Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Accessories and Mods

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  • sconradsconrad Member Posts: 1
    Well, I guess I'll go first...

    I had a Rhino liner sprayed in about two weeks afer I got the truck. So far it's great. Nothing sliding around in the back (even empty gas cans will stick on that stuff around corners). Also put a trailer hitch on myself. I ordered one from with the wiring harness which made the electrical stuff easy. Also had Ziebart throw some molded mudflaps on to keep my paint from getting chipped.

    I'd like to put an aux tranny cooler on it for when I tow my boat so I don't kill the tranny. I like the Hayden's OEM style with the stacked plates. I have one on my XJ and it works well and was an easy install. I just need to find out which is the return line to the tranny. Anyone know??
  • jasonfmhsjasonfmhs Member Posts: 1
    Hey guys, im trying to find out how to get the darn window cranks off the door to remove the door panel... to be honest its quite frustrating... any tips would be good.
  • pondscumpondscum Member Posts: 20
    Did anyone get a coin holder in the center console armrest? looks like there is a mounting for it but cant find anything on one.
  • th3_d3v1lth3_d3v1l Member Posts: 4 has a tool built specifically to remove thos pesky rollers. its under installation tools/help. hope it helps.
  • ltmajgensgtsirltmajgensgtsir Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any experience with replacing the wheels/tires in a colorado/canyon? I just got a 2007 regular cab in Nov.
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Member Posts: 593
    What wheels and tires do you currently have? I bought a 2005, 4x4, regular cab Canyon with the Z-71 package. The truck came with the "God-awful" 265/75/15 General Ameri-Trac tires. I have no understanding why, but they are the WORST tires I ever drove on. The truck was literally all over the road.

    Since I primarily drive this truck in the winter, I installed a set of Bridgestone Blizzak snow tires on it within a week of getting the truck. Big improvement in ride and handling, even though the Bridgestones are "snow tires".

    I do drive the truck in the summer at times, and Blizaks don't last too long in the summer, so I made a "performance upgrade" for summer use. I installed a set of 16"x8" wheels, and 245/75/16 Firestone Destination LE tires. They're the same OD as the 265/75/15s, and they worked out quite well. I don't understand why the factory didn't go this route...
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    i just purchased a 2007 gmc canyon and i love it but i was wanting to put a suspension lift kit on it. but one of my co-workers who puts on lift kits all the time said that i shouldn't do it because the suspension lifts that are for them are crap and it makes them ride like [non-permissible content removed]. so i was wondering if any of that was true that he said. cuz i was really wanting to lift it but i dont want to screw it up.
  • billinbowiebillinbowie Member Posts: 1
    Anyone replaced the horn in a 2007 Colorado? I took a look at it and it looks like you have to disassemble the front grill to get to it. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  • greenjeanzgreenjeanz Member Posts: 18
    I added a flowmaster 40 series to my 4 cyl Z-71 Colorado 4x4.I'm averageing about 22.8 mpg,and the sound is pretty cool for a 4 banger.I also have the 5-speed manual trans.On my other trucks I also added a K&N dropin,but I haven't done it to this one....yet.
  • puregreenpuregreen Member Posts: 24
    Just wondering if anyone has put on a flowmaster muffler and seen any improvements?
  • puregreenpuregreen Member Posts: 24
    Installed the k&n cold air intake this past friday checked milage today got 2.8 mpg better plus a noticiable increase in throttle response and hp. I m gonna put the tornado in next see what happens.
  • poncho167poncho167 Member Posts: 1,178
    Let us know about that Tornado, I haven't heard too much about it other than the high price.
  • puregreenpuregreen Member Posts: 24
    Had it in for a week no real notice in anything yet gonna try it onr more week if nothing i will return it.
  • canyon2canyon2 Member Posts: 1
    i've got an 04 canyon, love the truck no real big issues just want to lift it, anyone have any info on which lift is the best for that. also want to add aftermarket parts to up horsepower. any help would great.
  • stoltzstoltz Member Posts: 2
    Just bought a 08 Z71 crew cab with the 3.7 eng.
    I want to install a trans temp gauge and I was hoping someone could let me know who sells a A-pillar mount?
    Checked with Summit already.
  • puregreenpuregreen Member Posts: 24
    Has anyone used a programer to increase fuel milage yet?
  • northpack99northpack99 Member Posts: 1

    I have a 2008 Colorado Reg Cab, 4cyl and can't find a cold air intake for it....they only have intakes for 5 cyl. What model and style is yours???

    Thanks, Ed
  • puregreenpuregreen Member Posts: 24
    I have an 05 crew z71 4x4 ls . They have them in stock at performance for $300.00 or call 1-800-752-6268 ext7601 Travis is who i have been dealing with, they dont make programmers yet but im gonna order the magnaflow exhaust from them. good luck
  • pondscumpondscum Member Posts: 20
    Better check this a bit further. I was myself all ready to order the big buck K&N kit today, right up to the point I checked their web site and found dyno test charts. The charts substantiate a near-10% HP increase as advertized, but specs are actually slightly less at "normal" rpm ranges 1-3K and the better breathing benefit doesnt take effect until 4K+ RPM! Dont know about you, but in trying to same a bit of gas, I try to keep out of hyperdrive.
  • cbusradocbusrado Member Posts: 2
    so ive got an 05 crew cab z71 and its already equipped with the chrome step bars. but im thinkin about throwin on a bull bar on the front? but i had to replace the bumper lip piece awhile back and some of the underneath supports are crack( which are not visible because the bumper lip piece covers it) but if i geta bull bar will it have to come off?
  • cbusradocbusrado Member Posts: 2
    anyone have any helpful suggestions on the topic as a whole. just wanted to see what the thing was about and whether the bumper lip has to come off or not
  • plutacplutac Member Posts: 2
    I'm looking to replace that crappy stock clutch fan on my 04 I5. does anyone know how bad one is to install, things look pretty tight. I'm thinkin the flex-o-lite brand. Can anyone tell me if its a do it yourself or no? THANKS.
  • jloseejlosee Member Posts: 2
    anyone know the largest and most aggressive tire i can put on my colorado 2wd without a lift?
  • guitarplayguitarplay Member Posts: 1
    I purchased an aftermarket trans cooler for a 2004 colorado with 3.5L engine and the directions say to install it on the incoming flow side to the radiator but I have read it can go on the the return side which has a 6 inch section of rubber hose the can be cut and spliced into to make it easier.Anyone with any suggestions please help.
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