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So much wrong

April3035April3035 Member Posts: 1
edited January 2020 in Pontiac
Okay so I have a Pontiac sunfire coupe it's a 2003 and it wont start jumping it had the lights and every turn on but no matter how much it tried to turn over it couldnt not to mention it's new battery so thinking its not that second thing is it will only go into reverse also a new transmission with only 45 miles on it so it shouldnt be that but very well could be I'm not a mechanic but I know enough about cars to know something very worng somewhere I'm so frustrated


  • xwesxxwesx Member Posts: 16,793
    It is difficult to follow what you are saying, but it sounds like maybe your car just had a transmission replacement. Have you considered an issue with the installation, such as a linkage problem or the transmission interlock not being plugged in or having a bad contact?

    Basically, the car must be in Park in order to allow the engine to start. The interlock tells the car's computer that this condition is true or false, and the car behaves accordingly.
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  • imidazol97imidazol97 Member Posts: 27,151
    edited January 2020
    It sounds like your info is saying it started and went into other gears for 45 miles since the transmission replacement.

    I would suspect it's that something was not installed or connected right at the time of the trans replacement. Like xwesx says, there is a usually a manual starter interlock that only connects when the starter is in P or N. I'd try turning the key to CRANK, and push on the brake and Move the gear selector from one end at Park through each of the gears. See if the CRANKING makes connection in the safety switch in some positions other than P or N.

    IIRC the safety interlock switch may be inside the transmission at your 03 time. I believe there may be a clip on the transmission cable that is to position the cable correctly when in P at the selector and the transmission so they're matched. That may be movable to get the trans cable to select other gears. In other words, the cable isn't correctly installed there to pick the gears and only has P and R possible in its movement. I had a problem with this on one of my leSabres...

    If you're saying the car is cranking over but is not firing up and running on its own, then there may be other cables not put back on correctly.

    Back to the transmission repair guys (or gals).

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