300M 2000 CD Repair Maunal

xray01xray01 Member Posts: 6
Anyone know where I can get a 300M Year 2000 Repair Manuel in CD form? The site listed does not work.



  • alicelr1601alicelr1601 Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know how to easily replace the driver's side front turn signal bulb? There is so much "stuff" at the front of the car I'm not sure how to get to the bulb to replace it. Help!!! My boyfriend told me I wouldn't be able to replace it myself and I just have to prove him wrong! ;)
  • dkeimigdkeimig Member Posts: 1
    Hard to shift transmission 300m 2000
  • larriemaclarriemac Member Posts: 6
    I downloaded one several years ago. I'd be glad to email it to you (large, 56 meg ) or burn a cd if you'd send me your address. Postage shouldn't be more than a $1.00 or two in the US.

  • esossaiesossai Member Posts: 4

    I would love to get this CD with you. Is there a way you can mail it to me?
  • xray01xray01 Member Posts: 6
    Ok cool! Sne me your pay pal account info and I can sen you the cost to send it. POr just send the CD and I and let me know and I will dend it then.

    Thanks so much!
  • esossaiesossai Member Posts: 4
    My account is [email protected]
  • xray01xray01 Member Posts: 6
    Done! Sent $4.00 to cover your Cd and Case also ;) !

  • xray01xray01 Member Posts: 6
    OK Send to 1526 Shalfont LN Garland TX 75040

  • esossaiesossai Member Posts: 4
    I think we got an issue here. I am the one looking for this CD. I think now i understand why you send me 5,00 bucks.
  • xray01xray01 Member Posts: 6
  • esossaiesossai Member Posts: 4
    LOL. I am sending the money back.
  • larriemaclarriemac Member Posts: 6
    Hi folks,

    Sorry things got confused. I have the 300M manual and will be glad to send it out to anyone for the cost of CD and postage, probably $4.00. If interested email me at [email protected] manual is a pdf of 55 meg so I could email it if you have broadband for free.

  • missidhmissidh Member Posts: 2
    I have broadband. If you could email a copy to me at [email protected] that'd be great. Thanks soooooooooooooo much!!
  • missidhmissidh Member Posts: 2
    Any chance you have the Owner's Manual too that you could email? I just bought my car and it has no manual. Mine is a 1999 but I'm sure the 2000 model will be identical insofar as programming. I need to know how to set the memory for my driver's seat and how to program the doors to unlock when the car is put in park and key is removed. I also did not get a remote for the alarm. Just one little key.....that's gonna cost me to remedy cause I'm going to have to go to the dealer. Ouch. Anyway, thanks!
  • raygonraygon Member Posts: 5
    Hi Larrie. I just joined the forum today. I was so happy to see that you had offered to send a copy of the 300M Manual via internet/e-mail as I also have broadband/cable connection. I hope you also have an owners manual. I am very willing to send payment for a copy for both the repair/service manual and the owners manual. I look forward to your reply. I had already sent you an e-mail directly to your e-mail address.

    RayGon :):)
  • raygonraygon Member Posts: 5
    Hi missIDH! I sent you an e-mail requesting if you could send me a copy of the 300M Manual on CD pdf file. Also, did you have any luck in finding an electronic copy of the owners manual? I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me a copy of it too. Cheers.. . . :):)
  • n2naskar88n2naskar88 Member Posts: 7
    Hi I just purchased a 2003 300M Special that also didn't come with an owners manual. I wanted to see if anyone had a digital copy of it. If you do please let me know, I really appreciate it!!

    Thanks :shades:
  • moszermoszer Member Posts: 1
    I would reallt appreciate a copy of the manual as I need to do a headlight assembly replacement and manual would probably help. You could email as i do have a broadband connection.
    [email protected]
    Thank you
  • harley25harley25 Member Posts: 1
    Hi Larrie:
    If you could e-mail me the manuel would be a huge help. I'm having all sorts of over heating problems with this 300M 2002 3.5l eng.
    Thank You
    Ron :mad: :surprise: :confuse:
  • 300maximilien300maximilien Member Posts: 3
    why do you need an email of the manual? Gr8twhite just posted the links??
  • swilkeswilke Member Posts: 1
    Hello Larrie,
    I sure would like take advantage of your kind offer by email. I just purchased a '99 model last week, it runs great and I always purchase manuals for my vehicles. My email address is [email protected]
    Thanks again,
  • pitmanoeuvrepitmanoeuvre Member Posts: 68
    I have created a link at www.dropbox.com for all manuals of the 300M , Concorde & Intrepid. These are actual Chrysler Service Technician Manuals and extremely indepth at approx . 10,000+ pages. The original disk that I have provides the ability to open the manuals in PDF form with Adobe Reader. You can select the year of the vehicle and also click on the index to view any section. In Adobe Reader you will be able to resize the text / pictures to any size and click on any sidebar groups.

    I just created this link through dropbox.com , but found that when I viewed them , they were garbled and not anywhere near close to the actual original disk / pile. They might download from the link to your computer properly though. I have not tested that. If need be I can provide original copies which work flawlessly , where the text and pictures are all perfect.

    Here is the link : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2on55v6mud0mq29/Qw90oDfS8N
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