Engine Fires

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I recently purchased a 2011 Nissan Altima for my daughter on December 28 2019. We purchased the car used with 150000 miles on it we test drove the car in the car seems to run fine. My daughter drove the car for 10 minutes on the highway and heard a loud noise and notice smoke started to come inside the front dashboard and at about 20 mph my daughter and her friends had to jump out of the car because the car was engulfed in flames after about 3 minutes. this is a serious problem that Nissan needs to look into my my children could have perished in this vehicle. I want to be a part of any class action groups. I am reading other posts in the forum and I am sorry for your losses this was a really close call and I am contacting my lawyers and reaching out to Nissan. The car was engulfed in flames and my daughter had a bruise's and a broken wrist. please reach out to [email protected] for class action I want to be a part of it
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