2019 Highlander cargo dimensions?

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I am trying to configure a bike rack for the inside of a 2019 Highlander Limited Platinum that I will be receiving in about a week. I plan to drive to Florida alone and I have 2E bikes that I want to bring. I need to know the height from the floor to the ceiling with all seats folded down and also The height of the rear hatch.
I’m not sure how to post by model. The model button is grayed out as I see it.

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    Thanks for those dimensions. I am surprised that the cargo dimensions are so hard to find online. One would want to know what size box will fit in the back. I did however find this also.
    2017 Highlander Interior Cargo Measurements
    1. Rear opening height 31"
    2. Rear opening width 41.5" near the top, 47" near the bottom
    3. Minimum rear width at floor 45.5"
    4. Distance from the rear to the back of the front passenger seat (seat all the way back) 77.5
    5. Distance  from the rear to the back of the front passenger seat (seat all the way forward, probably not comfortable) 90"
    6. Distance from rear to the dashboard along the center 112"
    7. Distance from the rear to the center console 81.5"
    8. Height in rear cargo area 32.5" 
    9. Distance to the back of the middle seats 43"
    10. Distance along the ceiling from front to rear over passenger seats 98"
    11. Ceiling width at the side doors 50"
    12. Height behind front seats 46.5"
    13. Height at front seats 43.5
    14. Diagonal from the rear on the driver side to the back of the front passenger seat (seat all the way back)  95"
    15. Diagonal from the rear on the driver side to the back of the front passenger seat (seat all the way forward, not comfortable) 102"  

    Although these are for 2017 HL it is the same generation and must be close.
    Lacking data for the platinum trim with the panoramic moon roof with all seats folded I went to local dealer and measured.

    Behind front seats with second row captains chairs folded to roof is 30”
    Behind third row folded 32.5”
    Rear hatch at center 31” top slightly curved on each side.
    I think the largest box that will slide in the back hatch is 75” - 80” long x 41” wide x 30” high.

    I hope this helps an


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    Meant to say hope this helps anyone that needs this data.
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    I actually just have this site https://cararac.com/dimensions/ that helped me a lot when I wanted to buy a new car, cause just from going at looking at a bunch of them you can't really make a true size comparison afterwards, only if you know the exact numbers, meaning weight, height, length and all of that. I wanted something that could easily be a family car, like amazing for trips and also super safe, which means well build, solid, a pretty heavy car overall. Some of the ones that I've seen in showrooms were so much lighter than I anticipated. It's honestly a really handy tool if you want to easily compare cars.
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