Is Rodo Legit?

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I’m looking to do a lease and recently came across the RODO app. Seems like a great tool, but I’m a little hesitant to put in a bunch of personal information before it’ll show me anything. Most reviews in the App Store are positive but a little dated. I was wondering if anyone had any recent experience with it and could speak to the service. Thanks.


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    it is. I started the process a little over year ago. Everything number wise came out to be as listed on the site. I ended up getting a car locally because it turned out the dealer was about 2.5 hours away. The deal though, was good, and the process normal.

    it is basically just a front end, like any other lead sourcing site (True car say). once I hit the submit button to get the car, it sent the deal over to the dealer who contacted me directly the next morning. All I had to do after that was upload the rest of the docs, and go pick the car up (though they will deliver then, I assume still do).

    This was when they were under the old name (Honcker) but don't think anything really changes, but I believe they now partner directly with Carvana to sell your trade (but I did not investigate if the dealer would take the car at that price to get a tax credit.

    once change they did do since I used it was added the distance to the dealer. I had no idea that mine was a good 100 miles away until the deal was accepted and I heard from the dealer. They still don't give the name of the dealer, but at least you can compare deals vs. distance.

    also, you can get numbers without all the personal info I think, but they are less exact (if you are just browsing). You need all the details to actually hook up a deal, but that is no different than walking into a dealer and shaking hands on terms. You are just doing it online.

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    The personal info helps focus the deal. Know if you are tier 1, 2, or worse, if you qualify for certain rebates, etc. it is a “soft” credit pull, so does not affect your credit.

    Folks have had both good and bad experiences. It seems some dealers are posting bogus deals that they don’t honor. But some folks have gotten the deal exactly as advertised. You won’t know until you try.

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