Infiniti G35 Climate Control Questions

cgn06cgn06 Member Posts: 1
Help someone....I have a 2003 Infiniti G35 and few days ago my econo. AC came on by itself and will not stop unless I turn the vehicle off. During the same time the audio shuts down, won't even come on. Has anyone had this problem?


  • ed53ed53 Member Posts: 2
    I am having a simlar problem. Same year, base model, 68K miles. Engine turns on, climate control goes intoa lock-down mode where it locks into auto AC and just blows at a high speed until the temperature locked on the disply is reached. No control buttons work and the radis controls also dont work (except the sterring wheel controls). a couple of times, aftger a half our-hour of operation, all control is restored, only to get locked in again, the minute I re-start the car.

    Anyone get frustrated to the point of bring it in to the dealer and were they able to solve it???
  • cheerioboy26cheerioboy26 Member Posts: 412
    There was a bulletin (recall, maybe) for the HVAC and radio controls freezing and not being able to be operated. I think the steering wheel radio controls still worked, IIRC. This was probably around late 03 or early 04. It happened to my 03 sedan back then, some circuit board was replaced and it never happened again.
  • ed53ed53 Member Posts: 2
    Possible Recall huh......anywhere you can check on G35 Recalls?

    Thanks for the info....will bring it up to my infinity dealer and check it out.
  • cheerioboy26cheerioboy26 Member Posts: 412

    This link has both bulletins and recalls, I think the issue was a recall but it may have been a bulletin.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Let us know what you find out.
  • casonccasonc Member Posts: 1
    Exact same problem here. For a few months, the cycling you described did occur (working, then not working, then working again). However, during the last week, it is 100% out.

    Here is the bulleting:

    On some model year 2003 G35 Sedans manufactured through August 21, 2002, the audio and temperature controls may not operate as expected. When using the audio equipment or the temperature controls, the unit may become inoperative. In some cases, this can be corrected by turning the ignition switch off and back on again. In other cases, the unit remains inoperative and requires service by an Infiniti technician. To prevent this condition, Infiniti has initiated a Voluntary Service Campaign to replace the audio finisher circuit board on these vehicles. Use Infiniti Net to confirm if a specific vehicle is affected by this service campaign (P3104).

    Not sure what a voluntary service campaign is... Do they do the replacement of the circuit board free of charge? What was your experience?
  • makendall89makendall89 Member Posts: 1
    I purchased my 03' G35 a few months ago from a close friend. After a few weeks i got the on and off fluctuations of the A/C and stereo. The A/C would run full blast and only change depending on the temperature outside. The only way i could control the radio was with the steering wheel controls. The center console controls were completely shot. I took it in to have it checked out and recieved no information about a voluntary service. It must be a common problem because the infiniti maintnence tech had a circuit board to show me the problem. Its gonna run me about 900 dollars to fix plus he didnt gurantee that the stereo would work. He said that in the past the stereo units become fried out as well and that could run another 500 to have fixed or replaced. If anyone has any other info it would be great. I havent gone to get it fixed yet. Im going to check with a local repair place to see if it's any cheaper because the dealership runs high prices on the labor costs.
  • terich22terich22 Member Posts: 4
    I am having the exact same problem. i went to the local nissan dealership since we don't have an infiiniti dealership near by and apparently it is the A/C control head. Buying new is around 700, but i called a salvage yard and they can ship it in for about 300 and it includes a limited warranty. did anything ever come of the recall. i looked on the website and couldn't get any other answers. let me know if you got some help.
  • sjaievesjaieve Member Posts: 252
    I have an 08, had an IS250 prior to the G and I feel the aircon is a bit overzealous. When the temp is down to what I have set, I notice its still blowing air and 3 bars are shown on the fan meter. With my IS, once the temp was set, it will reduce to 1 or 2 bars. This is my only problem with the car so far, otherwise am loving it. Love the payments I make, the "horses", the looks, etc
  • joni7joni7 Member Posts: 5
    I am having the exact same problem with my AC/CD changer/radio. For a few months, the cycling you described did occur (working, then not working, then working again). However, during the last week, it is 100% out. The CD/radio does not work and the A/C can't be changed from auto; but, at least the A/C is still working. I called the dealer and they say it's the circuit board; and it's a $1500 repair. Does anyone know which VIN numbers are included in the 2003 G35 Voluntary Service Campaign?
  • terich22terich22 Member Posts: 4
    I was told that it was the A/C control head. i am having mine fixed next week. it has been acting right the last few days, but i have not had the a/c on. i bought the part through a salvage yard, though they are tough to track down. it cost me about 300 and it will probably run me another 75 to have it put on by a local mechanic. but 375 is much better than a grand. i will let you know how it turns out. send me a reminder towards the end of next week if you don't mind.
  • capturedocccapturedocc Member Posts: 1
    I was having the same problem. My 03 G35 was covered under the recall and the Circuit board was replaced. It worked for a year. Starting going out occasionally and then went out completely last week. The Infiniti dealership gave me an estimated of $1500 -$2500. Yuck. I took it to the local Stereo repair shop. They had another G35 in the same day with the same problem. Says they fix them frequently. My estimate to repair is $342.50 and it will be completed in 1 to 2 weeks or they now sell kits where the A/C has a seperate circuit board and you can use another stereo system. The kit is approx $225 plus the cost of a new radio. I am beginning to think that is a better option than have the Bose repaired every 18 months.
  • sharkman78sharkman78 Member Posts: 10
    I have an 08 G35 with Nav, Prem and Sport. For the life of me, I cant figure out how to use the fan without the A/C on.. Can anyone help?

