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Chrysler PT Cruiser Transmission Problems



  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    My owner's manual recommends replacing the timing belt at 90k miles (2007).
  • kkp1kkp1 Posts: 2
    my 03 pt is doing the exact same thing 3rd gear is not there but all of the rest do just fine. Have you found the problem
  • kkp1kkp1 Posts: 2
    I have a 03 pt and when you shift into 3rd gear there is nothing there. All of the other gears work just fine, and the trany makes no noise. 3rd gear feels like it is still in neutral. Does any one have an idea
  • can you tell me exactly what was wrong with the car? what had to be replace and where is your guy located?
  • dcurtsdcurts Posts: 4
    the car is a 2007, and it engin light would come on intermittently, when you acelerated, the car would start jurking and the engin would bog down untill you let off the gas.
    the chrysler dealer we when to said it was the ideler sensor on the belt.
    the charged us $400 and they sucked at it.
    the car had 37,000 miles on it and we were led to belive by them it was under warrenty. they lied.
    It continued to do this, so when we knew it wasent under warrenty we took it to our guy who works on our trucks and corvettes.
    he said the chrysler guy must not have known there are two of these sensors, he replaced the other one and when he had it apart the water pump, $400 more. I trust him, to tell me what wrong.
    they are in west chicago ill ( Dave @ Ts specailty ) on washington street
  • Wish I had came on this site before I fell in love with and bought my used 2003 PT Cruiser, I have had it exactly 4 months and 4 days, it is now at the transmission shop waiting to see if the used car dealer I bought it from is going to help me pay for a transmission. I came on this site with my fingers crossed hoping that Chrysler had a recall on the transmissions. My car had 74,000+ miles on it when I bought it and now I am without a car.
  • Without any warning something happened to my automatic transmission. Now I only have 2nd gear and reverse in a 2001 PT Cruiser. Also the speedometer quit working. I installed a new input - output sensor, speed sensor, and a governor control solinoid and the problem remains. Any suggestions to solve this problem will be greatly appreciated. What have I missed or overlooked??? Thanks for your help............. Jim a.k.a lowfreq
  • I just put a new transmission in my 2003 cruiser in April and it is in the shop angain for transmission issues. I wish I had seen this sight before I bought it last September. The transmission went out under 100k miles and cost me $1800.00 :mad:
  • Hello, my girlfriends 2003 PT was working fine after 3 plus yrs or ownership, being meticulously maintained (except trans oil & filter never done), and New Years Day we were coming back after shopping and the transmission started acting like a manual and jumping out of gear. It has the 4 speed auto trans with OverDrive and it happened intermittently at first and after about three miles of trying to limp home it died all together and I tried all gears with the same result it would run a few yards and stop pulling the car and acting like it popping out of gear and as I had foot on gas it would overrev thats how I noticed it wasn't working. I am a mechanic from the old school and I can tell you this, there was NO check engine or any other lights to indicate a problem, I checked the fluid level and color and smell of the fluid; all was normal, up to hot level indicator, and smelled like fresh fluid, NO burnt smell. There was no indication of a problem other than it will not engage in any gear now. I consulted several mechanics around the area and theanswers I got were just as many, and varied from a dirty filter to solenoid problems, to old age because the car has 102,600 miles on it.
    Anyway my questions is multi-fold in that are there callback issues with these transmissions or is it as simple as a dirty filter? I had thought that these issues might cause a computer code, so as soon as I find my OBDI & II scanner in storage I'm checking to see if there are related issues along that line. Any and all input will be considered before I bring it to a garage ande waste god knows how much to diagnose it, especially after reading the posts here so far...!
  • uggyuggy Posts: 4
    Ironic: Taking the PT cruiser out to fetch my 2000 FORD Excursion from the mechanic, the car: 2001 limited automatic 89,000.00 miles on it, I am second owner, had to go up an off-ramp from a four lane into the back roads towards the mechanic. halfway up there was a tremendous explosion sound and it threw some part or other away! We (bro and I) pulled into a gas station (modern one, nothing there to work on cars, but you can get a hoagie!), saw nothing wrong under the car or under the hood! No loss of fluids yet. Headed off into the country, made it 4 miles from civilization and with great fanfare: booming, knocking, over revving, and the throwing of a pin, the PT went no more. Not even in reverse! pushed it back to an intersection, called AAA, had it towed 4 miles the other way to the mechanic. THERE WAS NO WARNING, THERE WAS NO INDICATION OF FAILURE OF ANYTHING AT ANYTIME, GREAT AMOUNTS OF TRANNY FLUID POURED OUT, TRANNY SHOT, WHY? CAR NEVER ABUSED, NEVER TOWED ANYTHING, SHORT HOPS TO AND FROM WORK, AROUND TOWN. There seems to be a pattern of failure of these Chrysler Transmissions, any help from a recall, or any help in general???
  • ash23ash23 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 pt cruiser and have owned it about 5 months. It has 86,000 miles on it. I was on the interstate with the cruise control on 75 passing a semi and all of a sudden I heard a pop and car slowed dramatically down. I tried pushing the gas but wouldnt go faster so had to coast to slow lane and shoulder or interstate. I never had a warning like slipping of gears or anything. And full of transmission fluid. I have called around and if its the transmission got a quote for 1,600 all the way up to 2,200. Hope its not trans. Also my heater only works on high setting. Low and medium dont work does anybody have that problem and know how to fix it? Aggrevated I still owe on car
  • rasec8711rasec8711 Posts: 4
    edited January 2011
    Hey! Sorry to hear about your problem. I had the same exact problem about 3 years ago with my old PT Cruiser. For me it was the timing belt. Have you replaced that?

