2008 Silverado clunk felt after brakng. Feels like somthing in supsension is unloading preasure.

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Used truck I have had for about 6 months. Had the unloading clunk when I got it. 125K miles.
I replaced both front struts and upper control arms.
Strut boots were torn and struts appeared to be oozing a bit.
Upper ball-joints on control arms were both bad. One had been previously replaced but felt tight and gritty. Other had no resistance to movement.
Brakes appear good and all bolts are tight. I will probably do lower control arms and tie-rods as well as sway-bar links next as well as rear shocks. and get it aligned.

Anyone else had the unloading clunk/shift after braking and if so how was it fixed?

Seem like I am heading down the right path?

Thanks for any input.



  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    Does it definitely feel like it's coming from the front? I had a similar noise/clunk coming from rear drums with the brake shoe shifting inside the drum
  • davidf59davidf59 Member Posts: 6
    PF Flyer, 4 wheel disc.
    I'll check rear brakes regardless to ensure all is tight.
    Thanks for the reply.
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    I'd check the calipers and the slide bolts along with checking from drag from a piston that's not retracting or the slides are holding the other pad against the rotor when you stop and then releasing. Could be the rubber bushings and you're hearing/feeling the caliper move related to the normal braking and the caliper falling back without rubber cushioning.

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  • davidf59davidf59 Member Posts: 6
    Yeah, I guess I should just knock out a quick brake job and inspect the calipers/pins/bushings.
    Pads look good but at 50% wear in the front harm in replacing the pads and checking all the hardware.
    Thanks for the reply
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