Chrysler Pacifica Tire/Wheel Questions

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Looking for a tire or wheel recommendation, or having a problem? This is the discussion for you!


  • kshksh Member Posts: 1
    Any suggestions on good tires to replace my originals. I have 48,000 miles and it is time for new ones.
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAMember Posts: 202
    Why use anything but the original Michelins? I'm very happy that I'll get 50,000 from mine.
  • steelydan0613steelydan0613 Member Posts: 144
    I agree, the Michelins are great, I'm sure there are other brands, such as Goodyear out there, but what I wouldn't do to a nice vehicle as this is put "house brand" tires on , you don't know where that will go......

    The one complaint I have with the Michelins is that they seem a little noisy on some road surfaces at speed, but that could be a Pacifica issue. The car is so quiet, that all I hear on the freeway in Houston are the tires at 60 mph plus. And only on some road surfaces......

    The key is tire rotation every 6,000 miles with proper tire pressure. I should hit 50,000 miles easily with their appearance at 29,000 miles........
  • thimmakerthimmaker Member Posts: 33
    I have the original Michelins on mine with 62,000 and starting to look for new tires. The Dealer or Sears both get $950.00 for comparable Michelins installed and balanced. The comparable Goodrich tires with a similiar tread and 70,000 mile rating run around $520.00 at Sears. Anybody have any problems with Goodrich tires? If anything, i'll bet their quieter than those noisy Michelins and your right, thats all you hear at 60.
  • fljoslinfljoslin Member Posts: 237
    Read some of the Subaru Tribeca posts. Subaru uses Goodyear tires on that vehicle which is surprising.
  • fljoslinfljoslin Member Posts: 237
    I will bet the Michelins will be quieter than the Goodrich and will ride more smoothly and handle better.
    Also, the Sears price seems high. I was quoted $180 + tax per tire, balanced and installed at Costco for the 235/65/R17 Michelins on my wife's 2005 Pacifica Touring. That works out to $720 + tax.
  • thimmakerthimmaker Member Posts: 33
    Thanks on that. I'll check it out at Costco and Sam's. I really love the mileage and ride i've gotten from the Michelins.
  • pssimonpssimon Member Posts: 144
    I'll add to the tire replacement discussion

    From what I have seen, there are two options. Either the original Michelin Energy MXV4 Plus tires or the Goodyear Fortera Triple Tred.

    Here is how they stack up:

    Treadwear: Michelin 400, Goodyear 600
    Dry traction: Michelin 10, Goodyear, 10
    Wet Traction: Michelin 8, Goodyear 10
    Snow Traction: Michelin 8, Goodyear 10
    Quiet Ride: Michelin 10, Goodyear 8

    Each seems to have thier own strengths. Being not too worried about the snow traction, it comes down to wear, Wet and noise. Seems like Goodyear has it over Michelin. Am I missing something?

    Admittedly, my Michelins have lasted these 54K miles, at a rating of 400. Does that mean the Goodyears would last even longer?

    Does anyone have any experience with these Goodyear tires? All thoughts appreciated.....


    ---Paul in Southern NJ
  • thimmakerthimmaker Member Posts: 33
    I have 69,000 on my Michelins but I'm going in for a set of BF Goodrich Traction TAs in a couple of weeks. Their rated at 70,000 on the Pac. and the tread pattern is just about the same.
  • fred222fred222 Member Posts: 200
    I have 69,000 on my Michelins but I'm going in for a set of BF Goodrich Traction TAs in a couple of weeks. Their rated at 70,000 on the Pac. and the tread pattern is just about the same.
    I like Michelins much more that BF Goodrich. There is more to a tire than price and wear.
  • thimmakerthimmaker Member Posts: 33
    To pssimon. Where can you obtain those rating figures you have on the different tires. I would like to compare them to some others like the BF Goodrich (I believe their made by the same company that makes Michelins).
  • pssimonpssimon Member Posts: 144
    Those numbers came from their web pages. I would assume they would pump them up if they could. The mileage numbers, I suspect are the DOT ratings. As for the others, they could be, but not sure.

    I suspect Goodrich has that info for their tires as well.
  • thimmakerthimmaker Member Posts: 33
    I backed off on the Goodrich and ordered a set of the original Michelins at a great price. The Goodrich traction TA tires only have a T rating. Thanks for the help.
  • pssimonpssimon Member Posts: 144
    Curious.... what do you define as "great price"?