    I also never had a problem with the Cruiser, no warning, no check engine light, no nothing, until one day on a road trip it just lost complete power and started slowing down and had to pull over to the side of the road (5 hours from my departure point and 5 hours from my arrival point) it sucked! I had to get it fixed in a little town that had a few mechanics, and the cost of the repair was somewhere around $650.

    So yeah, I'm almost 100% sure that it's the timing belt since it sounds like it has the same exact symptoms as mine.

    ALSO: Don't try to start it again. Many people told me to unplug the battery so that the code would get erased from the computer and the car would start, BUT this will mess up the valves in the engine and will make the repair SUPER expensive. The PT is pretty smart and stops the engine once it feels the timing belt breaks, this is to prevent damage to the valves. So DON'T TRY TO TURN ON THE CAR.

    My car also had 85,000 miles on it when this happened :(
  • solitajsolitaj Posts: 1
    Get your computer changed before it goes over 90,000 miles, it is free from Chrysler to change it once on a car. I had to last year and had to pay $3000.00 for all the work on my 2003 pt cruiser. My transmission is slipping now and I replaced the alternator, timing belt, heads, lower engine mount, complete tune up, and so much more last year. I wish I would have know before I purchased the car. I just replaced the alternator again this year and the battery. The check engine light came on and now the transmission is slipping.
  • jhazy119jhazy119 Posts: 2
    I guess no one reads or monitors this page in an effort to aide and assist would be needy motorists with their auto troubles.
    Just another SELF-MOTIVATED; EGO-MANIACLE web page claiming to be able to assist those in need...!
    Should have checked with Kelly Blue Book.
  • dcurtsdcurts Posts: 4
    edited April 2011
  • Not sure where your frustration is coming from as it appears you have had several responses to your post, latest being two days ago. However, I will tell you that yes, the cruiser is known for tranny problems and it seems to happen around 100,000 miles. My buddie bought a cruiser a couple years ago with 105,000 miles on it. It was very clean and looked brand new inside and out... You could tell the car was very well taken care of. About a week after he bought it, the transmission started slipping (no leaks and no warning light). He immediately called the dealer he bought it from and they agreed to bave their mechanic look at it. It turned out that the transmission needed to be replaced or rebuilt. Do to the cost of replacing it $2,000+ he decided to have it rebuilt for $1100. The dealer agreed to cover half the cost as he had only bought a week earlier. Car ran great for about a year. Then another bummer, he was driving home one day and just as he turned the corner to his house he heard a pop and the engine she off, he was able to coast into his driveway. We couldn't figure out what was wrong with it as again there were no leaks but the engine would not start. He bad it towed to a chrystler dealer this time and it turns out his timing belt broke. This turned out to be another $1000 bill. Be had it the work done along with the water pump as apparently that is quite the chore and much cheaper to have done while the engine was apart for the replacement of the timing belt. After he got the car back the A/C quit working so he took it back and the dealer told him he would need a new fan and the cost would be several hundred dollars so I suggested he take it to another dealer for a second opinion. So he took it to yet another dealer (a reputable local 5 star dealer). After a quick check it turns out the last dealer that replaced his timing belt unplugged his fan and tried charging him for a new one! So they plugged his fan in and he also had them do a tune up with new plugs and wires etc. The car ran better than it ever did until he ran it into a tree totaling it about 5 months later. Anyhow, these cars are fun to drive but appear to me to be high maintenance vehicles and even then be prepared for some pocket dipping repairs. I hope this helps. Have you had your car looked at or repaired?
  • sandra29sandra29 Posts: 1
    I took my 2003 PT Cruiser to a shop to have a steering problem fixed. It had 107,000 miles on it and was showing no transmission problems. Next thing I know, the shop calls me and says the differential went through the transmission after the mechanic repaired the steering problem and was driving it. They said I need a whole new transmission for a total of over $4,000! They then charged me over $800 for the steering problem they "fixed" so I could then have my car TOWED away! The car was only worth around $3,000 before this incident, so it was a total loss and I am out of a car. I can't prove that the shop caused the problem,so I can't take them to small claims court. The shop blamed Chrysler saying that they knew about the problem but weren't taking responsibility for it! Has anyone considered a class action lawsuit? Sounds like there are plenty of people that have experienced the same problem! I won't use Pro Alignment again and will NEVER buy a car from Chrysler again. Bought a 2010 Ford Fusion SEL and hope to have a better experience! So far I love the car! (P.S. At least Ford didn't take bailout money!) :P
  • i have a 2007 automatic that wont shift on its own but I can manually shift. Any ideas?
  • tim185tim185 Posts: 1
    I have been told that a shimmy when the auto transmission is shifting may be transmission and/or motor mounts? I have also been told that the mounts on my 2003 PT Cruiser go out every 4 or 5 years? They said you should make sure the mechanic changes the water pump and timing belt at the same time as the mounts with no labor charge, because you have to take those things off anyway when you change the mounts? Is this info correct?
  • uggyuggy Posts: 4
    might as well! Chrysler never put out to the public how, shall we say, "sensitive" the early, and perhaps, recent, PT tranny's are! Mine blew up, and it costs as much as the car to get a new one, a used one was put in and it blew up too. I WOULD NEVER BUY A PT OR ANY CHRYSLER EVER AGAIN. I have a little Nissan Versa with a lawnmower type transmission that just hums along! If you DO NOT do these things, it is just a matter of time before the tranny blows out completely for you! Read deeper in Edmund's about PT transmissions. GOOD LUCK, Uggy
  • trrjartrrjar Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    My check engine light has been on since we bought it back in April or May of this year...we've had it checked on quite a bit but everyone says the same thing it's fine nothing is showing up...around about 3 wks or so ago it started having trouble going into reverse but no problems with any other gears....What could be the problem with it??? Any idea's????
  • does any one no if thiers a class action law suit against chrysler for these problems we all have incountered. i have a 2003 pt bought it new by the third year i replaced the timing belt then the conputer now the car shakes they said its the transaxel i have spent around 6000.00 and the tranmission is to be about 2500.
  • uggyuggy Posts: 4
    Blood from a stone. I had an 88 ramcharger that I loved. The paint evaporated off of it above the passenger and the driver on the roof! Then, it started to leave the body turning it white from gray. The Maintenence Manager brought in a Chrysler rep and this guy said this, "You must have driven through something! Something aerosol!" (!?!). My reply, "Like what? a picket line of pissed off hairdressers?" (at the time, Chrysler had blamed the hairspray of their assembly line workers for the big paint problems they were having!)They would do nothing, he was very rude and declared that I had exceeded the 50,000/5 yr. paint warranty by one month! I explained that it TOOK A MONTH FOR HIM TO GET THERE, & DRIVING BACK AND FORTH TO WORK TOOK IT OVER THE LIMIT, WHILE I WAITED! He did not care. I contacted my states Attorney general, and got harumphed. Years Later: I discovered Chrysler was experimenting, (along with the other big 3) with "enviromentally Safe" undercoatings that were EXPECTED to cause the degradation of the surface paint! Ford had better success, but GM and Chrysler did not. And now the rest of the story: the paint on my PT Cruiser is fine, but it has been 9 months trying to get a transmission in it that will work! My brother seeks a new car, today he looked at a Chrysler 300, I hit him with a brick... Good Luck!!! :lemon:
  • 2001 PT Cruiser Automatic
    My daughter hit something which broke the bell housing on her tranny. He friends replaced it with one from a boneyard which came out of a Stratus. They guy said it would work. They got it in ok but it will not shift out of first. Someone told her that there is a "linkage conversion kit" she needs to buy for the Stratus tranny to work in her PT Cruiser. She is bringing me the car on Saturday to fix it. (sure wish she would of done this to start with) Any thoughts? This is all I know and I could not find anything about a "conversion kit"

