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Chevrolet Avalanche Owner Experiences

KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516
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  • txyank1txyank1 Member Posts: 1,010
    I'm on my 3rd Av and IMO you just can't beat the driving experience with any other pickup. I've driven the '05 (straight thru with my Daughter), and the '06 , (in three days each way with my Wife) to NY last year. Right about now though I wish I had a regular pickup as I need to get some dirt. An Av isn't really the best rig for hauling loose dirt. :P
  • tomcat7tomcat7 Member Posts: 5
    Considering purchase of a new Avalanche, but am concerned about the lack of ground clearance of the front bumper. Looks like only 4 to 5 inches! Anyone had experience with a "high center" off road situation? Does the Z71 change the front bumper configuration?
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Member Posts: 588
    It's actually 9 inches clearance with the LTZ (supposedly the tires leave more like 8.5 with non-LTZ / non-Z71's). The Z71 has a distinctly different bumper cover and lower air dam layout. I believe someone on another site says it has around 12" clearance under the center of its front bumper.
  • thauptthaupt Member Posts: 1
    My husband has 2002 Z71 AV,has had severe head-aches on his left side of his forehead for years. Has been to many Dr's,emergency room 2 x's, taken lots of medicine for these headaches, and we also purchased an oxygen machine to help subside the horrific pain. Recently, he met another AV owner,who has had similar ailments. She told him that her headaches and numbness in her arm were a result of the hvac transmitter that was above her head in the AV.She said that her pain ended 3 months after she had the chevy dealership remove the hvac aspirator/transmittor above her head. My husband has since had his hvac aspirator removed and has not had any headaches since. Anyone else have ailments/severe pain/headaches?
  • tomcat7tomcat7 Member Posts: 5
    You are more correct than my earlier estimate; At the dealership we measured 8+inches on a LTZ with the 20 inch tires. They are 55 series and appear to be about the same height as the standard 17 inch that are 70 series, but need to verify? The dealer did not know about the Z71, but offered to install a 3 inch lift kit. I don't think I like the sound of that and have asked GM what they think. I appreciate your Z71 info and will investigate. Perhaps I can find a Suburban with that front end. Thanks again
  • nuerburgringnuerburgring Member Posts: 1
    Awesome vehicle all in all. Only one complaint which seems to be a design flaw. When the sun hits the gauges from a certain angle, the entire gauges turn into a grey/black tint. Turning on the headlights helps somewhat. There is also some windnoise, not too bad though. My 2002 was perfect. I never heard any wind in that truck.

    I owned a 2002 Avalanche before. The best vehicle I had ever owned. My new 2007 is 3 weeks old and has 1500 mls on it. 18 miles per gallon combined. Hope to see 19/20.
  • txyank1txyank1 Member Posts: 1,010
    FYI, A couple owners have mentioned having cut about 1/2 the small "chin" strip below the bumper off for a little more clearance. I don't a picture but as I recall ther is a ridge that they followed.
  • 1dragon1dragon Member Posts: 2
    I purchased a 2007 AV LT in December and have noticed it misfires or skips when it is sitting at idle. I have taken it back to the dealer twice and they state that they don't feel the skip. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the same issue.
  • 1dragon1dragon Member Posts: 2
    I discovered another issue with my new 2007 AV LT. During wash time I noticed on the body where every door seal makes contact, the paint is being rubbed. I purchased the vehicle in Dec. 06 and it has already rubbed through the clear coat. The area service representative stated he would not authorize any repair of the problem. I'm elevating the issue but was wondering if any one else has seen this problem and reported it to GM?
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Member Posts: 588
    I haven't noticed anything yet, but I haven't been watching for it either. I'll have to go looking (adding that to my list).
  • robert79robert79 Member Posts: 1
    I would like to remove the side cladding on my 2003 avalanche. Anyone done this?
  • johnpaultenjohnpaulten Member Posts: 4
    the blower motor(a/c) will not turn off after turning
    ignition off. :confuse:
  • rgrossmanrgrossman Member Posts: 37
    I am considering purchasing a 2007 or 2008 Avalanche. The EPA mileage on these trucks is like 15/21 (with the active fuel mgt system). Is this realistic? At those levels the truck is comparable to a midsize truck in terms of fuel economy but with a whole lot more room. Just wondering what folks are actually getting in terms of mpg?
  • alc1588alc1588 Member Posts: 2
    I have an 07 LTZ and luv it. It gets about 14mpg city but around 22/23 hwy with the new e85 ethanol when I can get to the other side of town to purchase it. And it's much cheaper @ $2.55/gallon in Washington DC
  • iampissedoffiampissedoff Member Posts: 1
    I noticed the same things that you have both GM said that they will not authorize when my engine self distructed on start up at 5800 Km they told me that I should contact my insurance company. this is the second time on this vehical that GM has had warranty issues and wants you to uses insurance to repair their problems I guess this is why they advertise LIKE A ROCK . I think GM is avoiding a recall on their new engine. I know of 15 others to date with the same issue being told to contact their insurance company. rather than doing the reguired repairs under warranty you can claim to have the longest vehical warranty in the industry if you are going to let insurance do it for you. forget the advertized loaner vehical insurance will have to provide that to you and road side assistance might help you in a week or two. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :
  • crasher1crasher1 Member Posts: 2
    Can anyone tell me where is the best place to buy back bumpers for the Avalanche including the plastic cover that goes over the metal bumper. Either online or somewhere else besides the dealer.

  • robrizrobriz Member Posts: 12
    I just purchased the 2007 OEM wheels (LTZ Package) for my 2005 Z71. Any suggestions for tires to mount? I know the new ones have the Bridgestone Dueler Alenza in 275/55/20 size.
  • crasher1crasher1 Member Posts: 2
    Did you get them from a dealer or did you buy them online.
  • rocky07rocky07 Member Posts: 9
    It's a problem. I've read many negative comments about the front valance height on another forum. Many have "lifted" their noses causing a wrinkle, crease or fracture of the valance at the wheel well about mid-height. I don't believe the Z71 offers more ground clearance. Some have remedied the problem somewhat by removing the black air-dam. Don't what else to tell you....
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