98 Blazer Door Panels

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I'm trying to replace the mirror on the passanger side and am having a difficult time removing the door panel. I've removed the screw behind the door handle, as well as the two nuts in the arm rest. I must be missing something else because it sure doesn't seem to want to come off. If anyone has any info. I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


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    Thats it - you did mean the 2 small bolts under the arm rest so then start at the bottom and pry the panel up and then pull out - lots of plastic push connectors and then the top has a lip over and into the door window frame so lift up and off. The power controls lift/snap off and simply drop it thru the panel. Then you can get to the 3 mirror nuts after popping teh rubber plugs out.
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    Thanks for the help, man. Got it working all better now.
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    I replaced the window regulator and now the window does not track correctly. It goes sideways. Any help would be apreciated. I can not find a picture of the door interior to see if there is something missing.
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    Sounds like you didn't get one of the scissors roller ends in the channel - look again - believ 4 of them and a pain to get them all in.
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    I removed all the screws from the drivers door, popped the plastic body panel loose but cannot get the window handle off and therefore cannot completey remove door panel to reset window in track.

    how to remove the window crank please?
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    theres a screw in the center of the crank handle. once its removed, the handle should just pull out.

    hope it helps
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