MKX throttle body concerns

RachelLizettaRachelLizetta Member Posts: 1
edited January 2020 in Lincoln
Hello - I have a 2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve 3.7L V6 AWD with 46,000 miles on
it. I was reading over forums trying to decide if I needed to buy the Ford ESP
when I ran across multiple owners' reports that their identical vehicle suddenly
died in traffic at high speed. This has been identified as a throttle body
problem that Lincoln declined to issue a recall for. The majority reported it at
mileages less than 20k, but there were was one at 33k and one at 40k. Now
I'm worried that my vehicle will do the same. Any advice? I don't know cars, so
I'm lost; and my local service department has proved themselves to be
incompetent over the last three years. (If I do decide to keep it, I will definitely
be buying an ESP.) Thanks! Rachel
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