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Does the standard radio/cd player in the 2007 FJ Cruiser have an iPod jack or do you have to upgrade to the 6 cd changer?

Do you know who makes the radio/cd changer for the FJ Cruiser?


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    Is it possible to use a small pre-amp or something to increase the signal strength from my XM radio and iRiver when I plug it into the FJ aux jack?

    The radio itself gets plenty loud on FM, but even at max vol. with my XM and iRiver does not get loud enough.


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    auxiliary audio jack is standard

    The only name on the toyota radios is JBL, do not know if they are the maker or they add the name to the system
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    Sorry to report I did not have the problem you describe. I plugged my iPAQ into the aux jack to listen to an Audible book and had plenty of volume although I didn't play it as loud as some might play music.

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    This little amp is EXCELLENT for use w/ IPODs or satellite:

    It's called the Boostaroo. I bought one about 6 months ago to use with a Sirius radio. Got an ipod about 2 months ago and it really boosts it up. Great frequency response, very little distortion.
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    I am about to purchase an FJ and would like to have a DVD system installed. The dealership offers installation overhead or in the headrests but I wanted to see what other FJ owners suggested.
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    Does anyone have an answer for this?

    I don't own one but I might buy one. In my opinion, an over head would hinder the already limit rear view. The head rest are small and curved for a good size LCD.
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    You can get nice ones that you hang over the seats and have two separate DVD units.
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    I am in process of replacing the factory radio with the Pioneer AVIC-D3 to get navigation/bluetooth/XM Traffic info. Does anyone know if this would void any type of radio? Additionally, does anyone know if there would be a market for this radio head if I put it on Ebay especially since not all FJ's come with a 6-disc changer/
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    I am looking to purchase a new FJ. I had a 4runner and traded for a Hyundai Santa Fe ( don't ask haha ). after 4 months of owning it I am going back to Toyota. One thing is I am sort of used to my new XM radio...

    Does the FJ offer satellite radio? I didn't really get an answer at the dealship I visited. THanks
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    I found out my answer. The radio is satellite ready, which means it will work with XM and Sirius. You just need to install the tuner and antenna for the service you are using. The Toyota setup is quite expensive. BUt a local radio installation place told me Toyota recently released items needed for outside installs. I am not sure what that means exactly, except he said he can install the tuner and antenna. He also said it is better not messing around with trying to get the antenna outside the vehicle and will be able to place it on the dash behind the gauge cluster on top. I am going to have it installed soon
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    I guess nobody else is having issues or an interest in this. Today I went back to the local radio guy and he was a bit fuzzy on what he told me last time about the radio. He said Toyota can install the items and it will be around $1100. He can install the tuner and antenna for $599. I think this is a little insane since the radio that comes with the truck is satellite ready to begin with. Has anyone found any better options? I can't believe XM and Serius have not done a better job at making things easier to obtain the service. Oh well. I would not even bother but I did have the service in the past and I really do miss it.
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    If your like me and have the in dash 6-disk Fjammer head unit and am looking for a "better" way to play the ipod through your stock radio and not have to use the "Aux input" Then there is a solution. A company in SoCal called "Dice" makes a unit that you can find on the internet for around $160.00. It picks up the dock connector on the bottom of your iPod allowing you to hide the iPod in the glove box if you want. It displays all Alphanumeric and numeric text on the head unit with no mods to the head unit. It also keeps the iPod fully charged all the time. Install time takes about 10-20 min. depending how good you are with wires and tools. The Dice unit plugs into the XM/Sirius port on the back of the head unit. And asigns a second cd input to it called CD1. you get to cd1 by pressing the CD/AUX button on your head unit. Steering wheel controls are also used. This is a must buy unit for thoes not wanting to upgrade there head unit and want to use a ipod. Install is super easy and works flawless. :)
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    Toyota makes a big deal about the speakers in the headliner - but I'm not impressed. If I fade the stereo to the rear, all I get is this tinny sound from above my head. In fact, unless you crank the bass up to 4 or 5, you don't hear much bass at all. Anybody have suggestions for improving the sound ? (I have the convenience package that comes with the CD player, no subwoofer)
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    New the truck..not so happy with the stereo/convenience package...Two problems. Daughter in back seat can't hear music...can't find any after market speakers to fit correctly into they have to be purchased from Toyota?? Any after market? Second question Purchased Pioneer AVIC-D3 radio/ipod/navigation system...where is the best place to have the antenna placed? Installers have basically left it up to us...they don't guarantee the navigation system if the antenna is placed inside the truck. If outside, where would you want it go??? Any help is appreciated, this is ALL kinda new to us. Thanks
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    You could have speakers added in the back of the FJ - I'm doing this myself. There is an electrical connector in the rear- - you open the back door and on the right side there's a plastic tray - a place to put some little items that you don't want rolling around. That plastic piece can be pulled out and behind it is a connector that carries wires from the radio. Four of those wires can be hooked directly to speakers by someone with some electrical skill. If you want to get fancy the wires can be run behind the trim so as to mount speakers wherever you want them. The connector is there in case you buy the factory subwoofer, but they can be hooked up like this:
    Red = right spkr +
    White = right spkr -
    Blue = left spkr +
    Yellow = left spkr -

