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PT Cruiser Electrical and Lighting Problems



  • I have a 2005 Turbo Convertible that is just creeping up on 40,000 miles :) . Nothing was wrong so I thought today I would fix that problem ;) . I decided to replace the spark plugs, figured 40,000 was a good point and I wanted to try the new Iridium plugs anyway. Bought four NGK 2314 plugs, removed the old plugs and installed the new plugs. Again, nothing was wrong before I started. After putting everything back together I started the car to see how much better it ran. :mad: It now sputters and coughs, won't start unless you try at least twice and generally sounds like it is running on two cylinders. When you only have four to begin with, that's a problem. Put the old plugs back in, same problem. Apparently it is not the new plugs. I think I must have screwed up a spark plug wire or two during the job. If you are going to change the plugs in your cruiser, have a new set of wires handy, the old ones are real fragile apparently. I now have to order new wires, I am looking at Magnaco wires for $70 delivered. Hopefully that will put me back on the road. The car is now a fixture in the garage until the wires arrive...bummmer...
  • What did you find out? I have a 07' PT and it has a vibration at 50mph and I just assumed it was either the stupid badyear tires or warped wheels. Chrysler seems to find the worst steel wheels ever made, my Dad had a Ram truck with chrome steel wheels and they(Chrysler)replaced 3 of 4 because of them being warped. I'm replacing them with alloy's soon so I'll know more about it then.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832

    You might want to try a Google search for some PT Cruiser enthusiast forums - there are a few really good ones and you generally won't encounter the same rude responses you see here. I'd post links to a few but I'm at work and a Google search cannot be done from here (firewall).

    My wife has an 03 GT Cruiser that I surprised her with for Christmas a few years ago and I occasionally "cruise" the forums for advice and money-saving tips.

    In the future, try twisting the plug wire boot before pulling on it to break the seal. Also, apply some dielectric grease in the boots to make them easier to remove next time.
  • I Have a 2001 PT with 108,000 miles on it. My mechanic (non-dealership) diagnosed a broken lower motor mount. To change it will require about 6 hours of shop time, he says. Any ideas on an easier fix? Also, any problems if I don't change it?
  • my 2004 pt cruiser has a very bed hesattion when driving or when im at a red light. they can not find out what the problem is and its getting very frustrated iv only had the car for two months now please help.
  • I have an 04 2.4l pt cruiser with only 35.000 miles this last friday it started missing esp when excellerating and now ths engine light is on !! Any ideas about what the problem is ?
  • ya gotta tell me what the code is in the 'puter. It's probably a P0300 0301, 0302 OR 0303 code. I need to know what it is to help u more, please. Thanks

