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Chevrolet Avalanche



  • notdosnotdos Posts: 5
    I really like the Av, but I'm terrified of the "American made" issue. I've owned two new American made cars in my life(Chevy,Ford)and both were junk. I've owned four foreign cars(Nissan,Toyota,Volvo)and they've been wonderful. Heck, I'm driving a 95 model Toyota 4x4 with 200k miles on it now and I've literally never done anything but routine maint. So what's the reason for this quality difference? Where is the value in buying an Av for 30k+ when, based on past performance of many of Chevrolets products, other seemingly more reliable vehicles are available?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    from the executive level down. Bottom line....cut costs to increase's the American way isn't it?
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    GM hasn't given any official update since the 2/22/01 pricing announcement. Regional release is said to be May for units beginning production in late March and national availability in July. We'll see if they hit the date for the national media preview scheduled for April 1-7. It begins on April Fool's Day? LOL
  • balserbalser Posts: 90
    We've had a Y2k 'burb for over a year - put on 15k without a hitch. One recall for front brake line placement and when the steering stops dry out, they make a horrible grinding noise, which drives us crazy. Both of these are design issues - not build quality issues. Ours was asembled in Mexico and the fit, finish, and overall build quality are excellent. Check out the 'burb boards - I haven't heard too many complaints (none maybe) regarding the build quality. I'd be more concerned with GM engineers screwing up the design of the mid gate (leaks, rattles, and such) than I would be regarding how it's screwed together. JMHO.
  • wxfcstrwxfcstr Posts: 18
    The 3/9/01 Ft Worth news paper had an ad in from a Chevy dealer who was advertising 52 Avs and Trailblazers on the lot, they apparently had 75 a one point in time. Don't know the number of each but a picture of Av was in the ad. Like most on this board, I too am disappointed in the Av price. $31K for a base model, I don't think so!! I would love to have a crew 1500 but without the shortened box, there's no way it's going in my garage. It's too big of risk to have a nice truck like the 1500 crew sitting outside in the south where all too often thunderstorms produce goofball size hail or larger or you leave it to the mercy of the sun and 105 plus degree temps. Come GM, wake up and smell the coffee. Offer the crew 1500 with a shortened (5.5 ft) composite box, and I will remain the loyal GM owner I have been for 25 years. Otherwise, it's time to consider a Ford Screw for my growing kids.
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    Bob, if you can get a picture of an Av on the lot, you may have the scoop of the year! The Trailblazers may be there - but the Av? Post a pic or the ad itself.
  • wxfcstrwxfcstr Posts: 18

    The ad was run again today in the 3/10/01 FTW Star-Telegram (Section F, pg 9) and the Av is pictured in the ad. The Chevy Dealer is Moritz Chevrolet, which used to be the Troy Aikman Automall. This has been the only Chevy dealer I've seen advertising as having the Av on lot in the newspaper. Their phone # is 888.590.7687. Their web address is I checked there inventory online but neither the Av or Trailblazer was listed on the site. This same dealership has been running 2001 Silverado Ext Cabs for less than $17k ( I suspect no V8, but they do adv. auto/ac/cruise). Part of their adv. this price on these Silverado's is using the Olds loyalty rebate ($1K). They list the dealer discount as $5,708, GM Rebate $500, Olds rebate $1000 on the Silverado listed in the ad.
  • aesiosaesios Posts: 4
    Look at this picture:

    It shows the bottom of an ava in white cladding. When I first saw it, i wondered what it was showing, and then i saw the door handles and i assume i have found a new feature that most peopole here do not know anout. What do you all think?

  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    Another DFW dealer shows pricing for two Avs - but there are none in stock. We are probably witnessing dealers trying to create interest.

    Here's an e-mail I received Sat. from Chevrolet- note the pricing shows cloth 40/20/40 seats only.

    Subject: Order your Chevy Avalanche
    Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 01:50:31 -0800 (PST)

    You waited patiently and now it's time. The all-new 2002 Chevy Avalanche, the only vehicle that can change from an SUV to a pickup can now be ordered from your local Chevy dealer.(1) Please see your local Chevy dealer for order specifics, product availability and timing.

    The chart below details pricing and the features included in each package.

    2WD Avalanche

    (High Content)
    $30,965(1) Vortec 5300 engine, four-speed automatic transmission, Custom Cloth 40/20/40 split-bench seat, 16-inch aluminum wheels, P265/70R-16 tires, air conditioning, power windows/locks and carpeted floor mats.

    Convenience Package $31,618(1) Self-dimming driver's OSRV mirror, OnStar,(2) electronic climate control and HomeLink®.

    Premium On-Road Package (Z66)
    $31,800(1) Traction Assist, 17-inch aluminum wheels, P265/70R-17 all-season tires, specially tuned springs and load leveling rear shocks, locking differential, aggressive rubber mats and Z66 decals.

    Both Packages $32,453(1)

    4x4 Avalanche

    (High Content)
    $33,965(1) Vortec 5300 engine, four-speed automatic transmission, Custom Cloth 40/20/40 split-bench seat, 16-inch aluminum wheels, P265/70R-16 tires, air conditioning, power windows/locks and carpeted floor mats.

    Convenience Package $34,618(1) Self-dimming driver's OSRV mirror, OnStar,(2) electronic climate control and HomeLink.

    Off-Road Package (Z71)
    $34,800(1) -17-inch aluminum wheels, P265/70R-17, blackwall on-/off-road tires, skid shields, specially tuned springs and shock absorbers, locking differential, high capacity air cleaner, aggressive rubber mats, Z71 decals

    Both Packages $35,453(1)

    Want to dress up your computer? Do it with an Avalanche screen saver. Simply click here, follow the directions and you'll have a computer screen as great- looking as Avalanche.

