rear inner brake pad wearing out

katiee912katiee912 Member Posts: 1
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2005 Honda Crv 230xxx kms

I'm having a problem with the rear inner brake pads wearing out within days. I have had rotors, calipers and pads replaced multiple times. Two different mechanics. The first one has no idea how to fix the problem, so I went to someone else who is a Honda tech. Both mechanics have said everything is moving as it should, everything that needs to be greased is all good. I suspect everything is fine and then whatever the problem is happens and the inner pads are getting stuck, so even when I go in after a few days following the repairs everything looks fine. Then a few days later I will hear the squeal from a worn out pad. The pads on both sides have been wearing out exactly the same, however this latest time it seems like the right side is having issues. The mechanic is closed today so I do not know if both sides are worn out or not.

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