Good luxury compact SUV from BMW (facelift of BMW X1 2020) Anyone tried it?

lamborghiniuruslamborghiniurus Member Posts: 2
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I just saw the new BMW X1 SUV from 2020 and it looks very nice. Has anyone bought it and what kinds of deals did you get. Looking for a daily drive car.

Here is a short video of what i'm talking about:


  • lamborghiniuruslamborghiniurus Member Posts: 2
    or compared with Audi Q3 2020 Volvo XC40 or Volkswagen Tiguan?
  • KL1KL1 Member Posts: 13
    We test drove the X1 and q3 and decided the X1 was the clear winner for us in almost every category. You really need to test drive every option first and then decide. X1 also leases better than the q3. Vw is not on the same playing field. Can’t speak on the Volvo.
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