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What would make it Do that

tim69699tim69699 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2020 in Dodge
I have a dodge Dakota and the front freeze plug and the radiator was replaced now when it's cold it leaks but after it gets hot if you let it cool down and add some more antifreeze it stops leaking and it doesn't get hot What would make it Do that


  • jmonroejmonroe Member Posts: 8,989
    I have seen this happen a few times on GM V8's back in the 60's, and 70's. It was because the freeze plug hole on the engine block was not cleaned sufficiently of rust before installing the new freeze plug. The real fix is to clean the block better and put in a new freeze plug. However, I have seen where if the leak was not too bad and you are willing to add antifreeze to account for the leak, a few times, new rust will form and that will prevent further leaks. If it's an old truck and I assume that it is (that's when freeze plugs go bad), you might want to do the add antifreeze fix and wait it out. I doubt that the radiator is leaking but you'll have to make sure about that. A couple sheets of news paper on the garage floor can sorta pin point where the leak is.

    Good luck.


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