Can bad alternator cause a transmission issue?

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My 2005 Toyota Highlander had a battery indicator come on during a 90 mile trip. At the end the car died after all indicator lights came on. I had it towed to my local dealership and they diagnosed it as a bad alternator. It was replaced along with the battery. During the test drive they determined I now had a transmission problem. Up to this point I have never had any transmission symptoms. Can the bad alternator have cause a transmission problem?



  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,691
    It's a bit of a stretch. Sometimes things just happen and we want to try and find some connection when there really isn't one. Anything that I could even speculate on has a better chance of being wrong than right. The only thing that really matters is what exactly is wrong. Have it diagnosed and let us know what they find.
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