Changes I'd Like To See in the PT Cruiser

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This is your "drawing board" to let us know what changes you'd like to see in the PT Cruiser, whether it's available options, new colors, or even redesign ideas.


  • k2hk2h Member Posts: 7
    Well I think the PT Cruiser looks VERY cheap looking, the interior looks very encono car, its too small, and the GT version doesnt have enough power. also horrible gas mileage on the GT version, and they should dump the 4-Speed Auto and the 5-Speed Manual and come up with a new 5-Speed Auto and 6-Speed. Also an SRT version wouldn't hurt. And the LAST thing, MAKE THE SIDE VIEW
  • m1miatam1miata Member Posts: 4,551
    I think the interior is far from cheap looking, the fit and finish for a car starting at around $12K is pretty darn perfect. The base engine with a stick should get pretty fair gas mileage, but we are talking about a less aero dynamic shape than the Neon, and heavier to boot, so how can it get the same gas mileage. Around 25 to 29 freeway is not too bad.
  • yositoyosito Member Posts: 55
    So the PT looks cheap inside and outside,the interior looks econo,GT doesn´t have enough power,etc.etc.. I´m sorry man, but I don´t think ANY other car in it´s price range will offer you more in EVERY ASPECT, with all my respect, you don´t know what your talking about. The PT offers you value, QUALITY, it´s very reliable, and 2006 is the best PT inside, outside here there and everywhere.
    My two cents.
  • charlesf4charlesf4 Member Posts: 20
    Boy, I would say you nailed it!!!! I have an 2004 and it is from a long line of cars I have owned in my 75 yrs. It is one great car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • kronykrony Member Posts: 110
    I got an '06 Limited a month ago here are my suggestions:
    --audio and info center steering wheel mounted controls... would be tough to do and not ruin the clean look of the interior but would be better than reaching through the steering wheel to check my mileage, etc.
    --better mileage...the power is ok to me since I have a 5 sp manual but I would like 2-5 mpg better (getting 18-19.5 mpg city)
    --MP3...I have the Aux jack but would like the base single disc CD player to be MP3 capable
  • jpfjpf Member Posts: 496
    I recently rented a Cruiser and I must say that I was quite impressed with the car. For the price range, the Cruiser is stylish and offers tremendous value. Since its introduction, the car has been reliable. I don't see much to complain about with this car.
  • kronykrony Member Posts: 110
    Was just on the Chrysler UK website...for those of us who wish we has better mileage here an answer:

    PT Cruiser 2.4 Limited (Manual)ECONOMY
    Combined Cycle 30.1 (9.4) mpg (l/100 km)
    Extra Urban Cycle 38.7 (7.3) mpg (l/100 km)
    Urban Cycle 21.7 (13.0) mpg (l/100 km)

    PT Cruiser 2.2 CRD (Manual) ECONOMY
    Combined Cycle 42.2 (6.7) mpg (l/100 km)
    Extra Urban Cycle 50.4 (5.6) mpg (l/100 km)
    Urban Cycle 32.8 (8.6) mpg (l/100 km)
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Member Posts: 402
    42.2 MPG that would be nice.
  • kronykrony Member Posts: 110
    Sorry guys...made a major faux pas on the info in my earlier post. I forgot that the UK Imperial gallon is larger than the US gallon. The conversion is 1.2 to 1.

    Here are the corrected numbers:
    PT Cruiser 2.4 Limited (Manual)ECONOMY
    Combined Cycle 25.1 mpg
    Extra Urban Cycle 32.3 mpg
    Urban Cycle 18.1 mpg

    PT Cruiser 2.2 CRD (Manual) ECONOMY
    Combined Cycle 35.2 mpg
    Extra Urban Cycle 42.0 mpg
    Urban Cycle 27.3 mpg

    No matter...I'd still rather have the diesel!!
  • ladyblueladyblue Member Posts: 326
    I'd love to see heated mirrors on this car. I'd also like the audio controls on the steering wheel, but realize that would ruin the "sporty" look of it.

    Other than that, I love this car.
  • charlesf4charlesf4 Member Posts: 20
    Something smells fishy about these comments!!!
  • ptdaveptdave Member Posts: 3
    Here is my 02.

