Small Crack in Paint with Surrounding Rust

Jim97Jim97 Member Posts: 1
edited February 2020 in GMC
Please forgive me as I am a total novice. I have a used GMC Terrain purchased certified pre-owned <1 year ago. I just noticed a small (<1 inch) crack in paint close to the rear license plate. There is a small amount of surface rust around the crack. I was able to remove most of the rust with a microfiber cloth alone, such that now the rust is only within the crack itself. There is no apparent damage to the steal whatsoever. I have two questions:

1. Is there any real chance that I can get this covered under warranty or will the dealer inevitably tell me that this is "normal wear and tear"? (I plan to try regardless.)
2. If they do not cover the fix, is there any quick DIY fix I can do on my own to prevent rust development?

Thanks in advance for any advice provided.
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