Chevrolet Avalanche Tires and Wheels

KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516
Looking to upgrade or replace your Av's running gear? Ask here!


  • ldelaneyldelaney Member Posts: 4
    I just bought a 2002 Avalanche 1500 Z71. How do I find out what the differential gear ratio is? So far I love it!! :)
  • cortlandcortland Member Posts: 1
    I'm selling some show wheels off my escalade EXT that will fit an Avalanche. I bought the wheel/tire new for $6,500. I am selling for $3,000. They are immaculate and the tires have about 50-60% tread life left on them. You can E-mail me at [email protected]
  • robrizrobriz Member Posts: 12
    I just purchasd a set of 20" OEM chevy wheels for my 2005 Avalanche Z71. They are the ones that are included in the 2007 LTZ package. Any suggestions on what tire and size? I know the new ones have 275/55/20 Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenzas. Looking for suggestions and advice.

  • chadxchadx Member Posts: 153
    If you haven't bought yet, Michelin finally came out with larger sized Michelin LTX M/S which I have used on several trucks, usually one the factory tires needed replaced. However, the difference in performance was so great, that when I received my '03 Ave, I didn't take posession until the Goodyears were replaced with these particular Michelins. Way more traction on both dry and wet pavement and especially in snow than the factory tires. Unless you need off-road or mud tires, I highly recommend Mich. LTX M/S.
  • robrizrobriz Member Posts: 12
    Has anyone had any problems with these 20" LTZ wheels fitting on the '05 vehicle? Do you need spacers or any other mods?
  • mheff1mheff1 Member Posts: 3
    I see it's been a while since there has been a post so I hope this thread gets viewed. I have a 05 Avalanche that came with Ride-Tec chrome wheels. I have one wheel the chrome is coming off. I have searched but I havn't heard from anyone yet that has ever heard of the (Ride-Tec) brand before. Any help will be appreciated.

  • tritantritan Member Posts: 1
    has anyone had any problems with lagging on take off on a 2009 avalanche?
  • tdbmdtdbmd Member Posts: 20
    I have a 2013 Avalanche LT with 17 inch wheels. Replaced the cheap all season tires at the time of purchase with some Firestone Destination AT. So far, with 7000 miles on them, a good all-around tire. Quiet and fuel economy does not seem to suffer. Fine in mud and sand. No snow yet to test.
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