    Chris (Chrysler Master Tech
  • JUST GOT THE CODE AND JUST NEED PLUGS AND WIRES . Thanks so much for your reply 1!! Happy Hollidays ! :)
  • The 1682 and 1684 codes are factory codes the p0700 is a speed sensor code. The speed sensors are easy to replace yourself their right under the battery box. Hurry and replace them if not youll be doing what I have to do now to my kids car and replace the trans. control module. Once you've replaced the sensors the codes will erase and also check the EAXT fuse which is in the same area, most likely thats blown.
  • Reference to a reply by "fatdawgy" on Nov. 25, 2007 about "Re:PTmisfiring, engine bucking". I don't know where u got the information on 1682 and 1684 for "factory codes, much less telling someone that the speed sensors are located under the battery box. At this point, which speed sensors are u talking about? Input/Output speed sensors or wheel speed sensors? Second...why would u tell someone that if they don't replace these sensors in a "hurry" they'll have to replace the trans. control module? This is so not true. The speed sensors, do not harm the EATX module. They simply use a magnetic field to tell the module what speed the input and output clutch turbines are spining at. The EATX uses this information to determine shift points and actuate the solenoids in the trans soleniod pack as well as operate the speedometer. Wheel speed sensors simply tell the ABS module what speed each wheel is turning at. And simply replacing the Input/Output speed sensors DOES NOT clear codes. Codes don't clear on their own. Please don't give out misinformation. That is worse than misdiagnosing a problem that can ultimately cost ALOT of $$ for a simple problem. Failure of Input/Output speed sensors ONLY affects shift points and does NOT ruin an EATX module. IF the sensors fail OR if the EATX module does go bad, the trans usually will go into "limp in" mode which means only 2nd gear is available. Take this info and use it as u wish but it's info that is clear, concise and on the money. Not to mention it comes from a Master Certified Chrysler tech. It's also available on an exclusive Daimler/Chrysler website dedicated to Chrysler vehicles and available only to Chrysler Employees.
  • ok.......first of all...u can't swap an '03 engine into an '01 PT. The controllers are different (computer), the crank sensor is different. The ground locations for the engine wiring harness are different. Why did u need to replace the motor? Or why was the motor replaced? You, my friend now have a 2,500 lb. paper weight. You can however, excersise a few options here. If you're lucky, you can swap in an '03 engine harness and MAYBE everything will match up, but you'll have to pay xtra special attention to little the connectors for sensors. They have to be the same. The engine comptuers from year to year are different in that the software is different and you cannot "reprogram" them. On top of that, you can't just swap in an '03 computer because a "used" computer already has a VIN# programmed in from the vehicle it came out of. My advice? Simple, get a used 2001 engine and do a swap again OR get another car. You cannot swap engines like that. The dealership is won't work!! If I can help further....just let me know. Good luck!
  • I bought the PT with the engine installed and thought I could make it run, I like a challenge, but not this much....... Don't know what happened to the engine that was in it. The harness that is in it is from the '03 and all connectors hook up. I compared a 2001 DCX service manual (8W-30-6) FUEL/IGN SYS to a 2003 DCX 2003 service manual (8W-30-21) and found the pin locations and voltage at the supply different and was hoping I could change the power control module. looks like I will be looking for a '01 2.4 to swap or buy. :sick: thank you for the quick response and information.
  • I just bought a new '06 Crossfire and on occasion have a dash noise that sounds like a circuit breaker coming on and off' and the blower motor fan does what it wants to whenever it wants to , its still under warranty but would like your opinion. Great car though. :) THANKS AGAIN
  • December 2007
    Good to see post of this information - Have PT 2001 LTD at 92k , it did the mystery fog light on without prompt =dead battery, then would not shut off. After several attempts by local mechanic - fog lights went off - sure after reading the post here the problem will arise again. Did anyone discover a recall - local dealer said he did not see one or the problem flagged.
  • I do not know what to do about the following codes
    po420/p0420 --p0700 --- p0562. My car started hesitating when I pushed the petal and when I stopped at red light it sound like a throttle. Help me on what to do so that I will not get riped off
  • my 2001 cruiser 2.4l engine suddenly died. later started but unusual noise prompted me to shut it off, tow it in & have it checked. oil light was also on but level was fine & i had just had it changed 10 miles before problem. tech checked & said oil send unit was bad & crank position sensor is defective. replacing these items & plugs has not solved no start problem. after checking blogs on p.t. problems see overfill of oil can turn light on & bad o2 sensor or kinked wire can kill sensors!!! monday i'll request those things be checked. any other suggestions?.
  • i have 2001 p. t. cruiser 2.4l non-turbo with 81000 mi. i had just had an oil change & tire rotation about 15 mi prior to this malfunction. while driving i had noticed the oil light on but checked & level was fine. a few minutes later on highway the engine stalled (xmas eve). openned hood & could smell oil but none seem & still checked fine. let it sit 10 minutes, it restarted but uncommon engine noise prompted me to shut it off & have towed to nearest available shop open on xmas eve, a chevy dealer. tech started & drove it but it stalled again & would not restart. tech advises battery tested week, crank position sensor tested bad, oil pressure send unit bad, & plugs fouled. replaced theses items but still no start. also tried a new coil, but still no luck. fuel pressure & injector function checks out ok.
    monday i will try calling a chrysler dealer to request ideas. understand dailmer chrysler has a dealer only accessable website for help & perhaps they can check the database for recommended recall services suggested versas those performed on my vehicle. any ideas or suggestions are most welcome.
  • i have a 2001 p t cruiser with 81000miles. upon occasion when i unlock the door with the key the alarm goes off. upon occasion the automatic door locks do not function. so far this has only been an aggravation. hope it stays that way.
    p.s. it has the 5 speed & gets 21mpg
  • called a friend who is a certified tech for chrysler dealer in my home town. he believes my no start stuation maybe the pcm (ecm). the dealer believes this will be covered by my extended warranty. hard to get good answers as chrysler home office closed for holidays.
  • Does anyone have any idea how many miles that I can
    expect out of my p.t. crusier before the engine needing a complete rebuilding ? This would be on maintaining it
    by factory specs .