    I'm planning to buy an amplifier and put some good speakers back there... somewhere. Haven't figured it all out yet.
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    I picked up a 600W Sony Xplode amp, two 6x9 speakers (three-way) and a 10" subwoofer. Built a wood enclosure for the speakers and the sub. The amp takes the inputs from the FJ stereo (see previous post), and puts out 55 watts RMS to each of the 6x9 speakers, and 110 watts to the subwoofer. Sounds great now!

    The hardest part was getting a 30-amp power source hooked up to the amp. I used the rear defroster connection, it has a 30-amp fuse. Only trouble is that the rear defroster has a timer that turns off after about 15 minutes. The rear defroster is required in NY, in many states it probably is not standard equipment. The electronic parts cost about $200, the wood to build the enclosures cost about $25.
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    I've had my 07 FJ ~ 9 mo now, researched for several months prior from online sources. Many no info but the the few that do mention Sirius radio do not recommend dealer install of the unit. Poor reception. I don't know if this is the generally poor sirius reception in narrow canyons, areas full of tall trees or something new and separate. Salesman didn't recommend it either. I bought a new unit w/ car head, I pod wire from back of unit to input under power outlet in dash and have the antenna above the back door. Works very good.
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    You should have splurged for the better stereo with sub woofer. My new 2008 FJ with six speed manual has it, and it is very satisfying. Sub woofer works great, along with huge front speakers with excellent sound quality. The system masked some crummy teenie bopper music at the park today, and I only had the volume at 21, not loud at all. My sound system could have blown them away, but why bother!
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    I just got an '07 FJ and it doesn't have the Subwoofer, but someone in my area is selling one, will it just plug right in and be ready to go? Does the subwoofer unit also have a power amp in it?

    Lastly, when I say I JUST bought it, I mean, I have had ot for 3 days! So can someone tell me where the Aux is for the stereo? THX
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    If you're sure it was made to fit the FJ, then it will just plug right in. Otherwise you'll need to do some re-wiring. The FJ sub is powered, meaning it has an amp built in. The factory connector is inside one of the plastic panels that pop off in the back of the vehicle, on the right side. That connector has 12V power and speaker connections (left and right). Oh yeah, I think the factory unit also requires a switch in the dash to turn on power to the sub.
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    It's actually a Subwoofer from an '08 FJ and comes with the switch. Does anyone know if the switch just plugs right in and is pre-wired?

    Is the subwoofer worth it? Does it boost volume as well as bass?
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    The wires that plug into the switch are hiding in the dash. I have my dash torn apart right now, so that's how I know. The parts you need to take off are not very difficult... I think you need to remove the center console to get that switch panel away from the dash, though. Again, not so difficult... let me know if you need some advice to get in there.
    BTW, where'd you get the sub and switch ?
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    I didn't end up getting it. Every time I find one, it's gone when I am ready to buy it. Oh well.....the search goes on.
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    Noticed previous posts on volume issues with satellite radios. Plugging it in directly to the I Pod dash jack is one half of solution. The other is, if your satellite "head" unit has this option, check the menu for signal "out" options. If you have this available select "line out" versus "FM signal out". I have a new Sirius unit and this maximizes volume and deals with the issue of having to change FM bands when traveling from city to city to avoid dedicated local signals.
    (2) For those who want to change or add to their existing in dash units look at the web site . Look at your make, model and current in dash unit INCLUDING speakers option if one is listed for your make and model. It will give you printable instructions on how to disassemble your dash to access your radio including tools needed. It also offers alternative racks by different manufactures that will fit by above parameters. A very feature rich site if you have the time to look around. Crutchfield is another web electronics site that will give you the above. They have a catalog with all sorts of stereo stuff and phone support. Under satellite radio options it offers mounting brackets by car make and model. :shades:
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    I was shocked to find out how much satellite radio would cost me to install. This on a unit that was satellite radio-prepped. I ended up buying an XM Snap! for about $60.00 from Radio Shack. Installed in about 15 min and works great. Don't expect many extras... only 5 presets, but the price was right.
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    Ya...I decided to forego the module when I found out how expensive it was, too. Pretty outrageous, IMHO; however, I guess they get away with it. :confuse:
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