engine shaking loss power

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have 1990 chevy 5.7 2wd
barley touch key starts always no engine issue tune up once year
drove 15 miles parked for 2 min got back in started it felt like
engine was shaking in park,, put in drive
felt engine or car shaking more like motor mounts were bad,
they are ok,, i check for cracks in flexplate / fly wheel nothing noticeable

when i give gas in park seems normal maybe a slight misfire put into drive
give gas has no power, so

i check for spark was barely none number 1 spark play ,, replaced rotor .cap. plugs wires. coil
seem like got some power back i drive down block can tell still huge loss power,
i replaced map sensor no change,, had ICM check it failed all 6 tests lucky i
replace a year ago got new one seem like more power but still same
i did fuel pump test at filter got 10 psi but would hold preassure so i did test
next to TB wasnt getting much so i went back to filter area did test again got 3
psi and it held for 0 min or more i prime the pump off and on 6 time got it to 10 psi
so i replace pump and filter

i thought it fixed the problem
before in park give gas it would rev up but could tell didnt have no balls, with new
pump it feels 100%
until i put it in gear almost feels like a clogged exhaust or a spark plug wire is
off or like a lawn mower running and u still hand over carb choke it like no air or
to much air,

serious power loss seem normal in park but in gear engine dont shake as bad first did
but still little shake and no power list of things replaced
i usually dont throw parts at car but everything i test lol seems have issue but doesnt
fix the problem
i would park it into a tree but cant get it going fast enough

any input would be helpful

oil looks fine no water
there is kinda or was a strong gas smell under hood before i started replacing all this junk
thought maybe vacuum leak but nothing noticeable
with breather off TB sounds like sucking alot air
this one got me stumped

replaced or tested

cap n rotor
plug n wires
map sensor
egr valve a year ago,, so i tested it hold pressure and is clean
fuel pump n filter
air filter
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