    They aren't cheap!

  • fred222fred222 Member Posts: 200
    Curious.... what do you define as "great price"?

    They aren't cheap!


    We purchased a 2005 Pacifica in Sept 2004. At that time I priced the OEM Michelin Tires (Pilot 235/65/R17 I believe) at the local Costco. $180 each mounted with lifetime warranty. I do not know how much they are now.
  • vic_vinylevic_vinyle Member Posts: 34

    The Goodyear Fortera's are excellent tires :)

    I had a set on my Expedition and they worked great. If the price is reasonable....but them. :blush:

    Southern Joisey
  • fred222fred222 Member Posts: 200
    The Goodyear Fortera's are excellent tires.

    I believe that Goodyear means good for one year. I have owned Goodyear tires twice and have been burned twice.
    One set did not even last a year and I am talking about driving standard miles. Another set crapped out at 20,000 miles. Unsafe to drive. If Goodyear gave me tires for free, I would not put them on any of my vehicles.
  • slb351slb351 Member Posts: 2
    I just bought a used 2005 AWD Touring Addition. It has 23,000 miles the rims are pitted badly on the lip on all 4 rims. I mentioned this to my salesmen at the Chrysler dealship, he said and I quote "this is a problem with these rims cause they are not chromed around the lip", he continued to say "that if my wife and I complain enough we would be able to get a free set of rims from Chrysler". Before I continue I must say my wife is a complainer extraordinar Chrysler is not going to know what hit them. Does anyone else have this issue and has anyone complained to Chrysler and if so have they done anything about it.

  • bapriebebapriebe Member Posts: 25
    My 2004 AWD (now passing 54,000mi) has exactly this problem. As far as I know, the chrome is only on the plastic cover that they glue over top of the aluminum wheel.
  • thimmakerthimmaker Member Posts: 33
    Sorry it took this long to get a reply posted. Problems on this end. The tires were $725.00 installed and balanced which was $200 less than the Dealer or Sears quoted. Brewer Tire Company in Schaumburg, IL.
  • bapriebebapriebe Member Posts: 25
    Which tires did you end up using? And how do you like the replacements? (I have to replace mine within a few weeks...)
  • thimmakerthimmaker Member Posts: 33
    I went to the originals which were the Michelins MXV4 plus.
  • pssimonpssimon Member Posts: 144
    I ended up going with the original Michelins as well. I wanted the Goodyears.... they were rated as better in wet AND dry situations as well as quieter... but I couldn't justify the extra $200+ it would have cost me.

    I wanted to buy American (Goodyear is the only American tire company left) but they priced themselves out of my range.

    Oh well.... the Michelins will do their job.

    ---Paul in Southern NJ
  • 04pacman04pacman Member Posts: 23
    Help please. I recently discovered that going 10mph was to fast for the conditions and ran into a curb going around a corner. I hit the curb on the front driver’s side hard enough to break the wheel. Found out that Chrysler is very proud of their wheels, $460.00 for wheel only. I ordered a new wheel and had it installed. Now I’m feeling a vibration when driving around 55-60 mph. it’s not consistent almost like there might be a warped rotor or something similar. Any thoughts as to what I should be looking for? I’m mechanically inclined but only used to working on older Chevy trucks not newer SUV’s. I’m going to have the alignment done this week, had to schedule an appointment, just don’t want too many more surprises.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 31,350
    It really could be a number of things. If you hit hard enough to brake the wheel, chances are you did more damage than that. Could be a tie rod, wheel bearing, rotor, another wheel that maybe hit and you didn't realize it, maybe the new one wasn't balanced correctly, etc. See what the alignment turns up and go from there.

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  • 04pacman04pacman Member Posts: 23
    So went in to have the alingment checked and they said they couldn't do it because my ball joint is loose. Can't seem to find it at any of the online parts places. Anyone have an idea where to go besides the dealer?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 31,350
    I gave you some suggestions in the suspension issues topic.