  • ptinkptink Posts: 13
    help i have a 2003 chysler pt curs. and for the last 2 weeks I have had problems,
    it ran hot (but not up in the red) on a real cold day (18 over nite ) and i was told it was the thermastat well changed that and 2 days later i drove the car 35 miles and the needle never went off the C on the guage, took cap right off the radiater when I stopped and put finger in the water was cold!!!! , changed the thermastat again (figured it was a bad one) ran great for 2 days ... the temp. started to rise again...???
    no leaks no steam no hissing no nothing.... any guessess?? oh the water pump, and fan are working fine please help i love my car
  • my wife just traded her 2001 pt cruiser in on a 2007 with 15,000 miles on it at a Chrysler dealership. The car was purchased on jan.2,2008 and at the time we asked where the block heater was as any car that is built for Canada has to come with a block heater. Anyway my wife took the car back to the dealer today so that it could be put up on the hoist to see where the block heater is and they informed her that there is no block heater because the short block has been replaced. Needless to say we were shocked, as the salesperson and dealer should have known about this before they sold us the vehicle. Has anyone else ever heard of this happening. I am going into the dealership tomorrow to see where I can go with this. My wife loved her 2001 and now I think we should have kept it.
  • Ok...we're gonna end this nonsense once and for all. I've decided that, for the most part, people do need some help with these PT (pile of tird) Cruisers and since I can be of most help, no matter how that help can come, I will continue giving advice but in a different tone. But...since someone decided to call my bluff.....please visit and click on the link for "master technicians" and then enter this # on the white box .....284385...then click "go". It's gonna come up with my name, my dealership including home phone, shop phone, etc, it's also going to show u all the certifications I have A1 thru A8 and L1, L2 and L3 (the highest achievable level of certification). You'll also see listed with my name the following..."Chrysler Master Certification" with an expiration date of August 9th 2014. So, if any of you wish to call my boss and tell him what I'm doing with VIN #'s and such, go ahead...I dare ya!! See what he says to you!! that I've proven myself, let's move on from this nonsense and get to solving some pertinent issues, such as why the PT was built in the first place...hahaha. I guess since no one here appreciates straight forward answers, we'll have to do things the wierd way and beat around the bush. Don't forget to check my stats now.... :)
  • Hi manyhoot.....the engine block heater on her PT actually replaces a core plug in the block. It should be on the back side (firewall side) of the block. It has a cord coming out of it and it installs with a pressure screw that sandwiches a rubber disc between 2 washers. Very easy to install. I'm not sure why they would have had to replace a short block engine with only 15k miles on it, maybe you can find out and let us all know. Anyway, I hope this info helps! :)

  • It is early in the morning here so i haven't been to the dealership yet, but I did come across an interesting TSB subject last night on the internet. It is TSB 09-07 and it is dated 3/13/07. Here is the subject,

    2.4L Engine Oil Gallery Misdrilled- A small number of 2.4L naturally aspirated engines may have been built with a misdrilled #1 oil gallery in the block. This will result in engine knocking and engine failure.

    I'm assuming that the dealership should have a list of all warranty work that was done on this car and now I realize that I should have asked before we bought it.
    We will see how I make out at the dealership this morning.

    chris... thanks for the info on the block heater
  • Responding to Shawn's message. I see Shawn is a neutral individual. I liked the quote about Voltaire. I decided to Google it and sure enuf, u're right on the money. VERY powerful statement. Freedom of speech is a constitutional right. One that cannot be taken away from anyone. If we can't speak our do we express our feelings properly?? But, in line with that, I'll say this...I will continue to offer valuable information and advice and answer people's questions. I will be as polite as possible, however, if I think ur problems with your car are caused by something you're doing...I will say so. It really is that simple. Ever hear of the saying "I'd rather be hurt by truth, then destroyed by lies"....provocative, don't u think? Inasfar as the personal information I get from Chrysler, that information is primarily used to trace warranty information and recall work that has been done to your car since new. It's not designed to divulge excess amounts of personal information. Never has been, never will be. It does provide addresses and phone #'s as it is connected with "owner information" from when the car was new. It gives us information dealing with various warranties the vehicle has. If any of you think that I would take advantage of information like that, you really need to soul search yourselves. I'd never steal anyone's information.....#1 it's illegal, #2, it's immoral and #3, I have a family to think about and would never put them in a position of having to "survive" w/out me. I'm sole provider for my home. As far as my sending emails during the day, I check my personal email at lunch time and various times throughout the course of the day, same as many of u. If I have an email that needs prompt attention...such is paid. I am on a computer several times a day as I have to search for TSB's (technical service bulletins) as they relate to my work. At times, while I'm waiting for software to download to update a mainframe of a car's computer, I will check emails and respond. It's not like no one else here does the same.....right? :) If anyone out there doesn't do "personal" business on the company's computer during business hours....feel free to speak up. Cause the odds's a first. Anyway......I've said all I need to say. When I joined this site, and filled out my profile, I very clearly stated I was an "in your face" person. VERY straight up. I'm sorry I've offended so many people. I really am!! I will try to be nicer and provide only the advise and information anyone needs. If I do ask you for a VIN# , it's SOLELY to verify any warranty information ON YOUR BEHALF!! That way if a dealership is bullsh**ing you about warranty repairs....I will tell you....that way you don't get screwed. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to go into a dealer "armed to the teeth" with warranty information that can save u ALOT of $$?? Sure it would....that's all I intend to better prepare you. So, I'll tone it down a bit and help out anyone who needs/wants help. I've already had one member give me a VIN# and I faxed her information about her warrranty that is about to save her over $2,000. Ask her if I did her wrong!!! You want a name...I'll give you a name!! So please accept my apologies...and let's start over!! :)

  • I have a 2001 and replace my plugs myself at 40,000 mile intervals and the first time I did that, the wires were difficult to remove and broke easily. I was prepared for that and also replaced the wire set with a higher quality wire set from Standard automotive wire set and used the die elctric grease that came with the set on the boots. At 80,00 miles I replaced the plugs again with no damage to the wires at all, I will replace the wires again at my 120,000 mile plug change. I know if I didn't have new wires at the first plug change, I would have not been able to complete the job. I would expect that your PT probly uses similar quality wires as my 2001 PT.
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