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Troubles trouble shooting

ASHLeejg10ASHLeejg10 Member Posts: 1
edited January 2020 in GMC
Short sweet. Bought this truck cheap was running just fine. Started the wanted work (basics) then, distributor out, my girl turned the truck over (idk why) 2 months ago and all the listed and still no start. The run down: New Distributor with cap and rotor, crank position sensor replaced 2x, then cap-rotor replaced 2 more times to make sure because spark was no longer present. Ended up buying a new starter after all the tires and battery. Aware of the oil pump slot and proper TDC procedure and new cross cap firing from Vortec design ( why gm? WHY DO THAT?) and have played around offsetting the spark seeking changed behavior when cranking. Dumped gas tank, new gas. NOW ADDITIONAL NEW, plugs, wires, ignition coil with new module, ignition harness from key to connection block replaced, fuel psi good (still changed filter). Flashed ECM, checked every wire going in and out for continuity, spark is present but showed delayed when cranking and no start after (why she did this idk) I'm giving you what I have done. I am alone on this. (Dont ask why please) I am starting to believe Christine was reborn in my Jimmy. Maybe obsessed but continuing
(Passes) fuses (none blown still got new) checked relays (power 30 and signal 86/87) replaced an iffy one for hvac. Swapped the 3 in glove box around a bit also just in case. Looked everywhere for security issues, RESULT SO FAR: spark, 53psi fuel, no leaking from fuel injection spider system, no codes no start.
Have adjusted timing 16 times all points line up. TDC to > opposite side of wire entering cap (why gm!)
Baffled Beyond Belief so going internal now on a mission. Pulling timing chain this morning to verify both gears aligning. Gets spits out of intake no matter where distributor is set (why I'm looking inside)
But got all three things needed Air-Fuel-Spark and no start. In my days of power and glory have I overlooked or forgotten one small detail? Yes I have nothing better to do than spend 2 months solving this alone. I'm YouTubed out. Read the forums, previous questions, the responses. Help! Am I missing anything else?
Aside from timing chain which is in the mail on it's way now. I'm more into the truck now than i could have bought another. But now that I'm in it this much, going all the way. Because i can return parts ;)
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