R-Class Navigation System Questions

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Discuss the nav system in your R-Class here.


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    I have heard that the nav system in the R is better than the older CD-based MB systems, if still not "best in class." As to quality, the R is still pretty new, but its sister, the M-Class, seems to be ok in the quality department. I think that MB has been working hard to ensure better quality.
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    The NAVI system is DVD based in 1 DVD. The past system has been a region based 8 disc CD system. It is superior but I believe the NAVI system in the Lexus is a touch screen model. As far as issues with the previous ML (98 99), those issues are resolved. There were issues with the fuel delivery system due to a supplier defect. These would surface about 20-30k miles into use. Due to that delay there were quite a few in service before MB was aware of problem. Also, Roadside assistance calls ( out of fuel, flat tire, jump start)are all covered for life and are handled through the warranty claim department. Therefore they are logged as complaints or repairs in reference to satisfaction reports on services such as JD Power. That really skews those reports. MB, although they do not promote this for whatever reason, is on the leading edge as far as new technologies in safety and design. This market leading technology will always have a higher failure rate than the other manufacturers that follow suit. Just look at the folding hard top on the Lexus. This was available in 97 on a 98 model year SLK. Curtain airbags were available on MB vehicles long before the competition. I think Volvo brags of heated washer fluid.... MB has had that forever! My 960 wagon had no traction control or heated washer fluid. All the MB products did. Where is this car made again?? Just ask anyone who has a Blackberry how cool and frustrating and what the cost is to own cutting edge technology. As I have said before, I own an 82 300td, and won't ever have an issue with the sunroof motor going out.*steping off soap box*

    My $.02 is just that, but I love my new R. I think it is very cool. I always ask my wife for feedback. She states that everyone who sees it or rides in it feels the same and they are very quick to express their opinion. She is in real estate, so the passenger comfort and ease of entry and exit are a big factor. The large rear seat area and huge glass roof make the job of house hunting much less tedious. The navi system makes it easy to program her listings and plan routes that are more efficient.
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    Our nav system on the way back from a Christmas visit to an area west of Toronto (Burlington) suggested a rather long route that just didn't make any sense. In particular, it suggested that we return to Harrisburg as follows:

    -Buffalo, NY to Erie, PA on I-90
    -then south towards Pittsburgh on I-79
    -then east on I-80 across the top of upper half of PA
    -and finally south on I-81 to Harrisburg

    The total trip was to be about 550 miles. My regular route cutting across east NY then south on I-390 and ultimately Rte 15 south to Harrisburg only took 350 miles.

    What was really frustrating was that for a good thirty miles when I turned off I-90 to take my "shortcut" it continued to try and reroute me onto it's long way home. It has worked fine with all of our local trips so I would be interested to see if anybody has any ideas. My only theory is that on long trips it tries to route you exclusively on Interstates, but even then you would thing it would be capable of calculating the best compromise between shortest distance and shortest time.
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    I recently purchased a new R Class for my wife's birthday and the Navigation System appears to work great on a trip a 100 miles in distance.....as a matter of fact it gave precise directions to a home in the country side.

    I do wish it was a little user friendly with regard to the joy stick and came with a remote like our last Volvo.
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