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I have 2003 Chevy s10 zr2 4x4 W/83k I changed the rear brakes new everything the fronts just the pads I have a vibration when I use the brakes only happens when I’m slowing down any ideas ??


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    I'd vote for the brake rotors on the front are warped. Especially true if you can feel a slight movement in the brake pedal as it occurs.

    You can diagnose by using the parking brake to CAREFULLY apply them at low speeds away from others to see if you get the same vibration when only the rear brakes are doing the slowing. Usually it will be very easy to lock up the rear wheels with the parking brake because there's not much weight on them. But a problem with the drum brakes in the rear (I assume those are drum brakes) will show up. You might try using the regular brakes to get the heating that makes the warping show up.

    I'd change the rotors on the front and the calipers both because it's got a lot of age even though it's not broken 100K yet.

    The higher priced rotors usually are a little straighter so I go for the flatter rotor. Turning the brake rotors to true them up hasn't worked out for me for a long time. The rotor materials just need to be replaced.

    A problem with replacing just pads, is the rotors needed to be roughed up with abrasive to give the pad something to grab. Also the new pads and old rotors and even new rotors need to be broken in. The exact term for that I can't recall, but it essentially is carefully heating up the new pads and rotors with a moderate stop from a medium speed, but then you keep moving to have the air cool the rotor down for a half mile or so. Then the braking is done again. Repeating this several times heats the pad materials and causes a resin buildup on the rotor.

    I suspect your current rotor and pads can't be rejuvenated, so I recommend going new.

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    It’s got disc brakes all the Way around It doesn’t pull either way when I apply the brakes Let me take another look at thanks
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