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PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,237
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Congratulations on your new Matrix! This is the place to let us know what you love about your new ride!

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  • benleubenleu Posts: 3
    Hi, I just got my 2006 XR FWD. It seems better from my friend's 2003 XR FWD. It is more quiter and smoother, as I drove both. One thing I want to know is the break-in period. Is it the first 1000km need to below i00km/hr or less?

    Thanks. :)
  • sharmingsharming Posts: 1
    just got mine a week ago and been told, not to use the cruise and don't drive for long time on same speed (basically not using cruise) and stay on lower RPM below 100 km/h during the break-in period.


  • luvmbootyluvmbooty Posts: 271
    What trim is yours and what options does it have? What options were you looking for (ext/int color, stability control, airbags, etc.)? What was the 'out the door price'?
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Hey that's funny: I was thinking the same thing about the '07 XR I just purchased. It is definitely quieter than the '03 I had before, and a bit smoother too. When they did the update on the front bumper and taillights and dumped the GM radio, I wonder if they updated some other stuff behind the scenes as well.

    It also cranks more quickly (and quietly) than my old car when I start it, and doesn't rev to oblivion immediately upon start-up like my old one did. It always worried me in my old Matrix that with no oil circulating yet, the engine would instantly rev to 4000 rpm or beyond at start-up. I like the new one better in lots of little ways. :-)

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • ar79ar79 Posts: 2
    I hate it. I bought the 06 XR one year ago and it's already falling apart. The tires have worn excessively due to a manufacturer problem that we are still trying to work with Toyota to have fixed. I only have 15000 miles on it and have kept up with my scheduled maintenance. The rear windshield wiper doesn't work right and will be getting it replaced as well. It only runs at one speed and doesn't return on it's own. Has anyone else had either of these problems?
  • Got a new XR 07 6 months ago and has 4000k on it now.
    I noticed a one time "clicking noise" when the car comes out of stop. This is only one "click" coming from the engine or front suspension only when you start moving! There is no noise when you stop and go forward again as long as I don't turn off the engine. But if I turn the engine off and start again and and move forward, it clicks again for only one time again! It's sometimes loud, sometimes not!

    The dealer can not figure it out!! They told me to drive it and see what will happen.

    Any ideas? Please?
  • we're a longtime toyota family...owned 6 of 'em. I strayed last time, getting a mazda 3 because it was fun to drive. which it was, except when it needed to be driven to the gas station, which was a bit too often for me. that 2.3 engine is nice and revvhappy, but not too efficient.

    anyway, sought a more fuel efficient ride and found the matrix. I'm 6'1'' and don't fit comfortably in many sedans but love the openness and driving perspective of the matrix. also love the general feel of the seats and the quietness. for a compact car this thing really feels solid.

    had quite a time finding the safety stuff I think is necessary. I'm in the Northeast and was told by several dealers that stability control would be hard to find, basically a factory order. also hard to find were side curtain airbags and ABS. when I did locate that configuration, I was surprised to find they didn't all drive the same. some were sluggish. this one felt peppy off the line, and had the RS-A tires, not the Continentals (see the tire forum for that saga...). it's the speedway blue, which won't get lost in a parking lot, at any rate.

    my only gripe was with the onboard stereo, the stock 6disc changer sounded weak. hardly any juice at all. replaced the spkrs w/ Polk Audios and that was huge. will likely replace the head unit w/ a pioneer avic D3 (the nav/ipod/cd all in one, w/ a touch screen).

    otherwise, great car! my dogs love the back!
  • I'm going to have a year with my 07 XR and so far it has been good (I will explain why only good later). I really enjoy driving my car. I love the model and I especially like all the space it has. I feel really good driving my car. I never was much into small cars but my Matrix does not feel compact at all (i don't feel like I'm driving low).

    I actually like many things about my Matrix the whole dashboard and the way the seat can be folded. I think the car has a really good design.

    My problem has been with the tires. The little pressure light has been going on too frequently and I have had the tires taken care of 4 times like in 2-3 months. So, I'm taking my car in to see where the problem is.

    But overall great car and a goodbuy for me.
  • I bought this red matrix a month ago , nice auto. A little expensive i think i got an xr no abs brakes and everything is extra. Ok so i like the auto for its great gas mileage and ability to turn hatchback quick and easy. I returned to dealer 3 times to repair hood prop it keeps coming out of fender well the clip breaks often. gas mi abt 25-27 and on open road 32 not bad!!
    My big complaint is its a corrolla seat and it hurts my back after a an hr or so is same problem i had in 2004 corolla i had-i have a camry 2005 much better seating. all in all a nice auto as second vehicle, not happy with service reluctance to find a better solution to repair a cheap clip holding prop for hood
  • trefferrtrefferr Posts: 1
    Just got a 09 s model. my first Toyota. I am a 6"1" 250 lb guy. I find it to be very comfortable. I have only driven it 100 miles but am pleased so far. My 18 year old son and his twin 12 year old sisters fit comfortably in the back seat. :shades:
  • Got double-team and bait/switch into buying this. My question is about gas mileage. This is very important issue with me. Dealer swore Toyota's get better than posted-just finished my first tank about 70-30 with hwy being most---only averaged 27 overall---seems to start when cold with a jackrabbit feel. Am I being negative toward the car because of my purchase experience? Or is there a break-in period and it will get better.. Has anyone averaged better than posted figures? I do like the looks of car but it is way over my budget. They sure saw me coming...
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    have the base model only because I had to to get the 1.8 engine. Have been seeing just above 30 mpg with the same 70% highway - which I regard as acceptable. Don't believe you can expect much more than the 27 mpg you're getting with the larger engine. Overall the car has been quite satisfactory and economical. Curious though - what did they 'bait and switch' you from - a Yaris?
  • "Dealer swore Toyota's get better than posted"

    They're blowing smoke. There are many more important factors affecting MPG than how consistent the government test is. Never listen too closely to salesmen. My '06 Matrix Base 5-speed has gotten 25-37 MPG, depending on conditions.
  • Don't feel discouraged with the gas mileage. I also have an 09 Matrix S. I have had mine since 10/8/08. I have a couple of thousand miles on it, I have been averaging about 27 MPG. I have posted this a million times before, BUT, I used to have an 07 XR. For about the first 5k miles, I got the same MPG as I am getting right now on my new Matrix...then it went up, DRAMATICALLY. On my 07, I was consistently getting about 35-36 MPG after the break in period. I just took my 09 on a road trip and got about 32 MPG. I expect after 5k miles, it will go up, just like my last Matrix. I am not expecting to get the same numbers on my new Matrix because the engine is bigger, but I think 30-32 MPG is an acceptable number. AND remember this: the Matrix you have purchased is one of the safest cars on the road! Not too many vehicles come standard with ABS, airbags all around...with FWD and some chains on the back tires, your car will go anywhere. I LOVE the Matrix! :)
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Just a quick note, texas girl, chains should go on the front in a FWD car. Have fun out there!

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • ha. you are right! I did put them on the front...thanks for correcting me on that mis type. :shades:
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