Nissan Pathfinder: '93 and earlier timing belt life

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I know, I know. Every 60thou. But I just bought a new car and the old Pathy has 62thou on the last timing belt change. My kid brother wants it but doesn't want to invest anything into it. How long can we guess the belt will last??


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    Well, probably another 10 -15 thou., but the question should have been "how long the -ENGINE- will last", because if the belt goes the valves will likely contact the pistons. By By engine!

    Why not change it yourselves? Good practice for a kid brother. The belt itself isn't expensive.
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    Help...timing belt change is is quoting $350.00 to $ this reasonable...?...Blake
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    Yes, depending on the work you have done at the same time. I don't know later models, but on my '93, the water pump is behind the timing belts. To change the timing belts was around $600, with the labor being about $500 of it. If the water pump fails sometime after that, it would cost the same $500 in labor to just get to the water pump, a $60 part. So while they were changing the belts, I had them change the water pump at the same time, as well as grease the front bearings, which should be done occasionally also. So it ended up around $800.

    Hope this helps.
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    no, it WILL contact valves. The pathfinder I bought from a friend did just that! I agree with the good practice with the kid brother! :)
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    I have a 2000 Nissan Pathfinder. How often do I need to replace the timing belt, and about how much should it cost for parts and labor?
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    1994 and later went to 100,000-mile changes. Not sure if and when it changed after that. Check your owner's manual under "Regular Maintenance" or "Scheduled Maintenance," but it should be at least 100,000 miles.

    Parts and labor at a Nissan dealer for my '93 was around $600. Read the previous posts in this thread for details and suggestions. Yours may be different since there were updates.
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    "After that" is 2001 and later uses a steel "lifetime" belt in the VQ engine. If the engine is being rebuilt the belt should be changed along with the tensioner and possibly the guides and sprockets.
    Before 2001 the belt is rubber and has to be changed -before- it breaks - change it at suggested intervals so it doesn't break.
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