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  • arlenjamesonarlenjameson Member Posts: 3
    I'm about to try a set of Goodyear Assurance Triple Tread.
    Has anyone tried these? My service advisor recommended them for this area (midwest). I checked all I could find on Goodyear's sight. I've had good experiences with Goodyear tires on previous cars, so I will give them a try. The tires have an 80,000 mile warranty and I will be getting them from the dealership for $150 per tire.
  • rfeerfee Member Posts: 2
    I have an 04 Pacifica. I replaced the stock wheels with 22" aftermarket wheels. The new wheels have the wireless tire pressure sensors, however, the dashboard menu reads "service tire pressure system soon". Has anyone had a similar experience? Any suggestions? Thanks for any help
  • kkodalkkodal Member Posts: 34
    i got my set on ebay.brand new oem rims and michelin tires on them for $599 + $150 i got two sets of wheels in my hand.i put one of the old rims as spare so that i have a full size spare and exchange my old tires with the new rims and tires.sometimes e bay can be very reasonable..
  • waterdrwaterdr Member Posts: 307
    Did someone say tires?

    Only place to buy tires is at Been using them for 15 years. I also race, so tires are a big part of what I need.

    I have the 19" rims on my Pacifica. There are ONLY two tire options made right now for these rims. I hope there are more options in the future.

    As far as tires lasting and rotations etc.... I belong to the school that tire rotations are often a waste. The key is having a propper alignment. I have 70k miles on a 500 hp Mustang and have never, not once rotated a tire. In fact, I can't, because the front and rears are a different size - lol. You should check the wear and that will tell you a lot.

    Also, keep the pressure up. I run my Pac at about 40 lbs of air. The ride is a bit stiffer, but you will get slightly better mpg.

    I am not saying that you should not rotate them, just that you don't need to get carried away especially if you have to pay for the rotations.

    As far as the rims, if you have chrome ones, only get them balanced where they use 3-D style weights that go inside the rim. The old-school weights that they use from the factory will ruin the rim edges over time.
  • nuruc7nuruc7 Member Posts: 98
    Same school of thought here, i never rotate tires, i keep the car aligned by checking it out periodically. I actually have never owned a car where i did rotate the tires, and have not had any issues at all. Lots of miles on sets of tires for the most part. Unless I hit something like a big rock, logs, or a curb after fishtailing out of control. :)
  • shagphilshagphil Member Posts: 2
    rfee. I did the exact same thing except I replaced with 20" wheels on my '04. You are stuck! There is nothing that I have found that can be done. I even went to Chrysler about the problem and they tell me it is a "safety issue". That's why you can't turn off the system message. In NC the law says you MUST have your lights on if you have your windshielf wipers on....but you can disable that in the Pacifica. What it is is a legal protection for Chrysler and the tire Manufacturers. These things have been put on since the Bronco rollover issue. So far, I can't find any way around it. I just put my originals back on and the damn thing still does it. Took it in and paid $85 for a diagnostic test to tell me that one of the sensors had gone bad and it would cost $220 to replace.
    So, I just ride around with the silly message. Don't seem right that you can't get to any other messages. But the warnings such as door ajar, etc will still show.
    Shagphil :mad:
  • waterdrwaterdr Member Posts: 307
    I just had Nokians installed on my wife's Saab.....the tires are awesome. They are apparently the only all-season tire with a severe snow tire rating and are warrentied by Nokian for 50k miles. Now, here is the keep the warranty they need to be rotated every 5k miles....dam. At least the rotations are free and I will just get the oil done at the same time.

