Infiniti G37s Clutch Pedal No Pressure

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I'm helping a family member diagnose this problem. The clutch pedal on his 2008 G37s has lost pressure. The clutch will not engage.

He cannot afford much right now and certainly cannot afford to replace the clutch. Is there a possibility this issue is something other than a bad clutch like an air bubble in the hydraulic system, bad fluid or a bad master/slave cylinder?

He was told by a local garage that in order to diagnose the problem, the trans has to be dropped @$1000. I've never heard of a trans having to be dropped in order to diagnose a clutch problem. Is this true? He is being told $3500 for the clutch replacement. This too sounds incorrect to me - at least $2000 over what I would think it should be.

I'm hoping you guys can help verify what this mechanic is telling him and lend some feedback as to what this issue might be.



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    O.E. parts prices. Clutch and Pressure Plate $869
    Throw out bearing $196
    Flywheel $1221
    Fluids and misc??? $100
    Labor approx five hours.
    Depends on the shop labor rate ????

    What this means that it could easily get close to $3000-$3500. It all depends on what exactly happened and what needs to be done to restore normal operation. Things like does it need a flywheel? Cannot be predicted and must be inspected/resurfaced/measured after disassembly. If it needs resurfaced will it require being shimmed from the crank to maintian the correct position?

    What else might be required? Clutch master cylinder? Line? Fluids? Will all of the bolts survive removal and be reusable?

    When you say that the pedal lost pressure does it just go to the floor ands stay there? Is there fluid leaking? If so where? Is the main problem that the clutch wont "engage" meaning the transmission is in gear engine running and the car doesn't move?

    Will it not "disengage" meaning that it cannot be shifted into gear with the engine running. If put into gear before starting the engine does the car move and the only way to stop it is to stall the engine?

    Is the symptom something differen than one of those?
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