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Should I buy a Matrix only driven 8k miles in 10 years?

craylorcraylor Member Posts: 1
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Hi everyone,

I'm brand new to the forums and need some advice. I've got a 2004 Ford Explorer I bought as my first car two years ago for $3,200. It has MAJOR issues that I was too ignorant to realize when I bought the car (big life lesson). Long story short, I am selling it for way less and getting a different car that's more reliable.

I love everything I've heard about the Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe. Trouble is, there aren't many options out there. I'm looking at a 2004 Matrix listed for $3,200 and have scheduled a test drive with the owner (private sale).

While running the VIN number, I noticed something potentially alarming. The vehicle was sold (used) in 2009 stating 69,000 miles. The car currently has 78,800 miles on it - this means it's only been driven 8,000 miles in 10 years and could have been sitting in a garage unused for many years. I know that can be very dangerous and damaging to cars, and the current owner says he has had the car for a year and a half.

I have not seen the car in person or driven it yet. Is there something, in particular, I should be looking for in the inspection/test drive, or should I just run now?


  • graphicguygraphicguy Member Posts: 13,665
    Not totally unreasonable that someone would have only driven a couple thousand miles/year. Could be someone who only travels locally a few miles/day.

    That said, if the Matrix was serviced at a Toyota dealer, any Toyota dealer should have kept electronic records on it. If not, ask the seller how the vehicle was used.

    Things to check for....cracked/worn drive belt(s). Oil...dirty or clean? Leaks? Smells burnt? Tires and tread (flat spots). Transmission fluid?

    I highly recommend taking it to an ASME mechanic and spending a $100 or so to have it thoroughly checked out.
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