Random sputtering on hot startup

JeepIssueJeepIssue Member Posts: 1
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So the jeep fires up and runs mint on cold start. But if i drive and stop somewhere and turn it off sometimes when i go to start it it will start but sputter and wanna die. i can usually feather the gas for 20 secs or so and it starts running fine again. the injectors plugs and air filter were done last year in an attempt to fix it. Any help would be appreciated so i dont throw money at random parts.


  • Jeep2007WKJeep2007WK Member Posts: 1
    Is this a Grand Cherokee WK 3.7 ? If so Ive had this issue for years and cant find the solution on line. I saw a guys posting of it on a video about a year ago but no comment. There are no codes thrown either. I replaced the cam and crank sensors. Great car Other than that and I've put 240K on it so far...
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