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I have 2006 Chevy Cobalt, I recently wrecked hit by hydroplaning into a wall, but it drove home and started for the 2 weeks but now it won't start. The lights turn on, but no turnover. We've tried charging the battery. I've seen about the antitheft being locked online but Im not really sure what to do next.


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    When you put the ignition key in, and turn it to ON, does the yellow security symbol go out after you sit with the key ON for a few seconds. The symbol is the car with a padlock on top of it.

    If that doesn't go you, your key is not being read by the sensor. Do you have a second key?

    Another problem area can be the jumper post on top of the engine on the relay/fuse box. It has a red cover over it and is the place you connect a positive jumper cable to while the negative cable connects to a post on the strut tower.

    Disconnect the negative at the battery, then unscrew this post and clean the connections it screws down onto. One comes from the battery cable from the trunk of the car. One goes to the starter. One goes to the relays and fuses for power. I believe it can oxidize (I think it's aluminum).

    Then tighten that post on these connections. I had trouble with this when the temp was 10 below and I couldn't troubleshoot correctly trying to get the car started for my son.

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