    Avalanche available 2001.

    Since you're receiving this Avalanche Email Exclusive, you'll be among the first to receive upcoming Avalanche news as soon as it's available. Stay tuned.
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    Is it white or the standard gray looking white due to the strange angle of the shot?
  • aesiosaesios Posts: 4
    I dunno, it looks pretty damn white, but I see what you are saying it has a dark tent. This is weird.
  • wfbartowfbarto Posts: 58
    Watched the Chicano Auto Show on Speed vision tonight. Great piece on 4-door trucks, but..... no news or coverage on the Avalanche?!!! Showed the Cadillac Escapade and the Lincoln Black wood but best of all showed the new 2002 Dodge Ram with 4 doors and shortened bed option. Very impressive looking truck!! Since Chevy is slow getting out the Avalanche and only has so-so looks in the pictures, I just may wait a few months and go for the Dodge. This one really looks like a truck without the ugly side-body cladding, etc.

    By the way the show will be on again tonight at 12 midnight Eastern and on Friday, March 16th at Noon.
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    Where did the picture come from? Are there more?
  • aesiosaesios Posts: 4
    It came from, they sent me an email when I told this one car website that I was looking for Avas in my area. They had one more pic, but it was a regular Ava. Has anyone seen the accories on the chevy website for the Ava? They look pretty nice.
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    Well it's good to know that the one picture they sent you is taken while the truck rests on the photographer's chest! Why wouldn't they release pictures that really show off the truck and its unique lines? Aesio - you make reference to a "regular" Av - what do you mean?
  • aesiosaesios Posts: 4
    The other picture was of a blakc Ava on some rocks i think.. let me get the picture...

    Here is the website link:

    Roll over the pic to see the whiteness.

  • pwitzpwitz Posts: 51
    Took a harder look at that is not really is just the reflection of the sun at a wierd angle off the gray plastic.
    Got the latest piece of AV promo literature, complete with the color lineup....looks like
    Black, White, Green, Sunset Orange, a Red, not much else.....kind of surprised I didn't see yellow, may have been cool.
    The lower cladding looks excessively chunky on anything other than the black truck....
    and here is another kicker....the fuel tank is 32 gallons! I thought it would least have the "regular" 26 gallon tank of my 1500 Silverado Ext. Cab, which already is in the $35-$40 neighborhood to fillup here in the Northeast. I'm thinking that I should stand pat for awhile and
    seek how the Av shakes out the first year or so, or when the bugs get shook out and the incentives come out. The incentives will come...for those who don't have to have the first one....even on the new Silverado, I was getting financing and rebates at the end of the intro year.
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    Fuel capacity is advertised as 31 gallons on the Av. If you only want to fill with 25 or 26 gallons at a time, do so. Or, extend the time between those painful fills and put in the extra $7 of gas. The capability to go 500+ miles on a tank is an advantage.
  • eric2001eric2001 Posts: 482
    Is a real bonus, just ask anyone who tows with the 2500/3500 HD's - 200 miles between fill-ups. Ever try bringing a fifth wheel into a convenient store for gas? Be happy with a larger tank, it is much better than the other extreme!
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    Did any Avs roll off the line? Pricing (although somewhat limited) available on Edmunds, KBB and Carpoint.
  • guru101guru101 Posts: 15
    I also live in Metro Detroit, and I saw a white Z-66 Ave on the road in Clawson, MI (just south of Rochester). Pretty sweet looking, but IMHO overpriced.
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    One of my dealers has two allocations and hasn't sold either. They screwed up on the first one, almost missing the order cutoff. A red/graphite unit was hastily ordered, then they called and asked if that color would be OK (no). (Did I mention that I offered a healthy downpayment to a salesperson a month ago - I'm now dealing with the general manager.) They need to place their April order for a late May build soon, the pricing isn't quite there. I may look to wait for the first to come in and drive it before ordering to check quality issues. Has anyone else priced one?
  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    I would definitely wait and drive one first. This is not like a Corvette, which you know will drive like a dream without having to take a test drive. This new truck has to be tested out first.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    According to my salesman who i bought my truck from (just chatting the other day) i asked im when the avs are coming out. He said they should have their first one in about 1-2 wks. It is built just gotta ship it.

    Ill let you guys know. (last time i asked i asked him when the new 1500HDCC would be out he said about a wk 5 days later they had their first one)

  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    is what dealers here are getting as delivery dates. What surprises me is the lack of interest on this board and at the dealers right now. I think most people are on the sidelines wondering how the finished product drives.
  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    I think Edmunds is a fairly good representation of vehicle popularity based on volume of posts for each topic type.

    Having said that, I think you are right in that there is very little interest in this vehicle overall so far.

    That should be good news for those who are still serious about them. Just don't jump on them right away and pay an over priced sticker. Give it a couple of months after they start to arrive, and I think you'll be able to write your own deal near invoice on them.
  • truckdudetruckdude Posts: 55
    there is only one word for this truck: "butt-ugly". OK, that's two words. Ugly alone is not strong enough to describe it. Maybe owners can park them beside their first purchase mistake, the Pontiac Aztec, and wonder which one is actually uglier?
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Didnt you know the aztec is an accessory for the av? You can haul one in the bed.


    Dark colors on the av look good but the light ones (orange red) look bad
  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    Coming from a Ford Tundra owner, that one really is ironic. Kind of like Al Gore calling Bush a poor loser. lol.

    I have seen better looking trucks, but calling it uglier than an Aztek? NM.
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