Lincoln MKZ Prices Paid and Buying Experience

rolo77rolo77 Member Posts: 31
Heres some general info requested about my car

Buyer's Offer Written Date: 06/11/2006
Order Submitted To Factory Date: 08/23/2006
Scheduled Factory Production Week Of: 10/02/2006
Shipped From Factory Date: 10/05/2006
Arrival At Final Stateside Destination Date: 10/27/2006

heres the info from the ENCS website, it also says it should
be at my dealer by the week of OCT 27 but I am not returning
from Japan until NOV 20th, which is when I will pick it up
hope this helps you out

Base Vehicle Price: 36,437.50 (MSRP 38K or so this after discounts)
Discounts: 3,775.50 (rebate 1000.00, college grad 500.00, 06 price protect 2275.00)
Total Vehicle Price: 32,662.00
Puerto Rico/Guam Sales Tax: .00
Price Per Your Acceptance Price: 32,662.00
Total Cash Received, Includes Rebate, If Any: 32,662.00

my total paid was 32,662.00

this price was paid for a fully loaded AWD including the sirius radio
the only option I did not get was satin nickel trim interior, I wanted
the wood trim, dark blue car with Charcoal interior, this price also
includes the destination charge of 715.00, so I got a great deal
thanks Ford for taking care of us Military overseas, but still working
with the dealer about the transmission issue ( I showed the dealer
the ad stating the 6F advertised as being in the MKZ 07) trying my
best to buy American, and not got for the lexus 07 ES350



  • baxbaybaxbay Member Posts: 1
    Chief, what transmission issue are you working on with the dealer?

  • rolo77rolo77 Member Posts: 31
    go to for details basically I thought the new 6f transmission was going to be in the MKZ for this year,
    but it is not,the MKZ will be keeping the old transmission
    until 2008 model

  • realtorken1realtorken1 Member Posts: 14
    Hi all just got back from the Lincoln Dealership for a MKZ and saw that they had a 2006 leftover with Nav and Leather. Price they were trying to give me was $32,900. I thought that was really high... I could get and 07 with Nav and AWD for a couple more pennies

    Any ideas on what real world Zephyr leftovers are going for?
  • bigtbigt Member Posts: 412
    That does seem a little high. Here is a quote for a fully equiped AWD MKZ with everything:

    We have a fully equipped AWD version, Black with Dark Charcoal, featuring the following options:

    * 200A
    * Power Moonroof
    * Heated and Cooled Front Seats
    * HID Headlamps
    * Sirius Satellite Radio, with 6 months service!
    *17" Chrome Wheels
    * THX Audiophile Sound
    * Navigation System

    This MK Z has an MSRP of 37735 as equipped. You can purchase it for "as low as" 34991, applying the applicable rebate(s). If you opt for Special Interest Financing, the price will increase by 1000.00, as you must relinquish the Customer Cash Rebate in order to take advantage of this APR.
  • guestguest Member Posts: 770
    I have shopped the MKZ thoroughly here in the San Francisco area. With the seven popular options (AWD, HID headlamps, Cool/Heat seats, Moonroof, Nav/THX system, Chrome wheels, Sirius radio), you are looking at $35k plus tax and tags. There is a $500-$1000 rebate available, which is contingent upon whether you take advantage of FoMoCo's financing. I have one on order which should be here by Christmas. I'm excited! I will be so glad to get rid of my '98 Audi A4, which has easily cost me the original purchase price in repairs these past eight years! Yes, you read that right!
  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganMember Posts: 13,994
    Ouch !!!! :surprise:

  • bigtbigt Member Posts: 412
    I am also getting a fully loaded AWD MKZ with everything minus the upgraded wheels. I am going to get a different set.

