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Pontiac Vibe Tire/Wheel Questions

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,184
edited March 15 in Pontiac
Discuss your Vibe tire and wheel options and problems here.

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  • nichul37nichul37 Posts: 10
    I bought an '05 Vibe at the end of September 2004. Since then, I have put on almost 29,000 miles (140 mile a day RT commute). Because I drive so much, I am sure to have the oil changed every 3-4K and then tires rotated every 6-8K (every other oil change). I went to have the tires rotated at 27K and they told me they cannot rotate them and I needed 4 new tires. :cry: WHAT!!?? It seems crazy that I need 4 new tires when they don't even have 30K on them.

    Has anyone else come across this tire wear? :confuse:
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    ...with the original Continentals, yes. They were pathetic. I switched to the H rated Firestone Dayton Daytonas. They are terrific: great treadwear and grip.
  • nichul37nichul37 Posts: 10
    Thank you. I'll take a look at those as I price shop!
  • 01le01le Posts: 18
    I'm new to this forum. I traded my 2001 Pathfinder for a 2005 base Vibe last year and I am loving my Vibe. I recently put 225-50-16 Cooper Zeon ZPT tires on the factory alloys. Wow, my vibe now handles awesome compared to the stock Gyear tires. I however lost about 1 to 1 1/2 mpg (now 28.5 - 29.2 mpg combined driving), but so well worth it for the extra handling that comes along with the wider tread footprint. I do agree with other postings about the lack of an arm rest, I find myself getting restless trying to get comfortable.
  • mikey00mikey00 Posts: 462
    Your mpg are still the same. What changed is your tire size which now makes your odometer and speedometer 3.5% less than actual mph and distance traveled. The circumference of your new tires is 80.9 compared with 78.2 for the stock size. Think about it: for every 80.9 inches traveled the speedometer/odometer thinks you only went 78.2 inches because the speedometer is calibrated for the stock size.
  • Boy, I never thought rotating tires would be such a big deal. First, it took me a while to figure out how to remove the plastic wheel cover. Now, after removing all the lugs, I cannot get the tire off!

    Is there something else that needs to be removed? What else could be holding the tire on?
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,714
    What else could be holding the tire on?

    Rust. I've had trouble before removing wheels off the hub... the way I did it on our van last week when I put the snow tires on was to put the lug nuts back on without tightening them, then back down the driveway and come back. That busted the rims off the hubs. Next time I'm gonna put grease between rim and hub... cheap paint works, too, from what I understand.

    Good luck,
  • I'll try your solution. Just seems odd because the wheels do "wiggle" and using a rubber mallet didn't seem to help either ........
  • I got them off! Thanks for the advice.
  • k2qok2qo Posts: 10
    Hi Gang,

    FWIW, just got my 1-yr old AWD new winter rubber. The GY RS-A's are real crap in the snow and slick as a bowling ball on ice. The new tires are Semperit Ice Grip 2's from Dunn Tire here in WNY. With so few reports on real snow tires, I'll do a mini review once we actually get some snow here again in the Buffalo, NY area.

    Best regards,
  • Hey Vibers!

    I just purchased a used 2004 AWD Vibe and am getting vibrations when I hit 60mph or more. I had the dealer balance the tires before I drove it off the lot becused it was obvious they were off and then again at a well repected dealer where I live. The dealer in my area said these tires would NOT BALANCE! Has anyone esle had this issue? Upon a little investigation I found that these tires come from WalMart (a place I do not patron).

    Wondering if I am just looking at 4 crappy quality tires? Has anyone else had balancing issues on their Vibe with other tires? (I did see a couple of posts speaking to balancing)

    Any recommendations on good quality all seasons? Anyone using the GoodYear Triple Tread?

    Many Thanks!

  • k2qok2qo Posts: 10

    Check out and you'll see that users rate the GY TT very well. Consumer Reports rates them #1. My Vibe has the original RS-A's and after 12K miles they are in perfect balance and are wearing nicely. It is hard to believe that you have a full set of tires with slipped belts or other issues, but anything is possible especially if the previous owner never maintained them.

