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Failed Catalytic Converter, Plugged PVC, Cracked manifold, blown seals...and the list goes on

tracy154tracy154 ohMember Posts: 4
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Anyone have consequential damages on their terrain due to a failed catalytic converter? I was advised dust or debris from the catalytic converter can be sucked back into the engine, causing significant damage, even engine failure when the converter fails. Anyone have these issues?

Also, failed timing and balance chain, excessive oil use, plugged PVC. Now, all these together have caused heat and pressure, cracking the manifold and blowing seals like crazy. Oh, and the Stabiltrak light is on...and nobody knows why....



  • tracy154tracy154 ohMember Posts: 4
    TSB: Bulletin No.: PIP5163D -Published date: 08/8/2018
    4. Catalytic Converter failure- If a converter fails and the brick is broken, the dust can be drawn back into the engine. A block showing this type of failure, will have bores that look to be sand blasted. Back cylinders go first if caught early. Otherwise there will be no Crosshatch and the engine will need to be replaced.

    TSB: File in Section: 06 - Engine Bulletin No.: 00-06-01-026H
    Catalytic Converter Failures When catalytic converter failures occur and the inner brick becomes plugged and breaks apart, the catalytic converter material can be sucked back into the engine during valve overlap and transfer throughout the intake manifold and into the cylinder. Any such material transfer can cause heavy wear to piston rings and cylinder walls. Misfires and oil consumption are the byproducts of ingested catalytic converter material into the combustion chamber and cylinder bores

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