    I am using the X-plan here is the deal:

    2007 Lincoln MKZ AWD
    MSRP $35,640
    X-PLAN $33,522.99
    Title Tax $1005.69
    Dealer's Business Lic Tax $56.99
    Title Fee $64.50
    SUBTOTAL $34,650.17
    Minus Customer cash $500
    TOTAL SELLING PRICE $34,150.17

    What do you think? I priced out a similiar Lexus and it was about 8k over this.
  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganMember Posts: 13,994
    I'd get a fully loaded one if I was you bigt. ;) However that is me, and I like all my cars to be loaded to the gills. :)


    P.S. How many dealers have you tried. I think MAYBE you could do better than your "X" plan.
  • bigtbigt Member Posts: 412
    Here is for a fully loaded AWD MKZ black on black with nickel satin. What do you think? Also my trade was in a recent accident. I assume that this should be disclosed?


    Again the X Plan price on this invoice is $35335.80

    I figure your taxes and tags for $1146.41 and our processing fee of $249 will total $1395.41 which will then total $36731.21.
  • cowbellcowbell Member Posts: 125
    Even though no one has posted in this forum this year, I wanted to ask what sort of year end prices I can get on an MKZ. From what I understand, they stopped production on the 2007s and may have already begun the 2008s.

    With that being said, how much do you think a loaded MKZ would cost? MSRP being 37,885, invoice being 34,614. I qualify for the X-plan, but I'm sure I can get it under that. Do you think 33,500 is out of the question considering it's the end of the model year?
  • jerrys2jerrys2 Western massachusettsMember Posts: 189
    I think $33,500 is realistic and perhaps you could do a little better. Depends what dealer has ON HIS LOT and if you make a serious offer on or about the last day of the month. 08's should arrive by mid Sept. so end of Aug shuld be a great time to deal. I plan to follow this approach and deceide between the '07, '08, or an '08 Lexus 350.

    What is the X-plan?

  • cowbellcowbell Member Posts: 125
    Sorry about the confusion. The X and Z keys are right next to each other. :) I meant the Z-plan.
    Your approach is probably the way I'm going to go to. I too also looked at the Lexus (ES350 I'm assuming) as it was the only other car that had all the features I wanted. Actually, it didn't have the folding rear seats which sold me on the Lincoln.
    I think there will be some cars with the configurtion I want left some the end of the month. There are at least four of them by where I live here in metro DC. I'll let you know how I do.
  • jerrys2jerrys2 Western massachusettsMember Posts: 189
    Yes, it is the ES 350, and I am leaning towards the Lincoln however. It is pretty much the same car,with the folding rear seats and a great sound system, at 2k to 3k less.

    The ES 350 has had a ton of transmission problems and other issues discussed the the Forums section on the Lexus web cite. Lincoln owners on the other hand love their cars as evidenced on this Forumn.

    Good luck with your search, I bought my first new car in VA
    many years ago ( '59 Chevy ) from Rosenthal Chevrolet, assume they are still in business. I will be away until the end of the month and then I plan to do some serious shopping.

  • cptlapcatcptlapcat Member Posts: 2
    Just leased 2008 Mkz with chrome wheels and THX for $30,438 after rebate. Best part of the deal, I was able to get out of three months lease payments on my old town car. :)
  • jerrys2jerrys2 Western massachusettsMember Posts: 189
    Congrats! Sounds like a good deal. Where did you make purchase? Only rebate I am aware of is $500, are there others?
  • hardhawkhardhawk Member Posts: 702
    You get an additional $1000 rebate if you currently have a Town Car.
  • cptlapcatcptlapcat Member Posts: 2
    Bought it at Mayberry Lincoln Mercury in North Hollywood, Ca. The dealer said he was giving it to me at $500 over invoice (don't know if that is true but it sounded good) minus $1000 for the Town Car rebate.
  • jerrys2jerrys2 Western massachusettsMember Posts: 189
    I guess I won't get to Mayberry since I am in Western Massachusetts. $500 over invoice seems reasonable for this stage of the model year. Good luck with your new car!

  • raunenraunen Member Posts: 3
    39 months 15K miles:
    option a: 373/month with 2k down
    option b: 426/month with 0 down

    this is in nyc.

    any thoughts or advice?
  • davidjamesfrendavidjamesfren Member Posts: 1
    Buyer be ware. "Ford 1" 2008 MKZs do not have the Microsoft Sync installed. Ford 1 models were made through early Oct or so. Lincoln's marketing material, tv ads and website show Sync as standard; it is not always. there is no way to know unless you ask; they do not offer the information. Literally, there is no way for you to know without asking. the phone button is even on the radio, but does not work.

