Mercedes-Benz R-Class Suspension Issues

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Discuss R-Class suspension issues/problems here.


  • lopzlopz Member Posts: 22
    Some people compare R to an SUV in terms of practicality, but aren't we forgetting something very important for a lot of families: TOWING! I don't think the R is rated for any towing at all. Want to take a couple of waverunners to the lake but....
  • benzsterbenzster Member Posts: 152
    So true! I was told the the rear suspension in the wagons could be damaged with the tongue weight(if you look back there actually was a picture in the 210 wagon brochure of a boat being pulled up a ramp). The new chassis and suspension should support towing. Maybe you just answered MB's "why" question. Slap a d#mn hitch on the sucker!
  • benzsterbenzster Member Posts: 152
    Well, not really. If you walk under an ML, GL, or GWagon you will readily tell the suspension and diff. difference. The air suspension is meant to handle the weight and the trans cooler is set up for that. It could handle a jetski or 2 but not a skiboat. The people who compare it were not from Montvale for certain.
  • albellalbell Member Posts: 185
    While I understand some people's frustrations about the (lack of) towing capability, that's not what the R (like many wagons or minivans) is about. I don't fault MB for this -- you cant be all things to all people, especially if you offer alternatives (ML, G and now GL.)
  • taylorj2taylorj2 Member Posts: 1
    My wife drives a 2006 R500 and I have noticed that it "spits" and "hisses" from the right front corner- some sort of air suspension relief valve or something. I was told by a technician at my local dealer that this is normal and I have a tough time believing this. anyone have any experience with this?
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    Yep, have to agree with you on that - the subject of towing capacities is always an issue with someone ..... but so is almost everything else, and most characters are quick to assume it is a fault in the vehicle - whereas so very often it comes to light that it's "Pilot Error" - or ignorance - read failure to familiarise one's self with one's dazzling new vehicle What's an Owner's Manual??? :confuse:
    Here (in Australia) some owners seem to want to tow a horse trailer capable of holding about 17 horses + all their spare parts!!! (Or something else just as crazy, like the Queen Mary on a trailer) - remember: It's a passenger vehicle!!!
    Others expect a drop of 0.1% in fuel economy is automatically a warranty issue :sick:
    Having worked on only MB for over 15yrs, & in the vehicle repair industry for an additional 15yrs, my message to owners of all makes of vehicles is this:
    Use your vehicle for what it is designed;
    If you need a truck, buy or rent one;
    Read your Owner's Manual (a little at a time, if that's what it takes for you to fully understand it) ..... so you know what your obligations are, what your warranty is, what equipment your vehicle has etc .... (eg: - if you're too stupid to remember to put the transmission in Park and apply the park brake before you get out - are you that forgetful? Maybe you shouldn't have a license!) :(
    All manufacturers have some issue or other with most new vehicles early in the vehicle's life - that's why it has a Warranty period (Note to Ralph Nader);
    Vehicles are more and more complex, contain increasing amounts of equipment and accessories, conform to increasing legislation regarding safety and emissions
    (DON'T MISUNDERSTAND ME on these points - I'm proud of my industry's huge advances in increasing safety and reducing emissions);
    At some stage or other, most systems on any vehicle will require maintenance or repair ...... in modern vehicles information-sharing between control units is common-place, so one small fault may potentially affect several systems in the vehicle;
    I'm amazed at some (apparently sensible) people who put on an Oscar-winning act and try to have you believe they cannot use their vehicle ....... because the :surprise: cruisecontrol/sunroof/parking aid ..... isn't working :blush:
    On the whole I would be quite confident the level of issues with MB passenger vehicles is much more favourable than comparable luxury vehicles - that I have no doubt.

    Wishing you all Safe and Enjoyable travelling in your Mercedes Benz.
  • TonychelseaTonychelsea Member Posts: 2
    I agree with you here but wish to add that Mercedes new car warranty is not the cushion they lead you to beleive. The sales and engineering folk today never check a car for anything other than safety/roadworthy issues at service time. and if they notice something is wrong outside of a roadworthy issue, they dont tell you in the majority of cases about it. They are after all focused on profit first, customer and product excellence, second.

    I most cases they hide from you really whats wrong with the car until your out of warranty. Then all hell breaks loose at each service.
  • TonychelseaTonychelsea Member Posts: 2
    I Have the same car and the same problem. In fact I have lots of problems... this is just one of them. Any ideas?
  • diecastaussiediecastaussie Member Posts: 5
    When I purchased my 2006 R350L this year I asked the dealer to fit a towing hitch as I was likely to tow a small trailer from time to time. The dealer quoted me AUD$1300 which I thought a bit expensive - a second quote from another MB dealer where we get the wife's 320 CLK serviced produced a quote of AUD$1900 so I let the dealer who was selling the vehicle fit the hitch. He apologised that the hitch was so expensive because installation involved reprogramming the vehicle body computer so that ESC and ABS would understand that there might be a trailer on the back. The dealer told me that the hitch was rated at 1600KG (approx 3500lbs) The largest trailer I have had on the back so far was a 12' x 6' tandem container trailer which the vehicle seemed to handle without any difficulty.
  • markr350markr350 Member Posts: 1
    I have recently re-leased a 2006 r350 and have a knocking in my front suspension as well as feathering on my front tires.
    I have had the same knocking on my last 3 mercedes E260 and a E420 and a C240 wagon. I finaly found the problem on my C class, and it turned out to be the front top shock support that had failed, this probably took me 1 year and lots of complaining to the dealer when finaly it was solved by a $140 piece, after they had changed the whole front suspension.

    Now the dealer is telling me that this knock is normal on the Rclass and the feathering is also normal and they checked the alignment and all is well.

    I am ready to take legal action against the dealer and Mercedes Canada because they are trying to brush this warrantee problem under the carpet and some of the people i have had look at the car say that they think the millage was turned back.

    Has anyone had this same knocking problem with their R Class, and is it posible to turn back the millage for these cars and how do we check if it has been done.
  • jerrylee011jerrylee011 Member Posts: 1
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    I too hear a knocking in my right front wheel. I was told today it may be the top of the strut, where the connection is, making the noise.They were telling me it will be $750.00 per strut for the part and 5 hours labor.... 66k miles on it 2006 r350.

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