    Terry the Dad
  • If the car has problems going into reverse then it usually indicates that there is something going on with the transmission.
  • Figured it out. Where the linkage attaches you can turn the nut underneath to adjust it.

    Thanks anyway

  • cicccicc Posts: 1
    I had a same problem and it was a computer in the car.If your light on not pass a smog-test,and had to replace a computer.about 800-900 dollar
  • cheeks5cheeks5 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Pt Cruiser and it has been leaking the transmission fluid, about two weeks ago it the check engine light came on and the car started to get stuck on first gear....i checked the fluid level and it was low... i added fluid and it worked fine but it started doing it again after a few miles of driving it. Yesterday a friend of mine that's a mechanic checked it and cleared the codes and the check engine light turned off and the car was working perfectly fine but after a few miles of driving it the light came back on and it started getting stuck on first gear again but he cleared the code once again and it worked fine again. Has anyone had this problem? Please help...i need answers
  • I have a problem with my 2002 pt cruiser, where it down shifted to 2 nd gear from 40 miles a hour on its own i slowed the car down to a stop shut it off and when i did it started rolling when it was in park. started the car no gears at all in the car automatic trans. So had it towed still no gears n no park also. called chrysler 1800 number cust serv, said theres no recall and no warranty. That chrysler never noted a problem with there transmissions in the pt cruisers..... no help at all . so i know im not the only one
  • Hi, just read your post, sorry a bit late.

    The symptoms are that of not replacing the transmission filter and oil at the right time. Happened to me once.
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