    Very disappointing that a manufacturer with such a great car would have such confusing and some would say deceptive advertising practices.

    Sync adds 395 to to the MSRP for "Frod 2" cars shipped with it installed. Edmonds is silent on the issue.

    Great car, but disappointing buying experience.
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Member Posts: 490
    Not Lincoln news, but Ford. Just saw that another Ford plant will soon be closing and when it does, that's the last we'll see of the Ford Ranger. I've seen lots of complaints, some I think on here, that the Ranger hasn't been updated since WW2. Well, complain no more cause it's going away. Another market ceded by Ford. What's next to completely eliminate?

    I guess it makes perfect sense in this time of skyrocketing gas prices to cancel the pickup with the best gas mileage of any in it's class? Or maybe they're losing money on every one they build? Or maybe it's a smokescreen til they can build a new plant in Mexico, Brazil or India? I'm sure they have a better idea.
  • smokiejoesmokiejoe Member Posts: 26
    What was the MSRP on this Vehicle, also do you know what the negotiated selling price to you was?
    Might be a good price, if the vehicle has a higher MSRP, and not a base vehicle.
  • brucelincbrucelinc Member Posts: 815
    You can thank me for that. Every Ford model I buy winds up getting discontinued.

    Two different T'Birds - gone
    Lincoln LS - history
    Three different Taurus's - gone but revived so I bought a new one (likely killed again)
    Three different Rangers - soon to be gone

    The rotting on the vine of the Ranger and it's ultimate demise really ticks me off. My 2001 is an excellent little truck. My '85 and '92 were both like trusted friends and each gave me exceptional service. The 2008s are just like the 2001 but the competition has left them behind. Tragic end to a vehicle with a great history.

    Why am I talking about this on the MKZ price forum? Sorry guys. Back to MKZ pricing.....
  • kimputerkimputer Member Posts: 27
    I just picked up a 2008 MKZ with Sync, Chrome Wheels, Nav, and Moonroof for $31,400 after rebate and before TT+L. That's basically invoice and then take another grand off for the rebate. Also, FYI, you CAN tell the difference between one with sync and one without. There is a little Microsoft Sync plaque next to the shifter.
  • doc15doc15 Member Posts: 37
    Sync basically uses voice commands for certain actions with your music devices/Bluetooth phone / etc. / create verbal incoming text messages and other commands. Check the booklet in your glove compartment. ( lists the on line help site) I have been using it, no problems so far.
  • doc15doc15 Member Posts: 37
    Have 2008 MKZ FWD . Have a slight gas pedal vibration when accelerating to highway speeds. (Have been told the pedal does not connect physically to the engine, all electronic.) Maybe an engine damping problem, but engine seems to strain with extra acceleration. No problem when car is crusing. ( I'm use to driving a Toyota Avalon with more horsepower). 1000 miles on car. Anyone have, or heard of this problem?

  • brucelincbrucelinc Member Posts: 815
    You might want to visit your dealer and ask to drive another FWD MKZ so you could determine if the issue is unique to yours or if it is just they way they are.

    I don't own an MKZ and only drove one once but they very well may not be quite as silky smooth as your Avalon.....
  • doc15doc15 Member Posts: 37
    2008 MKZ / FWD/ Moonroof (with IN-Sync) #2 Car
    $ 28,695.00
    Plus Tax, Tags, License

    This includes the $ 1,000.00 Customer rebate.

    Hope this helps.
  • kimputerkimputer Member Posts: 27
    I have the same exact issue. It seems to vibrate at lower speeds and while accelerating but is fine up at higher speeds. My husband seems to think this is a "feature" that gives you more "road feel". I don't buy it!
  • doc15doc15 Member Posts: 37
    I agree with you!
    I will have it checked out at first maintance schedule.
    Have you had it checked with dealer? Will appricate any info. I will relay the same to you.
    Have you tried Sync with Text Messaging?, Bluetooth seems ok, but Verbal text reading limited to very few cell phones.
    I have been told "STANDARDS" have not been set up by all wireless carriers yet. Up -grades will be avilable for Sync in future.
    Thank You
  • kimputerkimputer Member Posts: 27
    I haven't had it checked out with the dealer because I just purchased the car 2 weeks ago and the dealership I bought from was not close by. I thought maybe I just needed to get used to the new car.

