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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V: Tell Cadillac What You Want!

Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
edited April 2014 in Cadillac
What suggestions do you have for Cadillac about the CTS and CTS-V?


  • merckxmerckx Member Posts: 565
    I'd like the manual transmission option to continue, a bit more headroom-as it stands,the sunroof doesn't allow enough headroom. I'd also like the angular styling dialed back a bit, which apparently is going to be. I like the vinyl seating to continue,too. I'd want the base engine to continue, and mpg continue to be an issue. As it stands, I like the current CTS a lot, I should say.
  • riceowlsriceowls Member Posts: 4
    I like what Cadillac is doing in general the last few years with the CTS/XLR/STS. Here are the things I would like to see in the revamped CTS-V (which I would potentially be in the market to obtain):
    1) Automatic transmission option (or at least a DSG type option). Yeah, I know, performance machine needs a manual, but not all of us like manual even if we appreciate performance.
    2) An interior that looks, feels and sounds top of the line. High quality leather, dash that is sqeak-proof, etc.
    3) State of the art, touch screen Nav/Radio/etc. unit.
    4) Heated and cooled seats (and I mean really cool, not playing at cool with minor fan action)
    5) Slightly larger trunk space
    6) Slightly stiffer feel for steering, and more rigid/extreme feel for braking
    7) Comfort seats, with lots of variable adjustments (articulating backs, side bolsters, etc.)
    8) Memory seat for passenger as well as driver
    9) Bose super surround sound system
    10) Voice command system that works well, including bluetooth phone ability
    11) HUD (modern looking, multi-color readout)
    12) Paddle shift for automatic or DSG-type transmission
    13) More color choices for interior and exterior
  • jpennjpenn Member Posts: 68
    I would agree with just about everything Riceowls has posted. I don't necessarily need a manual trans to have good performance, as a matter of fact, a six speed manual with sequential shift is a better alternative for a daily driver. (Besides, I've just finished restoring my 69 Vette w/4 speed for fun driving) I would also like to see an AWD Sport model similar to Audi which would incorporate the stability of AWD with the handling of a sport suspension.

    My biggest request is for Caddy to follow through with their hints and rumors of a CTS coupe. This would put them in direct competition with BMW and MB. I think the CTS is a magnificent piece of automotive design and could go head to head with the German and Japanese with some of the upgrades we've mentioned. Go Caddy !!
  • pearlpearl Member Posts: 336
    riceowls has a nice list, but if this is any sort of entry level luxury car it MUST have a tilt/telescopic steering column. EVERY competitor has had this for years. It is not a budget-breaker, but it can be a deal-breaker if the customer cannot get both the seat and steering wheel positioned for a comfortable driving position. When I went to look at the CTS about two years ago, I said "no" when the salesman asked if I wanted to drive it, simply because I could not get comfortable. If the 08 CTS comes out without this feature, Caddy product designers should be fired on the spot.
  • ejdavidejdavid Member Posts: 2

    For 2008, sell a limited number of stripper 2.8 Sport Light sedans with possitive displacement supercharging. I already own a 2007 stripper with automatic and sports suspension.
    It is a sweet little humingbird of a car. However, the very same car with 6-8 psi positive displacement blower would be my dream sedan. Your 3.6, please forgive the explitive, sucks. I have driven smoother tractors built in the 1940's.

    Some of us don't need CTS-Vs. For instance, I have a Kenne Bell supercharged 1991, Lincoln Mark VII to use if I really want a smoky burn out. Instead, give me a refined, blown 2.8 and THIS household will boast His and Hers CTS Caddis!

    David Jakab!
  • ejdavidejdavid Member Posts: 2
    Dear Rice Owls and friends.

    I suggest Rice purchase a Buick of some sort, or maybe a Malibu. My good buddy has both a Lexus LSC 430 and a Malibu, and when it comes to transcontinental trips, he uses the Malibu.