  • Have 2006 vibe , wife had it in for service dealer lowered the air pressure from 40 lbs to 32 lbs.. what are most people running this seems low ,
  • beliverbeliver Posts: 155
    hal: geez, 40psi would rattle your teeth, rock hard ride. The stupid dealer that preped the car forgot to bleed off the extra pressure they put in the tyres when they lash them dowm on the transporter. Kinda makes you wonder what ELSE they forgot to do doesen't it ? No harm done.

  • roy15roy15 Posts: 16
    I had my 04 Vibe serviced: change oil & flush cooling, also told them to rotate tires mileage was 28,227. They came out and said we can't rotate your tires the back tires are wearing on the inside. Go to tire dealer and get 4 wheel alingment. Then he talked to me again and said we will order the shim kit, call you and do the alignment. That was 26 days and 1000 miles ago,now tires are very worn. I sent dealer an e-mail today. saw one other post Re: wear on back tires are there any more out there. So y'all say dealer won't stand behind the car?
  • Have a question for those in the know:
    What would be the performance/ safety issues with putting 205-60-R16 on the original rims [205-55-R16 now]?
    I know the diameter would increase, but by how much?
    Any & all help/ suggestions welcome.
  • With the 205-60-16 tires, the only gain would be a softer ride. You would lose some performance and safety.
    With the 205-60-16 tires, your wheel would be .4035 inches higher off the ground. Your tire diameter would be .8070 inches more than the 205-55-16 tire. That is a significant difference. I would stay with the 205-55-16.
  • I can relate. We just put new tires on our 05 Vibe at 30.1k miles. Went to rotate them at 29k & guy shows how they're all worn out. The OEM Goodyear Eagle tire they put on them new is crap, with only 240 treadwear.
    We just put 4 Kumho Solus KH16's (440 treadwear) on it & they sound & ride great; Were well recommended by consumer reports last issue, also. Got them thru for $65 ea + S&H. Will get lifetime allignment for $99 & rotate every 6k miles. These we expect to hit 75-80k miles with.
  • I just purchased Enkei wheels and two new tires. The new tires are BFG tires that were highly rated performance tires. Since I made the change to the new tires and wheels my car rides really rough. It is an 05 automatic Vibe. Anyone else have any experience with anything like this? I swear my car randomly pulls to the left/right but it is not continuous so it is really confusing. Help.
  • jaegsjaegs Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Vibe and noticed after about 8500 miles that there was a vibration when braking, even at slow speeds (25MPH). I took it in to the dealer to have them check the brakes, and they said it was a cupping problem with the front tires and so was not covered under warranty. The back tires were still perfect. I asked what could be causing the cupping, that it didn't seem normal, and all I got was a shrug. They rotated the tires and the vibration stopped, and I'm waiting to see if the front tires again develop the cupping. I need to do something before the warranty runs out in December. I've read on the forum about bushings or bearings that need to be replaced, but don't know how to express the concerns to the dealer.
  • H rated firestone Dayton Daytonas, we need good grip on our 2005 Vibe. Noticed the other day that the psi was 40 - 44 and was amazed. Have not been happy with the traction, and was annoyed that the tires are so expensive, and they are low profile which wears it seems quicker. How are the tires?
  • reading all the posts reguarding the tires and wearing problems. Upon research I have found the the tires have rating of maximum PSI-low profile up to 44 in some cases (this allows for different weight vehicles to use these tires), in actuality you need to look inside the driver side door for the rating of PSI for your vehicle and the recommended size tire... for my 2008 Vibe the tires say do not inflate more than 44 PSI, inside the door it says for this size tire to inflate to 32 PSI, upon checking the PSI of my tires they were at 35 PSI which will cause tires to wear funny also I have noticed that it is a not as bumpy ride. Hope this helps, over inflated and under inflated tires is dangerous!! Happy driving!!
  • Thank you for the post, we did figure that out, about the rating of tires and 44 is too much. Looking for an agressive tire that will give us better traction, and not slip when the weather is snowy.
  • regarding the rough ride: check the tire pressure, look inside your driver door
    to see what is the PSI rating for your tire size. my car is a 2008 the PSI is 32
  • If you purchase a new Vibe, which is a great car. I would drive it out of the show room and then take it to the service department to have the alignment checked. I have a 2005 that started to make noise via the tires so I rotated at 5k. It got worse by 10k, rotated again. This went on to 22k when I took to dealer and said this thing is so loud you can not hear the radio. The said the tires were notched and the only way to get new tires. The tires looked to be about half worn. Had new 80k tires put on and had the alignment check. The rear was out and that was the cause of the problem. The only way to align this car is the put shims in and it will cost you over 300 dollars. Called customer relations and they will not help at all because it is a maintenance issue. They have had the car now for two days because the wrong shims were sent. The way I understand it they have to take the suspension apart put the shims in and then put it back together then check it again. Possibly many times. Pontiac/Toyota has had a problem with this cars suspension, but they willl not help you if the car is not brand new. If I were to purchase this car again, I would put it in the deal that they would check the 4 wheel alignment day one.
    Talking to factory rep now, if they do not cover this is the last GM car for me.
  • Talked to Pontiac again, they will not help. It cost 300 to align the rear. They have to tear apart the suspension and put busings. Then check it and redo if not right. It came down that I told the Pontiac person that they say I did something to cause this and I say that it has been that way since day one. In the end, I will never buy a Pontiac again unless I find out that the rear suspension can be adjusted easily like it is on Nissan Sentra. Now I have to wait to see if the new 500 dollar tires that are suppose to be good for 80k make it past 22k. I am still going to write them, but probably will not get anywhere. It is a shame that they spend a lot of rebates ect, but when you get to the point on a repair that is in the gray area they would rather lose the customer.
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Se, Pa.Posts: 381
    While you'd like to blame Pontiac remember this is a Toyota product.
  • nwroadsnwroads Posts: 3
    I recently bought a Vibe in serious need of tire replacement. (surprised the previous owner was still driving on these tires. :surprise: ) I've started searching through CR etc. for tires, but would appreciate any suggestions.

