they're only replacing the pressure plate and throwout bearing, I can probably expect this one to break, too.
  • I picked up the old clutch when I got the truck back. It was the 18-finger Luk clutch. The fingers were bent, not broken. Some fingers are more than 1/4" out of plane from the others.[email protected]/4039740842/

    The bent fingers held the clutch engaged so it would not release when the pedal was depressed to the floor. The service rep gave me the standard line, "Never seen this before." Not that I'm saying he's lying; he probably hasn't. But I bet he will as more of these roll in. He asked if I was towing. No, never.

    I never gave much concern to the intermittant clutch chatter, but I bet that was a warning sign. The failure came on one of the first cold weather mornings here. I was driving slow through a school zone, and went to upshift when it failed all at once. It wasn't gradual; it was just gone.
  • Re: Clutch failure, 52k 2005 tacoma 4cyl 4x4 5 speed manual trans.

    Well after having 1st gear shudder since new, intermittent sticky shifting and gear box lock out .. ( yes, I mean LOCKED OUT OF ALL GEARS, so you're stuck in neutral ) ... the clutch has finally broken.

    On this last occasion, shifting became very sticky, only allowing difficult shifts with a squeak when shifting, idling at a traffic light, faint metallic rattling / tumbling noises could be heard when depressing the clutch pedal.

    A few blocks from home, as I pulled away from a stop at a busy intersection, the clutch let out very suddenly and the vehicle lurched forward stuck in 1st gear.

    The clutch pedal stayed depressed to the floor when I tried to change gear or put it into neutral.

    Not in complete control of my vehicle, I struggled to drive safely the last few blocks home.

    When I tried to brake, the engine and drive train continued to pull forward, still stuck in gear.

    As you brake in such situations, you are effectively trying to stall the engine in gear, thus loosing RPMs and loosing brake boost.... VERY SCARY!

    I came to a halt just inches from a neighbor's car.

    The toyota dealership asked me to tow in the vehicle, and are now looking at it.

    The service manager suggested that the work should be covered under the 60K power-train warranty.

    I also have a history with this dealership, with the above-mentioned intermittent problems, none of which I could demonstrate on-demand. At least I had documented the issue and formed a paper trail.

    I will post their response.

    Has anyone else had this issue?
    Any new fixes or new parts?
  • Not underwarranty any longer. Whatever state you are in google the lemon law for your state. Call and ask if you can still qualify. I had my first issue starting at 10000 miles and picked my truck up yesterday after thier final repair attempt under the lemon law, and not 1 miles down the street my clutch was making noises. I just mailed the final letter to toyota saying that according to the lemon law they have to repurchase the vehicle from me, or replace the truck with a brandnew one. I suggest you look into your resources. Emails me if you ahve any questions.
  • No i'm not sure what they're talking about .But i have an 08 that i bought in jan 08, and at 10000 my clutch went out. Under the lemon law Toyota completed thier 4th and final repair, about a mile down the road it started making noises again. I left the svc manager a call and haven't heard back. I sent the final letter to toyota for repurchase or replacement of my truck. I chose repurchase. please e-mail me with questions. My suggestion is just incase it keeps messing up, google your states lemon law, call them, and get into the computer system. keep all of your records!!!
  • == Dude google your states lemon law asap. contact me with questions! like it says below i'm in the final stages.

    i have an 08 that i bought in jan 08, and at 10000 my clutch went out. Under the lemon law Toyota completed thier 4th and final repair, about a mile down the road it started making noises again. I left the svc manager a call and haven't heard back. I sent the final letter to toyota for repurchase or replacement of my truck. I chose repurchase. please e-mail me with questions. My suggestion is just incase it keeps messing up, google your states lemon law, call them, and get into the computer system. keep all of your records!!!
  • I have an 08 i bought in jan 08, at 10000 the clutch went out leaving me stranded. They fixed it under warranty being "nice" third time i had to pay for a whole new clutch....a month later it started it back yesterday after Toyota's final attempt to repair under the lemon law. About a mile down the road my clutch started making noises again. The dealership hasn't called me back. So I sent the GA State Lemon Law's for to toyota for them to repurchase, or replace my truck. BBB Toyota Corp. I've done it. I suggest it. They suck though. The nicest person from Toyota I talked to was from South East Toyota. Stay persistant, and please contact me with questions!!!! I want to see every one get thier problems fixed and now have to pay like I did.
  • Thanks for you post.
    Here's an update on my Tacoma.
    The service technician had written a $900 work order to replace both my master and slave cylinder for the clutch... luckily I had stopped in to check on progress. I proved them wrong in 30 seconds by pumping the clutch pedal whilst the tech' looked at the slave moving back and forth.
    At this point, the service dept had really pissed me off, so I gave them no choice other than to open up the drive-train & see what's happening in there.
    As experienced by others, the tear-down revealed that the clutch fingers on the pressure plate were bent out of plane, and the springs had disintergrated into small pieces.
    The broken clutch was made by LUK in Mexico.
    The service dept had ordered the exact same clutch, much to my dismay, even after I had told them that there was a stronger Japanese alternative made by ASIN.
    They reluctantly agreed to order the ASIN parts & installed then ... or at least that's what I was told!
    The clutch feels great now, not surprising compared to the deterioatng one which I have been putting up with for so long.
    Bottom line ... Clutch replaced @ 52K under power train warranty at no cost to me.
    .... That's if you don't count the hours of research & hand holding at the dealership to correctly diagnose the problem and order the upgraded parts.
    Keep the faith ... & good luck!
  • jbuck85jbuck85 Posts: 4
    Yodamaster, I have a 08 Tacoma 4cyl 5speed manual. Ever since 20000 miles I have experienced the shuddering you speak of, and also every once in a great while get locked out of the gears. I normally just need to depress the clutch again. However when I took it in the dealership said that my clutch is going bad and its not covered because of wear and tear. Couple days ago I looked under the truck and I saw some fluid leaking from the slave/master cylinder (not sure which one). So tomorrow I am heading back to the dealership to see if they have a different determination. But you say that the slave/master cylinder replacement is not going to be the fix, but that it is actually the clutch itself as well?
  • Definitely take it back. The dealership had had my truck 3 weeks now trying to fix it. This is their 7th repair now....I'm waiting on Toyota Corp to repurchase the truck under the lemon law. I can't wait to be out of it. I'll miss it for sure, but not the issues, or the money they trucks cost me. Stay persistant. Use your resources, the Better Business Bureau is a great resource. Make sure you document everything, it does play a big part. They will cover it under warranty. Atleast the first repair. They just don't want to because they know they're going to loose the money. After all these repairs they've now started working on the transmission......keep strong. DO NOT LET THEM PUSH YOU AROUND!!!!
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