    1.I love the 06-09 headlights but I don't like the lower grill on the 06-09 PT. add the 01-05 lower grill to match the upper grill and it will sell better.

    2. Give us a true 2 door Panel PT, Base, turbo light, and a High output GT.

    3. Bring back the GT with Stage 1 SRT4 PT and a Panel SRT4

    4. let us build our own GT. start out with a Cloth, no sunroof/or spoiler.and let us build it with what we want on it.

    5. build a better Autostick for the GT.
  • robmanrobman Member Posts: 7
    The changes needed for my '03 Limited with the 5-speed manual are minimal. At 97K miles I still get 26 MPG combined while using "Petey" for daily transportation (it's my personal micro-van). I hate the window lift switch placement and the original armrests. It needs a bit more sound insulation as well and, although I understand much of these shortcomings have been addressed in the latest models, I am left cold by the styling freshening.

    The reliability I've enjoyed has been quite a surprise as has it's usefulness for the daily chores. I'd buy another but I hear they're being dropped. Too bad, really, as Chrysler needs a marketable vehicle now.
  • charlesf4charlesf4 Member Posts: 20
    How about side view mirrors the same color as the body of the Cruiser?
  • keno_176keno_176 Member Posts: 1
    I just came across this story on this great website the Ruth Manuel-Logan has a reallly informative column on that site and I read her daily. I want to share with you all the following story on the PT: ell-to-thee :mad:
  • irismgirismg Member Posts: 345
    Chrysler itself just became an Italian car company as of this week to keep your Cruisers in great shape!

    Maybe Penske can buy that design and re-make something with it.
  • jpfjpf Member Posts: 496
    I just bought an 07 PT Cruiser convertible two weeks ago. I really like the car and plan to keep it for a long time.
  • charlesf4charlesf4 Member Posts: 20
    I hope you enjoy your Cruiser as much as I enjoy my 2004 GT Turbo. It still makes me smile when I walk out to the garage and see it there. I was talking to a friend of mine who has a 2002 that he uses in his work which has over onehundred and thirtythousand miles on it with just minor problems.
  • jpfjpf Member Posts: 496
    Thanks Charles, I am enjoying the car already. The Cruiser replaced an 86 Lebaron convertible that I had owned for 10 years. By the way, anyone in Mississippi looking for a PT Cruiser convertible, the dealership that I bought my car from has an 05 turbo convertible with less than 300 miles on it. The Chrysler dealership is located in Tupelo, MS. Happy motoring y'all!
  • ronpoolronpool Member Posts: 2
    I leased my PT new in June of '05. It has been a most dependable and fun-to-drive car. About six months ago the battery died and had to be replaced. That's the only problem I've had. It's been a second car and only has 13,500 on it. The lease residual was $12,500. Chrysler called today and offered it to me for $9.000. I intend to take them up on it. Retail is $14,500. Nowhere in town could I get this value at that price! Two really minor complaints. 1) The rear window is too small. Can't adjust the mirror to get a full view. This could be remedied if the mirror shaft was about 1/2-1" longer. 2) The seat belt holder on the back of the seat is notched in the wrong place. As it is, the belt slides out. This could fixed if it were cut nearer the top. But, too late to fix it now. Will be sorry to see the PT go. Maybe Fiat can revive it and put an engine in that would get better mileage.
  • irismgirismg Member Posts: 345
    Well, the good news for Cruiser-lovers is that Fiat has decided to give it a "stay of execution" and let it hang around for one more model year until they can get some of their own cars ready for the US market. There will be a 2010 model!

    That was in the news today! :shades:
  • ronpoolronpool Member Posts: 2
    Good news! Glad to hear that the PT has been given a stay. Now, if the engineers are smart they will go back and review consumer nega5tive feedback notes and make a good, honest effort to fix things. The most important would seem to be gas mileage. Surely Fiat has a European 4 cylinder that could be incorporated. The one thing they need to guard against as far as the Ameiican market is concerned is performance. Our Interstate and Freeway systems demand a vehicle that can get up to speed and merge with much larger traffic very quickly. My 2005 GT Turbo with automatic does that very well but gas mileage sucks. Also, they need to get rid of the super-expensive 17" tires and rims. America is moving toward smaller, very fuel efficient automobiles. Here's Chrysler's chance to be a leader!
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