    Sync does not support my new blackberry for text messages. Yes, upgrades through USB will be made available (at least that's what we're being told!). But the music and bluetooth features are pretty awesome so far!
  • fenderman3fenderman3 Member Posts: 2
    I think it is safe to assume that the gas pedal vibration issue that you described is inherent to the vehicle. I just picked up a new 2008 AWD MKZ this evening. I felt the gas pedal vibration while driving it home(I live about 20 miles from the dealer)
    I found it extremely annoying. I should have taken a longer, more thorough test drive before I leased it. Had I realized this I would not have leased it. It probably doesn't bother most people but I am a musician so I have a sensitivity to vibrations & frequency oscillation. Also: I had the heat up higher than I normally wood & my head was cold due to a slight draft coming from the moon roof.
  • doc15doc15 Member Posts: 37
    Thank You, I do appricate the feedback. I feel the vibration in the gas pedal, but my girl does not! Quess, just somrthing to live with. I feel having the dealer check it out would be useless. They would make it worse or screw something else up. Thanks Again.
  • fenderman3fenderman3 Member Posts: 2
    I took it back to the dealer this am. On the way down I determined that the vibration occurs at 2000 RPMs. The dealer management & service manager were fabulous . The service mgr drove it with me in it & felt it. Afterwards he drove 2 others & also felt it. He concurred that it is inherrent. He checked all the service bulletins , web etc. & could not find anything on it. I suspect that most people would not notice it. As they had not yet processed the paperwork the dealer gave me another day to drive it and decide if I want to keep it. I don't think I could ask for more than that. I love everything else about the car so when I weigh it all out I come to the same conclusion as you. it is just something to live with.
  • myabemyabe Member Posts: 1
    I paid $26,500 after $2000 Ford rebates and $500 Ford financing rebate and got NADA for my trade in. My MKZ has no options at all, but is Build #2, with SYNC and rear back up sensing standard.

    Paul Cerame Ford/Mercury/Lincoln in St. Louis, MO.

    Edmunds review is out of date, as this model not only has Bluetooth capability, but it is voice activated. It also has back up sensing standard.
  • elrick2elrick2 Member Posts: 1
    Just purchased a new 2008 MKZ with Sync, HID, Moonroof, Chrome Wheels, THX. Used Costco car buying program and got it for $32,400 then $1500 rebate for final price of $30,956. Got 9300 for 2001 Acura TL, put money down and 5.99% financing for 60 months and payments at $318.00 a month.
  • tshoemakertshoemaker Member Posts: 3
    Purchased a new 2008 MKZ FWD, Moonroof, Chrome wheels, THX. Had a 97 Toyota Camry with 194,000 miles for trade in. Final deal was $28,700 with .9% financing for 48 months.
  • bjp818bjp818 Member Posts: 12
    Lease offer: price 29,237 with sync, 500 down and 432 a month for 36 months. Seems a bit high for an 08 MKZ right?
  • rablawrablaw Member Posts: 16
    Seems high. I'm not the expert, like CarMan, but I just leased a 2009 MKZ, AWD, with Ultimate package, Sync, THX, Voice Nav, HIDs, for $486 per month, 36 months, 12K miles/yr. Nothing down except first payment, title, registration, bank fee.

    Ford has some type of rebate program - I believe $1,750 was the amount knocked off my price (can't recall the negotiated price, its in the car, car in pouring rain..., but was $35,400??)
  • bjp818bjp818 Member Posts: 12
    Looks llike you got a good deal...With taxes, I can walk away with the base MKZ 08 at 29,386 to buy. Same dealership that tried to screw me on the lease deal. I told them about edmunds and they were very forthright and claimed to honor this site as well as carsdirect.

