96 S10 Blazer with blown engine

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I have a 96 Blazer that just blew the engine after having every other part on it replaced. Has brand new fuel pump and fuel filter(drove for less than 10 hours after replaced), torque converter replaced, new cylinoids, and a lot more repairs that my dad did which I can't even name. Has had over $1000 worth of repairs in the last 3 months. Now what? My dad has washed his hands of it and I don't know that much about cars. Should I junk it? Should I have the engine replaced? It had given me problems since I bought it 10 years ago. I have had th 4 wheel drive repaired 4 times, break system repaired, transmission replaced within the last 2 years and so much more. I am tired of spending money on it. It is currently at a local mechanics home and I don't know what to tell him. I thought about asking him what he would do but don't know if I should? Mechanics around here have a bad rep for ripping off women and even though this guy came highly recommended I don't know if I should trust his advice. It took me forever to even find a mechanic to work on it since dad decided he wasn't willing to fix it anymore. I am on disability right now and very limited on funds. What would you do? Please give me some advice.


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    Only you can decide on repair or sell at this point.
    Its 10 years old with new fuel pump, trans, 4wd, brakes and then the engine blew - what exactly went - the main bearings seized or the timing chain. Labor is a big bill on a rebuild or installing a junk yard motor and would expect over $2000 rebuild and at least $1000 junk yard and then who knows what shape. Sell it for parts for about $1000 also I'd guess - local or eBay. You also have the radiator, heater core, many sensors, alternator, AC, starter etc that will still fail. New small car would be a better way to go even on limited budget and I would look at something with a 10 year/100k warranty so you are covered. Wish I had done that for my kids instead of the used Blazers cause I too get tired of the endless repairs. Hard to quit on them after so much invested - and I do the labor!
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    Have you located a website or dealer who specializes in selling cars with blown engines? Many people are looking for a "project car" and I want to start converting these to series hybrid electric cars and see how my little Electric Used Car Lot does as a business (mark-at-serieshybrid.com). For now I can only consider manual transmission vehicles.
    Thanks, Mark
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    i have checked everything cylanoid is fine starter is fine i cannot locate the relay switch for the jimmy where is it
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    Many of the 4.3L engines from 95-01 have problems with the intake manifold gasket. It may sound like no big deal but actually it is. Radiator fluid tends to leak out of the bad gasket and you would never know it. Radiator fluid not only keeps your engine cooled but also keeps the transmission cooled. The 4.3L is a good engine but it's one of those engines that has a dysfunctional personality and you have to have a good mechanic that will service it routinely.
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