Stupid alternator

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Just got a new alternator for my 97 Nissan maxima and the mounting bracket seems to be to small, I can't get it lined up. Would grinding down one side of the bracket be a bad idea? Or should I see if i can smash it with a hammer first? Or did I just get the wrong alternator? I didn't have this problem with the last one.


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    The mounting bracket likely has a grommet that slides as the bolt is tightened to take up clearance. Take a socket that is bigger than the steel grommet. Get a bolt, nut and a couple of washers to make a pressing tool and insert the bolt through the grommet and the socket. Put the nut and washers onto the bolt and tighten them to press the grommet outward into the socket from the bracket to get clearance for the alternator to fit. You only need to move the grommet just far enough to get the new alternator to fit.
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