  • joni7joni7 Member Posts: 5

    I checked the recall it appears that it only covers G35 Sedans and not the coupe. Is yours a sedan?

  • joni7joni7 Member Posts: 5
    To Terich22: Did you find out if your problem was the A/C control head or the audio fnisher? Haven't taken mine in yet. Thanks
  • terich22terich22 Member Posts: 4
    I called various infiniti dealerships and they are all telling me that it is the radio, and if you take your car in, they will put a refurbished radio in for 550 bucks. infiniti recognizes the problem which is why you can get the radio a bit cheaper. normally i think it would cost a couple of grand. he told me it was not the circuit board. i returned the A/C control head.
  • WetWilly0WetWilly0 Member Posts: 1
    I recently went on a 2 week trip and had to leave my '03 G35 sedan out in below freezing conditions, and when I came back, my control cluster and temperature/compass display were completely dead. With that, all climate control functions were also dead. I live in a relatively cold area, so the heater being out is not only uncomfortable, but dangerous as well, because my windows fog up and cause visibility issues, so I have to significantly limit my driving. I've tried to leave the car on for up to 30 minutes just to see if something was frozen that cause these problems (even though I seriously doubted that it was the case), and that didn't work. Anyone have any ideas of what I could do? Is this problem related to the cold weather, or is it just an electrical malfunction and a coincidence?

  • lmottellmottel Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 G35s and the climate control is creating some noise. It is kind of a high pitched grinding noise. I took it to the only dealer in town and they turned on an 07 G35, which did not make that noise. I left the car for them to check out and later they called me saying that my car is a G35s, thats why it is making that noise...the G35 is different...of course I am not buying it. As soon as I turn off the AC the noise is gone...anyone else having this issue?

  • rsaulrsaul Member Posts: 28
    I have a 2008 G35xS and have the same "grinding" noise when the A/C is on. I have not taken it into the dealer because I thought it was just a noisy A/C compressor (louder than my old 2004 TL and 2007 Honda Pilot). Could be that the overall car is very quiet and makes the A/C compressor just sound louder...have you always had the noise? For me, it is only when the A/C is on, not just when the vent is blowing.
  • rhard49rhard49 Member Posts: 226
    I have a 2008 G35x bought new in November. I also have a grinding kind of noisey compressor. I buy a new car every 3 years this is the first vehicle I have heard with noisey AC in many years. I have not brought it to the dealers attention yet, but do consider it abnormal. I questioned weather it is due to the high reving engine or we're looking at future compressor failure.
  • bert71bert71 Member Posts: 5
    I have a g35 its an 03 with all the same prob your having. i just got my car back today, Infiniti fixed my car under a plan called goodwill, put a new radio in my car for free and my car is working Great
  • bert71bert71 Member Posts: 5
    Infiniti will put a new radio in your car for free under a plan called Goodwill. i got my car out there shop today its got a new radio in it and evvery thing works great and all free to us, again the plan is called GOODWILL
  • danag03danag03 Member Posts: 1
    If you have had a problem with the audio finisher like everyone on this list---PLEASE PLEASE call the 1800 infiniti Customer Services telephone number.

    Infiniti Consumer Affairs
    P.O. Box 685003
    Franklin TN 37068-5003
    8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Eastern / Central Time / Pacific Time
    Monday through Friday

    They said they have had many reports on this issue and are in discussions with their engineers. If you get on the list and there is a recall they will reimburse you for the problem. PLEASE CALL!
  • salekssaleks Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 g35 (non-sport) and have the same issue. It is especially noticeble when driving around parking lots with AC on and engine in 1500-2500K RPM range. Sometimes it is noisy enough that people look at you thinking you are a nut revving the engine too much. Will take my car to 30K service next week and will ask about it.
  • redbaronkredbaronk Member Posts: 1
    did you figure out what was wrong with yours? I am having the same issue with mine (same year and make as your car) and the dealer is recommending that the compressor be replaced under warranty.
  • latoyaslatoyas Member Posts: 2
    him y name is latoya and i was wondering is any one out there hhaving the same problem as me with your radio going out and coming when it want too where you cant control the temp in the car or turn the radio on the only thing work is the navigation please reply if you are havinr the same problem as me and if you know if its fixable. thank you
  • latoyaslatoyas Member Posts: 2
    yes im having the same problem do you know if infiniti is going to fix the problem for us
  • terich22terich22 Member Posts: 4
    I had this problem about a year ago, it was very sporadic and the air came on full blast. The issue is the circuit board, it is connected to both the stereo and the a/c. I think they charged me about $550 at the infiniti dealership.
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