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Changes You'd Like To See in the Scion xB

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,440
edited March 2014 in Scion
Let's hear your wish list items for features you would add or design changes you would like to see for the Scion xB!

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  • How cool would it be to have a 2-door XB... I guess it would compete with the mini cooper... what are your thoughts?
  • 1. Compass & outdoor temperature mounted in rearview mirror
    2. Variable speed intermittent wipes (not the one speed we got now)
    3. Lower ratio differential - no reason this thing turns 3500 rpms at 70. Should be less than 3000 and result in better mileage.
  • I prefer the present manual ratio. I got 42 mpg with it on two tanks, and it's easy to get 37 mpg in rural driving. I value the responsiveness and acceleration in gears around town and on 2-lane mountain roads. The car would be very sluggish with a higher ratio like the automatic, and would not have the OD button for the constant downshifts that would be necessary.
  • so how about a two door version? it would b slightly smaller, yet still retain the practicality
  • rubleruble Posts: 2
    1.Cruise Control 2.Side impact Airbags 3.Move the overdrive lockout button to the passenger side of the automatic shifter.
  • if a 6 speed manual like the versa was added, you could keep the axle ratio the same and get good acceleration and better mileage in the top gear and of course, cruise control
  • somone please respond to the idea of a two door model!
  • joesbarjoesbar Posts: 20
    Some kind of LIGHT in the front area of the vehicle that can be accessed without having stretched arms. A PAUSE button for the cd player. Is it just me or does this Pioneer not have a PAUSE button? Standard 1.7 engine. I'm getting roughly the same MPG as I did with my 03 Civic (so far) while sacrificing the power I had.
  • joesbarjoesbar Posts: 20
    Larger cup holder also. How am I supposed to get a 44oz beverage in these skimply things? Even my 03 Civic could fit a 44 oz. No excuse for this.
  • image






    Yes I wish they were color, but at least they're something!

    Killerpiece :shades:
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Cruise control and taller gearing.
  • rovertonroverton Posts: 20
    Just picked it on on Friday and too a 324 mile trip for a mpg of 30.1.
    This baby rides smooooth and without wind noise. Another reason for liking this is when hitting bumps on the road it is smooth compared to other vechiles driven.
    The only complaints are:
    - No arm rest for the passenger
    - For the driver, the left arm has no where to rest logically as the bottom of the window is to high and the area where the button are is too low. Otherwise this is a great buy.
    -The backseat room is great.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter would like to get consumer feedback on the redesigned Scion xB. You do not have to be an owner to respond. Please respond to [email protected] no later than June 1, 2007 with your daytime contact information
  • wapswaps Posts: 19
    If Art Carr from Hunrington Beach California can produce an add on overdrive unit for Ford/Gm/Chrysler V-8's with Auto trans and there is a overdrive unit for the Ford Model A/B etc. added milage, 65+ mph freeway speed not uncomon. Why can't someone make one for a Scion XB with auto trans. From 29 to 40+ mpg would be normal. Bet they would sell like hot cakes. Toyota can produce these units so why buy aftermarket.
  • wapswaps Posts: 19
    Have a great body man :) weld the back doors shut, d/a and finish them out with plastic filler, prime, base and clear coat, sand and polish. Would look darn good ...
    Scion will have one before long I betcha. ;)
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