GM Navigation system

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Spent $180 to get an update to the maps for my navigation system. Comes on a USB stick coded to my VIN. Didn't work. GM wants me to first return the stick before they'll send me a replacement. That's nonsense. I have a trip coming up and can't wait for that. Any decent customer service operation would have offered to expedite the replacement instead of applying a rule that can't be meant for this situation. It's not like this USB can be used by anyone else. Let alone the basic insult of having to pay for map updates that instead should be pushed out by wifi for free.


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    Until you get the O.E. system up, download and install WAZE on your smartphone. Get a mount for your phone so that it is stationary, hands free and in clear view and enjoy your trip. (Once you see how good WAZE is you just might forget about the O.E.system.)
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