    CTS? I want BMW's & Mercs to chase ME! Forget about all the BLING. Bling means weight, and that means slow.
  • jpennjpenn Member Posts: 68
    OK, now that we've seen the new CTS I think most of the questions and wish list requests have been answered, at least in picture form. The true test will be when we're able to see it and drive it.

    As I've stated in other posts my special request is that Caddy follows through with the coupe concept. I'd like it to remain the same basic size as the new CTS and have all the options that the sedan will have. One thing from a styling point that I'd like to see. A more rounded roof line similar to the Honda Civic coupe with the side rear window ending in a curve rather than a sharp point the way the sedan does. I think these two modifications would give the coupe a more graceful appearance.
  • riceowlsriceowls Member Posts: 4

    That's a very strange suggestion, being that I'm an avid BMW owner/fan (5 of last 6 vehicles) and my wife a Mercedes fan (3 of last 6 cars). You must not have checked out the latest BMW and Merc offerings - they have all of the goodies I listed. Perhaps it's you who are out of touch with these "Luxury" sports cars, and should instead check out "non-Luxury" offerings like Camaros and Mustangs, that don't have the so-called bling? If the CTS-V want to compete with the M and AMG cars, it needs what you call bling and what most of the rest of the world calls common luxury features.
  • jpennjpenn Member Posts: 68
    OK guys what gives? I just finished reading the latest M/T article on future Caddys and they say the coupe won't be available until 2010. If this is the case it puts a real crimp in my plans. I wanted to get a new CTS with the 08 model, then read that the 09 model year will have a coupe. If they hold off until 10 I'll have an 8 year old car on my hands.

    Evok, what's up.

  • larryszallarryszal Member Posts: 8
    Quality that lasts, the interior in my 2005 3.7L V6 is too plain, suggest an analog clock to start. Padded doors, more chrome.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
  • rockyleerockylee Member Posts: 14,014
    On the CTS-V I'd like to have a Dual-Clutch transmission at least as a option, along with 600+ hp. and MSRP's stay the same as they are now ;)

  • 150mphclub150mphclub Member Posts: 316
    From what I have seen and read so far, it looks pretty good. What I want is to be able to buy it sans sunroof. Nothing pisses me off more than for a dealer to say, "sorry, but you can't get it without the sunroof." I NEED THE EXTRA HEADROOM, so at least offer the car with a sunroof delete code.
  • gottaviogottavio Member Posts: 4
    I want body side moldings in all new CTS in addition to Bluetooth, rear camera, xm or sirrius radio options, and integrating Cingular customers with onstar-- (right now it is only verizon)
  • artmbgolfartmbgolf Member Posts: 57
    CTS Needs:
    Locking Gas cap.
    Automatic park brake release.
    Magnetic Ride - At least on the sport suspension.
    Sport FE2 18" wheel option needs tires with more performance.
    18" Summer Tire option also needs the option of All-Season Perf tires.
    Wider trunk for golf bags.
    Better rear visability.
    Sportier driver seat option, like in the V.
  • bwestz71bwestz71 Member Posts: 2
    I'd like to drive my 05 CTS 5000 miles and not run out of oil
  • wafflemanwaffleman Member Posts: 8
    I want a well build, RELIABLE CTS.

    I want to be able to purchase a CTS directly online (no dealership visit required)- so that I can get the options that I want. I can't stand going to a dealership lot and seeing cars with a bunch of options that I do not want. Online price should be competitive (not MSRP!).

    These 2 things would help GM in 2 ways:

    - increased reliability causes increase demand and decreased warranty costs
    - direct online purchasing ability causes GM to only have to build cars as they are purchased, therefore they don't have to overbuild/overstock. In this economy, that would solve alot of their problems. Dealers can still get a cut of the profit upon delivery of the car so everyone should be happy.

    Anyone (GM) listening?
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    I beleive the car makers are mandated by law so they cant sell direct to the public on line....there is some trade law in effect...as I recall.....so not something GM can do direct.....I have had no problem ordering the car(s) I wanted specifically from the factory through the dealer.......try a different dealer if one will not order you a car
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