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2020 Outback Premium - Display Setup Questions

wifey_poowifey_poo Member Posts: 1
edited December 2019 in Subaru
I've read through the manuals, looked up videos, etc., having a hard time figuring out some of the pieces to all the settings I'd like to change in my 2020 Outback. You should know I have driven a mostly manual car with no bells or whistles for my entire driving life until I bought this car, so this is a bit overwhelming. Please use terms easy for a noob like me to understand.

My biggest question is in regards to Messaging. I see things throughout the manuals that indicate I can set up my iphone via bluetooth, and that I will be able to receive and send messages and notifications for the messages through the display. I have successfully paired my phone and can get other features to work, such as calling, music, podcasts, etc.. But when I attempt to set up messaging, the screen just says "messages not available". I've tried using the voice function, same response. I've tried USB connection (as opposed to bluetooth), same issue. I was parked while trying to figure it out, so it's not an issue with some of the options not being available while the car is moving.

Please help!

If my phone is plugged in (CarPlay), I do see on the screen when I get a text, but it's not the same as what is indicated in the manual. It is just mirroring my phone in that case.

Also, and this one is silly, but can someone please tell me, does Starlink refer to the display/app(s) itself? I don't get why I need a MySubaru app AND Starlink? What is the difference?

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