Chevrolet Avalanche Audio Systems

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    How do you do this????
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    where is the r v jack to hookup an amp and speakers if u have satalite radio where do u hook it up to
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    Just picked up my new '07 LTZ a few weeks ago. It has navigation and backup cam. The other night I started out to pick up my daughter at a birthday party and the audio and navigation system was completely dead. no sound, no video, nothing. Interestingly, although my turn signals worked, there was not even the clicking noise they normally make (I guess the audio system also produces the simulated clicking of a turn signal relay).

    I initially thought a fuse or circuit breaker had blown. However, after shutting the car off and retrieving my daughter (about 10 minutes), I started the truck up and everything was back to normal. Anybody have similar experience? I hate intermittent problems! :mad:
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    I have a 2005 avalanche and out of the blue it just stopped accepting CD's. The CD goes in half way and stops. Has anyone ever experienced this problem. $425.00 and $90.00 labour to replace with a recondidtioned radio. "OUTCH"
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    Having the same problem with my '07 LTZ. The dealer replaced the XM unit and 2 days later it did the same thing. Also notice that your OnStart and Phone (if equipped) will not function normally either. The green OnStar light will "blink" as if connecting, and they will have a record of your attempted contact. So, call them after everything starts working again and get a "Trouble Report #" as a record.

    Also notice, if like mine, when the XM quits, kill your engine and open the driver's door. I'll bet that the radio (not XM) continues playing. If you then re-start the car, if like mine, everything will go radio, no nav, no am, fm.....NOTHING. But, I let mine set for 15 minutes and it's all back to normal. I too hate intermittent problems. I delivered a complete written narrative of my audio/OnStar/Phone debacle to the dealer. They erroneously diagnosed it as a XM unit problem....wrong! Going back again.
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    My problem has not reoccurred since my initial post. I am hoping it was due to cosmic rays and that I am safe until the next storm. :)

    Seriously, until it happens with more regularity I'm not going to waste my time going to the dealer as they will not have anything to diagnose. Unless they actually happen to catch it when it happens the likelihood of actually getting it fixed is slim.
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    You are absolutely right about wasting your time going to the dealer to diagnose, must less fix, an intermittent problem. Some would argue, "How can you expect a dealer to fix an intermittent problem" such as yours or mine. I argue, "If the manufacturer can design/engineer a series of complex electronic circuitry and intergration, they should also have diagnostic capability to pass onto the dealer to fix the customer's complaints." And to top it all off, the manufacturer has the dealer's feet in a vise preventing any exploratory efforts, re-simulation or other such matters to diagnose and fix the customer's problem. Meanwhile, we, the consumer, are on the short end of the stick.

    I've lost my XM services (as the first evidence of the problem) 7 or 8 times over the past 90 days. It was at the dealer for 4 days. The XM module was replaced. Four days later, it happened again. They obviously don't know how to fix it. :mad:
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    I have somewhat the same problem with my 2005 Avalanche. Lat week, It would not
    eject any cd's, or would not play them. After reading the manual, I changed the fuse
    for the radio, however it didn't work, now it won't show any disc is even loaded in the cd player, and still won't play... You can try to change the fuse, it might help yours, I'd rather try than pay $400!!!
    Sorry i couldn't help!
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    In another forum, it has been reported in tech bulletins (TSBs) from GM that the Avalanche CD player cannot handle more that 192 total tunes in any one loading of CDs. It is not clear whether that means 192 tunes on a single CD player or 192 tunes on a multi-disk player. Depending on which you have, you might check to see if this applies to you as a possibility.
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    Just had this too on my 04 Avalanche. Pressing the eject button would make it whir but it appeared dead trying to put any cd in. Dealer said it would be over $1000 for a new unit as they're sealed. Balls to that. Took the unit out, removed the heatsink on the left hand side, which then gives access to be able to prize the top and lower metal plates off. I removed the facia too and unplugged the connectors to the boards inside. Removed the cd unit itself from the casing via 4 screws (i think!). I noticed the laser houseing which reads the cd was as if it was half way through reading a cd so i manually moved this back towards the outer casing along the long thread. Then I blew all over the place, slammed everything back together making sure all connectors were properly seated, and to my utter works! I'm thinking that a mechanical problem was causing the electronics to think there was still a cd in the drive. Either that, or maybe a jolt had loosened a connector. Hope this helps someone as I was miffed discovering the cd unit had not was fine.... dealer didn't utter a word and I didn't think to check. Oh yes... pert number was Delphi Delco 12244929
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    Did u ever find out the problem. Wit your radio system and onstar, because mine is doing the samething. Anyone. Can help with this please let me know
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    I trying to change out the factory radio in my 07avalanche ,but dont have a clue on how to remove the dash panels. Can anyone help
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    Hello, I have a '03 Av and after my tranny was replaced for the second time, i noticed a buzz when the radio or cd was on, it was intermittent, but it slowly has gotten worse. Now it is pretty much constant when the speakers are on, and you can hear it get higher as you speed up, and some times it will stop or adjust when going over bumps in the road.

    I can't afford a new audio system in my truck, but the buzz is driving me crazy. I have heard rumor about a recall on the Bose system . . . anyone else? or any suggestions?
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