Severe Vibration

Skive1960Skive1960 Member Posts: 1
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Hi , I have a annoying vibration that can be felt coming from the Near side rear under acceleration ( if driven carefully you can disguise / mask the vibration ) , at approx 45 MPH and up to around 65 plus it feels as if the rear end is shaking it self to bits , I am a Ex technician of 35 years plus ,I have checked the normal items wheel balance play in any and every bearing and suspension joint , I have had the rear diff oil change , checked the drive shafts for any play or tight spots on joints ect , I have changed the front transmission oil ,and found out my vehicle is a 2012 modal , I have checked fro any play in the rear diff mounts , I have even checked the propeller shaft for the unusual wear or collapse of the centre joint , so now running out of ideas , the only thing
I can say is that with the vehicle on a ramp and being driven with road wheels / suspension in normal position that the Near side front road wheel is hesitant to rotate , how this might be translating to a vibration in the rear I have no idea , any ideas folk would be gratefully received .
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