    If Nokian made these puppies in a 19", they would be on the Pac tomorrow.
  • tudstuds Member Posts: 2
    I own a 2008 paifica. AT 15 k a noise started. It sounds like the tire hits plastic but it doesnt. Took to dealer they replaced the rotors. Noise still theretokk it back and they replaced the rack. All via warrenty. Noise is still there and dealer has no clue what to do next. It happens mainly on right turns but does it left also.It does sound lie pwer stering some and or the rubing noise, any sugestions.. thanks
  • jen812jen812 Member Posts: 2
    I had a similar problem on my 04...I had to replace the front lower control arms and the gaskets and that took care of the problem.
  • dickster42dickster42 Member Posts: 1
    Anybody know if a full size spare tire will fit under a 2007 with dual exhaust?
  • bulletmanbulletman Member Posts: 2
  • bulletmanbulletman Member Posts: 2
    I just bought 22" wheels for my 2006 pacifica and I was going crazy because I tough that I wasn't going to be able to turn off the tpms sensor light based on what people was saying, so what I did I bought original chrysler sensor from ebay for $100 dollar and then put it on the new rims. When the rims where in the car already I press the menu button and reset the factory reset future and that was it, they work perfect and ride beautiful just like the original rims.
  • bushelnutbushelnut Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Pac and want to replace the 17' rims with 20" rims. Trying not to do deep dish rims or low profile tires. Also want to switch from those noisey Mich and try General Grabbers HTS Tires. Tires are from Tire Rack and come with very good specs. Any comments?
  • needsometiresneedsometires Member Posts: 2
    my wife drives a 2004 pacifica with 235/65R17. i had planned to put new all season tires on in november anyway to get ready for the midwest winter, but noticed last weekend this really weird wear spot on her rear passenger tire. there is a strip (about 2" wide and about 5" long) wear the tire is worn down past the rubber to white!

    any thoughts on what might cause that are greatly appreciated as i don't want to put on new tires and then have the same thing happen right away.

    also, what tires should i get. we live out in the sticks a bit (no dirt roads though) and drive mostly I-94 from wisconsin into minnesota. My friend as bridgestone dueler a/t revos on his pick up and loves them. i'm thinking of getting those for the pacifica, though when i call places they always tell me those are pretty aggressive tires for a pacifica. i'm thinking that's a good thing as i'm not sure what the back roads in wisconsin are going to look like at 5:30 to 6:00 in the morning in the middle of winter and we have to get into the twin cities to teach. we have to go in to work even when it's a snow day for everyone else.

    what i'm looking at
    1. bridgestone dueler a/t revo
    2. firestone destination a/t
    3. general grabber hts

  • david0415david0415 Member Posts: 1
    We had a similar issue with our 2005. Get a good alignment done. Ours was off a bit and caused the wear. Also make sure all the pressures are the same. If one tire is higher it could cause it to wear uneven.

    I just replaced the crappy Mich's with Yokohama Parada Spec-x and couldn't be happier. They grip like sport tires and have gotten us through VERY heavy rains with ease. I'll know how they act come winter time but have no hesitations about them at all. And for our 19" wheels they were 100$ cheaper then the others.
  • evan7evan7 Member Posts: 1
    Do you want to sell your 17" rims?
  • skelly7skelly7 Member Posts: 1
    How have they worked for you? They seem to be the only tire that fits the Pacifica that are recommended by Consumer Reports.
  • arlenjamesonarlenjameson Member Posts: 3
    I've been pleased thus far. No unusual wear, nice tread pattern. They have nice grip on wet surfaces.
  • ksfarmboy1ksfarmboy1 Member Posts: 1
    After looking at consumer reports and I came to the conclusion on these tires for price, performance, and features. And do not replace with michelins mxv4 plus tires, not worth what they put on and cost.
    General Grabber HTS
    Goodyear Assurance Tripletread
    Kumho Solus KR21
    I also know the Goodyear Fortera Tripletread gets good reviews, but cost is hindering.
    Another question, I had mine rebalanced and rotated due to shaking and vibration, but car still does it. Is it still the tires, which have 48000+ miles on them now and need replaced.
  • dallas2010dallas2010 Member Posts: 1
    Does anybody in Dallas or near Dallas, have a basic 17' wheel for sale. I am trying to get a full size spare for my Pacifica.
  • cpick21cpick21 Member Posts: 2
    Recently we took my newly purchase used 2007 Pacifica on vacation and noticed a whistling sound in the front right hand corner of the dash. I happened to push out on the front window and noticed it moved. What am I to do. Has anyone else ever had this happen to them? I don't have a leak just a whistle.
  • cpick21cpick21 Member Posts: 2
    Do I have to replace all 4 tires at the same time or can I just do the front two tires and then later in the fall the back two?
  • pssimonpssimon Member Posts: 144
    I need to look for tires. The original Michelins are almost gone at 41000 miles. What are others using these days? I really want something that has a high mileage rating but is also a quiet tire. When I wen through, there doesn't seem to be very many good, quiet tires.

    All thoughts GREATLY appreciated.


    ---Paul in Southern NJ
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