Mercedes-Benz R-Class Tire/Wheel Questions

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  • shanchen72shanchen72 Member Posts: 23
    Sorry for the double post, still in sticker shock...

    I was quoted $1400 for brake pads and rotors, in addition to the $700 oil change (service B plus brake fluid flush).

    Anyone can share some input on the services required for leased MB?

  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    I bet you get free coffee and comfy chairs in the customer lounge so at least you have that on the plus side. You might try an independent import shop with a good rep with mb.
  • spiegespiege Member Posts: 1
    My wife's R-class has 24,000 miles and she is not an aggressive driver. The brake light came on to check the linings and pads. Is that unusal to need brakes at 24000 miles?
    We also have had alight tell us that a brake lamp was out and tire pressure low. Could all of this possibly be false readings?
  • ctdanctdan Member Posts: 38
    We had some random warning lights go on within the first 10k miles and they all turned out to be false warnings that required the replacement of some electrical sensors...not a big deal, all under warranty.

    Although after about 15k the tire pressure indicator would not turn off and it turned out that all 4 tires needed to be replaced (described in a prior post). If I were you I'd bring it into the dealership to get diagnosed and either bring your checkbook and prepare for the worst, or find out what it needs and go to a local reputable shop and save about 50%. Good luck!
  • greg_r350greg_r350 Member Posts: 2
    My wife's 2007 R350 has a little over 25,000 miles on it and the Brake Wear light came on over the weekend. The dealer's service department quoted $1,300, saying the car needs four new brake pads and rotors. The service department said this is normal for this car, at about 25,000 miles this is a standard replacement item, not the result of excessive wear or faulty manufacturing.

    I had to laugh at the earlier post about the comfy chairs and free coffee. We also get free internet access and cappuccino at our dealer's service center. They also wash it and put a mint on the driver's seat.

    The lease is up in three months, at which time the car will go into an auction, so we're not interested in making a big investment in the car's future.

    Took it my local mechanic, the guy who services my Honda, and his estimate was $1,200. He said all four brakes and rotors are shot.

    We enjoy the R350 but the cost of ownership means we have no interest in owning this car at lease end. To be honest I wish the dealer would take it back today and we could call it a day with this expensive car.
  • merseemersee Member Posts: 12
    I have a 08 R350 with 27K miles..I am not too happy with the longevity of the Continental 4x4 Contact (orig). Any recommendations on new tires? Thx
  • new2benznew2benz Member Posts: 5
    Would love to hear people's exprience of Michelin tires on the R350 ..... it seems the Continental ones that come standard are so so.
  • estebanpestebanp Member Posts: 2
    I bought these on recommendation from a friend, and so far couldn't be happier. The ride feels more consistent than it did with the conti's, and my wife believes they are quieter. Still early, but I expect them to hold up well with wear and tear.
  • wopelwopel Member Posts: 92
    My 2007 has 33,000 on the original equip. Micheline lattitude tires. They are 235/65/17. I understand there aren't many choices for Micheline - Lattitude or Energy MXV4. I am getting conflicting answers on which is best. The $ between them is not too much, so just want the smartest choice.
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USMember Posts: 900
    Tires are a series of compromises - they can't do everything well. So you need to decide what is important to you. Wear? Handling? Ride comfort? Wet traction? Snow traction?

    That will help narrow down the list.
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