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Kia Rio Tire/Wheel Questions

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,966
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Discuss tire and wheel options or problems for the Kia Rio here.

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  • What difference should I expect to see in driving a '06 (or '05) Rio with the std 14" tire/steel wheels or the 15" tires/alloy wheels? With regards to MPG, road noise, handling,etc?

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,237
    what looks like high-performance 15" tires on it, Kumho's. The Rio5 is built to throw into the turns with gusto and one reviewer wrote that the little car invites you to test it out. That is cool.

    The 2006 Kia Rio5 in Tropical Red with 5-speed manual tranny is still sitting there at my local dealer, waiting for me to go test drive it. :D

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • My 2006 Kia Rio 5 has Kumho Solus HP4 Plus 716 P tires all around. They are P195/55R15 84V M+S. I have 10300 miles on the car - bought it new Labor Day 2006. There is excessive wear on the front tires..they are nearly down to the wear indicators in the center treads. I had it in to the dealer last week and they were not helpful. Said it was not an alignment problem or camber problem. Said it was overinflation if anything, but we have tried to keep them at 30 lbs as the label in the door recommends. Said it was just something that happened in low profile tires. The car also shimmied when we had it up to 75 on the interstate. Is anyone else having this problem? Does Kumho make lousy tires? Does my car have a problem that Kia doesn't want to deal with?
  • I have had a new set of tires after only putting 13,000 miles on the spectra ex. Also had four wheel alignment done at the dealership, also tire balance three to four times, the front end wiggles at 55-60 mph. I've dont tire rotation regular 7000 miles, inflation done according to the manufacturer specs. So, what the hell is the problem then? Kia can make constant excuses to blame the buyer, as they always do. They are thieves pretty much to take your money and not honor their end of the warranty. This gets old. Shoddy parts in the front end is all i can say. I've heard it from two other owners to owned spectra and the new sedona van, including premature tire wear in the other brands of vehicles. I love my spectra otherwise, but buyer beware. :confuse:
  • 1951don1951don Posts: 6
    I bought a "08 Rio5 SX last Thursday. It has 195/55-15 tires on it. What's the widest tire I can put on this car? :)
  • My rio also has excessive tyre wear front tyres inside shoulders.Specialists advise camber wear but kia say no fault take car away. Inspected by two dealers , none of them worth a light.
    After sales is a joke. Any suggestions as to where we go from here very welcomed as car off road at 10months old.
  • My first suggestion is to:
    learn how to spell tires.
    Get a lesson in proper english.
    Take a typing lesson or two.
    and put better tires on it.
    Glad I could be of help...
  • Three things. First, kmuircroft, as I recall, "proper English" comprised a considerable body of fine literature when the "natives" of the United States were still speaking a variety of endogenous languages such as Zuni, Iroquois, Navajo, Hopi, etc., etc., and in "proper English" the American word "tire" is indeed spelled "tyre". Second, when joining this forum I was, not required to provide my geographic or ethnic background and suspect that racism, ethnocentrism or simple snobbery with regard to language use are unwelcome and rarely acceptable behavior on forums, e-lists or other online community formats (not that they don't exist). Third, I joined this forum specifically in the hope of receiving guidance and suggestions from other Kia others encountering challenges or having questions. Nothing in your post provided anything of value and I suspect that if this is the style of this particular forum it will be worthless for its declared purpose since people rarely return to risk being "flamed" for no good reason when they post a question in good faith with the expectation of suggestions and guidance.

    As far as the rapid tire (I spell it this way because I am living in the U.S. If I were living in the U.K. I would spell it "tyre") wear, you might want to consult with the Better Business Bureau and/or the tire manufacturer. The wear does seem excessive. I don't know that I wouldn't replace the tires and hang on to the receipts in order to continue to drive the car, but I would keep pushing for reimbursement. Oh, and on the slim chance that you paid for the car with a credit card you might want to try pursuing reimbursement through the credit card company.

    Good luck with that, and don't give up until you can say you gave it your best shot and tried every avenue.
  • To put things in perspective, I wrote that to find out if anyone actually read any of these questions, comments, as they rarely get answered. It took my responding to get your attention, right? And we are not natives. We are Americans, speaking english. And tire is spelled t i r e. Racism has nothing to do with the post. I encounter stupid people all day long, and frankly, get tired, (no pun intended, maybe) of people making the english language their final effort to push it out of this country. Just the way the 14% get their way in religion in this country. If you cannot spell correctly, use the spell check. If you cannot make a complete understandable sentence, or paragraph, try to take an english lesson. I am not looking to degrade anyone for what they are ignorant of, but if you are going to post on a forum, post it so everyone can read it, and understand it. Next time, just answer the question without the guilt trip. Duh, did ja udrstnd dat???
  • My 2007 Rio has exactly the same problem.Exactly the same wear and I was given the same brushoff by the dealer. I have an independent garage monitoring it now but have kept all the receipts for my attempts at diagnosis and fully intend to continue to pursue them for reimbursement. I live in the Uk and so far it has cost me £150.
  • Firstly I am writing from UK (Scotland) where we spell tyres with a y. Secondly I am only looking for some assistance regarding the problem with my vehicle and would request that if you cannot assist then please do not bother to reply. I do not wish to be drawn into whatever problems you may have regarding race or any other issue. I am an educated person and if I did need to use a spell check it would not have an issue with my spelling. To my mind and that of others who are reading this I'm sure, there is indeed someone here stupid and ignorant but it is not me.
    My appologies to everyone else who kindly replied constructively and to whom this remark does not apply.
  • It is really hard to believe you wrote this message without some help. How come your message of before looked like a three year old wrote it? I guess I was looking for a chat room, not solutions to problems of tares. But speaking of that, where do you put the a y in tires???
  • Look , all I was looking for was some help with my rio. I did not come on here to be insulted. OK you win you do have more serious issues. It is obviously you who need help and not me therefore I will leave you to it .

  • Man, what a real jerk. My 08' hasn't had any problems with the wheels or the tires. Of course, I have only 13k on it too. Does that mean that I am looking to have trouble, or is it because it is an older model you have? Just wandering. My tires are real small like, I mean, a little bigger than a scooters wheels. I guess I need to check the weight of the car to see if that is a problem with tires that are small. Bigger tires would seem to run better, if they can be put on this car. I don't have a clue.
  • Please stay on topic, this is a forum to ask questions about Tires/Wheels not to discuss grammar and spelling pet peeves.
  • I own a 2002 Kia Rio. Now that the warranty has went out, I have experienced several problems. In 2006, I had the rear wheel bearings replaced. Just 2 yrs later, I have to now replace them again. The service guy said that they have been having trouble with the bearings and they were replacing them every 40,000 miles. But I only have about 75,000 miles on my car now and I think they should have lasted longer than it has. Bearings aren't my only problem. My driver side door will not open now even with the key. Can't open it from the inside or the outside. I was able to open the door panel alittle and there is no way to get to the anything. I really need some advice..otherwise this car has been nothing but trouble and I will have to assume that you get what you pay for. :confuse:
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