    Looking for just a basic, good all-around tire that will last a decent time but not expensive. Average driver, mostly in city (freeway/city streets) driving. Handling is probably a bit more important than noise, but both would be nice. I'm in the Pacific NW: plenty of rain, not much snow, but I do go up to the mountains on occasion.

    My Vibe is 2005 model, manual-shift, 2WD, no extras. Any recommendations would be much appreciated! Thank you.
  • sforemansforeman Posts: 3
    Ours is a 2005 and it's 44psi. All are different. Ours is a manual. They don't make them after 2007. We also have BFG tires. I don't like them, they keep going flat. This has been the only car I've had that picks up things or the tires loose air pressure. We talked to a tire guy and he made the suggestion 205 R 60's instead of 205 R55's. They would be slightly narrower, 1/4 of an inch taller but narrower. Because you will be traveling at a higher rate of speed than your spedometer would register, you just need to keep that in mind. If you were traveling 65, you would be doing about 67. Not that much. I would rather do that. He also recommended a better tire. If you go to a good tire guy, he should also be able to help you.
  • tuneduptunedup Posts: 5
    Interesting, that changing tires creates such a significant speedo/odo difference. My new GT came with low-profile tires, and my speedo reads 4-5 mph fast at freeway speed. I see 65 on my speedometer when I'm actually traveling at 60. This is per three different tests: driving behind my husband as he goes 65; looking at my Tom Tom; and readings from two different dealerships.

    Shouldn't the manufacturer have the instruments calibrated to match the tires their vehicles come with? And can this be fixed? It's a little distracting, trying to figure how fast I'm actually driving, when the dial could be off by only 2 at 35 mph or off by 6 or 7 if I'm going over 65.
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