    I'm gonna see if I can get a few dealerships to compete with each other and maybe I'll end up with the THX system for just a few bucks more. I'd feel good with an out the door price of 29,500 :)
  • cowbellcowbell Member Posts: 125
    I could not recommend the THX system more. It would definately be worth a bit more hassle to get.
  • rablawrablaw Member Posts: 16
    I agree, it sounds great.
    Last Friday the salesman offered (not in stock) an MKZ AWD with HIDs, THX, no other options for $500 per month. all other terms the same as in my prior post.
    Monday, he called me to say he had one with ultimate pack in stock and could go for $486 per month. Why, I asked? Because the weekend was bad and he needed to sell a car.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Member Posts: 1,051
    If will take some time to read any leasing forum you will find that you should never negotiate the payment of a car, rather you should negotiate the selling price of the car. If you only negotiate the price of a lease payment you open yourself to getting into a bad deal.

    You need:

    Publicly Available Items
    Invoice Price
    Current Manufacturer Residual
    Current Manufacturer Lease Factor

    Items particular to your deal
    Selling price (in these car buying times you should be around invoice on most cars)
    Lease factor dealer is quoting you (dealers can mark this up)
    Dealer doc fees
    Local sales tax, and whether you pay up front or every month.
    Out of pocket money up front.
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  • bjp818bjp818 Member Posts: 12
    So Lincoln has a 2500 cash back program that ends on the 31st. Should I try to negotiate I deal by then or should I wait until Labor Day to buy a car? How much under invoice do you think I can get? Thanks.

    Considering the 09s and even 010s will be out soon, I assume some good deals on the 08s will be coming up..
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Member Posts: 1,051
    09's are already here. In fact looking at the online inventory of the dealers here in the Phoenix area there are more 09's then 08's. The 09's only have a $1500 rebate.
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  • bjp818bjp818 Member Posts: 12
    How much should I be willing to spend on a brand new 07 MKZ that comes with navigation, chrome rims, thx, and moonroof? There is one available in my area that's listed for 35,230.
  • cowbellcowbell Member Posts: 125
    A new 07, and wouldn't pay more than 31,000. You might even be able to get it for less than that considering 09s are already out.

    I got a similar loaded 07 about a year ago for about 32,500, so you should be able to beat that by a lot.
  • lance713lance713 Member Posts: 3
    i bought my 2008 MKZ in late may 2008. have noticed annoying vibration getting worse at this point with 5000 highway miles. called 5 or 6 dealerships service dept, said knew nothing of complaints, and were even unaware of problem, hard to believe, then again no surprise. called one more dealer, asked me for my vin # put in computer and was amazed that just the way i described it came up on his screen. told me it involves an intake manifold, and casing, would have to order parts and was about a four hour job. called one more dealer srv, he told me it was a bracket that had to be replaced, and it would take one hour of work. anyway it seems they have a handle on the problem and it can be corrected. it amazes me over and over again, how many people have no problem with such an annoying situation on a 35000 vehicle.
  • kimputerkimputer Member Posts: 27
    Lance, please let us know if they fix the problem and how. I have had mine for almost a year now and have been very disappointed with the feel of this car. More annoying than the vibrating gas pedal is how when slowing down the transmission slams into the next lower gear and I get a big clunking sound. Of course, every time I bring it to the dealer it doesn't happen but it's an almost every day occurrence. Has anyone else had a problem like this with their 2008 MKZ?
  • donnieofromyodonnieofromyo Member Posts: 1
    ok here is another problem. 2008 mkz, 40000 miles on it all highway. i have been hearing and feeling vibrations in the transmission at all speeds. also had the clunking sound when it dropped a gear. i took it to a dealer other than the one i bought it from because i moved. its still under warranty for 10000 more miles. The dealor took a look at it and told me i had to leave it for a few days. Ok thats no problem, but they wouldn't give me a loaner because i didn't but it there! I just told them thats fine, i just won't but my next car there! get called from 4 days later telling me they did all this work to it, change gears, new clutch yada yada yada, but they still cant fix the problem so they have to order a new transmission to replace it! on a car thats not even two years old? give me break.

    So the car comes out of the shop a week and a half later....
    before the warranty expires and it falls apart on me i drive right across the street to the cadillac dealor and trade it in. This will be the last time a buy a ford product.
    now i know why ford is going bankrupt.
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